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  1. How can any cruise happen until they can be sure there is no one coming on board with COVID19, with or without symptoms. Until they work that out i believe there will be no cruising.
  2. World cruise now ending in Perth.
  3. I have a similar problem with no response from Seabourn. Do you have an email address for Richard Meadows? Thank you.
  4. Yes all 3 policies. And I did a lot of research and read all the T&C but missed that. But to be honest who would have thought that a pandemic would be an issue in 2020. I feel there are many out there who have no idea that their policy will not cover them and that is very worrying.
  5. We use Global Rescue. Covers my husband over 75 with a form to fill in re medical history. Generally they’ve covered everything except the current year.
  6. Choice have a good site that tells you what insurance companies cover for pandemics/endemics pre the Jan 20 th? cut off date. A significant number of them don’t, neither for cancellation or medical. Worldcare, underwritten by Allianz, the insurance company I have 3 policies with for this year do not cover me for cancellation or medical relating to COVID -19. All were bought in 2019 for travel in 2020. This effectively means that we will have to cancel the trips/cruises and lose our money.
  7. That’s always assuming there is an isolation room available at the hospital.
  8. CoverMore has a ‘cancel for any reason’ but as far as I know it has to be bought when you make your first payment on your cruise/trip. And at the same time you buy their insurance. FYI. some travel insurances bought prior to the known event of COVID-19 do not cover pandemics either for cancellations or medical. Choice has a comprehensive list of travel insurance companies for Australian travellers with who covers what. This is worrying. We have bought 3 policies for cruises/trips this year and now find hidden in the T&C that we’re not covered for pandemics.
  9. They honoured my already booked cruise but this was with a US travel agent. My Australian friends did it too. So it is possible.
  10. As of half an hour ago, Seabourn Australia knows nothing different about this cruise. It is still showing up in their system.
  11. I second that. Plus a percentage of the cruise fare as a cheque pre cruise.
  12. We spent 63 nights on Regent recently and only received one invite to dinner by an officer and we’re Titanium. Fortunately we’re not ‘miffed’ but was a little surprised. Not like it used to be.
  13. Perfect time of the year to do this itinerary.... have done it twice at this time. You will have a great cruise
  14. I have had a lot of experience having a colour put on my hair on Regent. Early on I decided to bring my own colour ( kindly provided by my hairdresser) as I ended up on one cruise with a colour several shades darker than it should be. In the many times I’ve had my hair coloured on Regent, only once did I consider the experience professional. Mostly the hairdressers think they know it all and question me on the make of my colour and the way in which I have it applied. My hairdresser provides instructions for them to follow. Once my hair was completely ruined with having put me under a drier to speed things up. I have never been near the hair salon on Regent since that time. I have had my hair coloured on other ships and have been very pleased.
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