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  1. As of half an hour ago, Seabourn Australia knows nothing different about this cruise. It is still showing up in their system.
  2. I second that. Plus a percentage of the cruise fare as a cheque pre cruise.
  3. We spent 63 nights on Regent recently and only received one invite to dinner by an officer and we’re Titanium. Fortunately we’re not ‘miffed’ but was a little surprised. Not like it used to be.
  4. Perfect time of the year to do this itinerary.... have done it twice at this time. You will have a great cruise
  5. I have had a lot of experience having a colour put on my hair on Regent. Early on I decided to bring my own colour ( kindly provided by my hairdresser) as I ended up on one cruise with a colour several shades darker than it should be. In the many times I’ve had my hair coloured on Regent, only once did I consider the experience professional. Mostly the hairdressers think they know it all and question me on the make of my colour and the way in which I have it applied. My hairdresser provides instructions for them to follow. Once my hair was completely ruined with having put me under a drier to speed things up. I have never been near the hair salon on Regent since that time. I have had my hair coloured on other ships and have been very pleased.
  6. The longest time it ever took us to get through security screening was in Nice. Every bag was thoroughly checked. Took forever. Of course this can happen anywhere but we were very happy our flight to LHR wasn’t leaving til 12:30.
  7. Thank you. This is a very friendly and helpful site.
  8. Thanks very much ClefsDor and Stickman1990. I’m sure I’ll have many more questions closer to the time. Really looking forward to trying Crystal. We’re typically Regent, Seabourn and Silverseas cruisers but eager to try something different. I believe Crystal will be a good fit for us.
  9. DH and I are going on our first Crystal cruise. It’s not until 2022, such a long time to wait. When should we book specialty restaurants and can I do this online? Thanks for your help.
  10. We have recently very much enjoyed a Coral Adventurer Kimberley cruise. We did this itinerary many years ago on the Orion but this was a much more in depth cruise of the Kimberley. It’s not 5* like Silverseas expeditions but more like a safari on water. Very relaxed and casual but extremely knowledgeable and engaging expeditionary crew ( better than Silverseas or Ponant ) . We enjoyed the simplicity and the friendliness of everyone on board. Loved the 2 explorer boats and the unique way of getting on and off. It enabled us to see so much more than on zodiacs as we could be out for several hours in the heat and humidity. It was very busy, very little downtime. Often at breakfast by 6:30 so we could be away early - everything dependent on the tides. Back for lunch then off again in the afternoon.
  11. I have posted a reply on the Ponant site. I have sailed explorer and Cloud expeditionary. As the subject of food is of great interest I’d like to add that I enjoyed the food. We only ate in the casual restaurant and mostly out on the deck as this was in the tropics. The food was of good quality and simple in presentation. Plenty of choice and very good service. Our expeditionary crew were mostly Australian so no problem with language issues. The expeditionary leader was French and we didn’t see much of him. I would cruise Ponant again if the itinerary was what I was looking for, and they certainly have some very interesting itineries.
  12. I have sailed on Silverseas Explorer 28 days and Silver Cloud expeditionary 24 days. And I have also sailed on an expeditionary cruise on Ponant 12 days. If the itinerary is perfect I wouldn’t hesitate to cruise Ponant again. Sure it’s not quite up to the standard of Silverseas but it’s also not as expensive. It’s a very viable expeditionary experience.
  13. We have sailed the Pacific twice, both times on the Mariner. Valparaiso to Sydney in February and Hawaii to Sydney in November. Both were so calm, didn’t know we were on the ship.
  14. Yes I did. No problem. Booked in the US.
  15. Yes every announcement is made in French and English. Lectures are in French, then in English. You go to whichever one you prefer. Groups for zodiacs were either French speaking or English speaking. We had some Europeans on board who could speak both French and English and they chose which group they preferred to join. It all all seemed to work ok. Happy to to answer any other questions. We did an expeditionary cruise from Darwin to Bali.
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