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  1. Same here back when I lived in Westchester which the people that live in NYC would call upstate (which is Northern NY to me)
  2. If Royal isn't even submitting their health plan until the end of August I don't see how they could start sailing Sept 15
  3. Wait for Royal to cancel it and you should get some OBC if Royal will still do that. From what I understand the charter company pays that OBC not Royal
  4. Is that usually a full ship charter? Those dates are still available for the Mariner 3/4 night trips Asking for a friend
  5. I thought this was a thread about whether QUEST will be on the first ship out🙄
  6. I made a new reservation for the Navigator for November 2020 then L & S it to the Mariner for November 2021. Made another new one for the Jewel for January 2021 then my TA shifted it to the Harmony January 2022
  7. That's what my DH Dan says as well. He picked a young one (well I was back then😇)
  8. That's right. Lift and shift can be done with any bookings made and shifted before Aug 1. I found and also my great TA found some well priced cruises, we booked them and then shifted them (to different ships ) and to the end of next year and also 2022
  9. Now that you mention it I didn't mean either one. I'm thinking Blaze😇
  10. I can't say the same. I have found several deals to L and S to the end of next year and into 2022. An OS on the Harmony for under $2900 for example. Solo balcony 4 nights on the Mariner for $400 total
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