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  1. Got the final piece for tomorrow's dinner. I forgot who asked but Publix had an option of something called dinner cut when getting the turkey sliced so that's what I got
  2. It's going to be interesting to see how Royal is going to handle all those cruises. Will they just shortern them to 7 days?
  3. CDC has mandated that there be no cruises of longer than 7 days thru October 2021 so they are no longer selling them. The cruise has not yet been cancelled
  4. It looks like pretty much all the UBP are at the normal 40% off except for a few Anthem ones that are listed at 45%. Don't see any 50% on the UBP.
  5. Thanks All mine have the UBP at 40% which is what it is whenever it goes on sale. UDP says UP to 55% off so we will see what that turns out to be
  6. I believe that Royal has nothing to do with the expiration date. Points are valid for 5 years
  7. You might know someone that has refundable group rate on that sailing
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