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  1. After reading about people making requests we tried it once and it did not work out well for us either. Tried to get the mushroom soup from Chops which is very nice and thick and creamy. What we ended up with after a VERY long wait was some kind of broth, not sure what it was
  2. Winner gets a free box of disposable face masks? I read a CC article a while back that said that 60% plus readers said they WOULD cruise if face masks are required. From what I have been reading lately that number sounds high to me.
  3. My guess is that none of them have a shot at November. I would say the Indy, Mariner and Navigator have a small (very small in MHO) chance of cruising in December
  4. My new pastime instead of the anticipation for my next cruise is the anticipation for my next cruise CANCELLATION😇 I even made another booking for Feb so after my December cruise gets cancelled I will have another cancellation coming up to look forward to.😇 I miss being able to go someplace . Going to try again to make it to the Keys end of November.
  5. But will they reduce his price by $700 or is it money gone down the drain? You will get the new price
  6. Maybe they will add the new dated for the extended suspension when they release the updated notice.
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