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  1. This is exactly what happened to me and where I went wrong: 1. Informed casino mgr that I was running a slot pull 2. Collected money from slot pull players 3. Charged room for that amount. 4. Set $ aside to pay bill (in back pocket) because I wanted to repay PSD what I put on my room for slot pull. 5. Ran slot pull 6. Cashed out and distributed 7. Repaid $$s to PSD 8. Went back to casino What was new in August 2021: 9. Tried to load with just my funds ($100) 10. Blocked out until casino mgr cleared me Casino is stopping people from using it as an ATM
  2. Yeah I just stick it back in. I might not be laying any cash out for the cruise but ~~~~
  3. Not only that, but for some time now, they have to be ordered well ahead of sail date to be effective. IIRC, two weeks ahead will do it. Used to be just a few days, like other things such as water or internet orders. Thanks. I did manage to bill to my room onboard but once I cashed out slot pull, I was blocked. Will bring a stack of $1 for payout in the future and adjust my onboard account as needed. (This was a new issue I ran into on 8/15/21 cruise and I know me ---- I'll let the funds ride until last night)
  4. Started with 2 paid cruises & 1 with FCD. I had 7 cruises canceled but here's how compensation went: > 2 March 2020 Grand Princesses canceled. Refunded 1st, rebooked 2nd for same cruise 4/2022. I canceled 9/20 HK -> Sydney & let FCD ride. Took 5.5 months to settle out Grand cancelations so OBC. > other March 2020 paid off 1st TA > 200 OBC for the 1st canceled TA. Still didn't request FCD to be refunded. Rebooked 6 months later > 400 OBC for 2nd TA canceled. Lamented with CSR Supervisor that I'd accept anything even just an overnight cruise to Angel Island (that became a standing joke) > then Alaska canceled by Princess in error. PVP got me more OBC > 100 - 250 OBC for Shareholders on each > 50 - 110 OBC from PVP per cruise > promos It all adds up I feel sorry (well, not really) for PCL because my 8/15/21, 12/9/21, 4/23/22 cruises plus 1 night hotel / airfare on 2 covered with FCC. 4/23 goes from my home port. I will owe up to 2k for my European cruise + airfare next fall so eventually they'll get $$s from me. Not all 5 have 1150 OBC but I have enough to cover gratuities / internet, will trade minibars for coffee + minimum of 200 incidentals. In 2020 they were doing whatever necessary to keep us from asking for refunds.
  5. I'm back to maintenance. 2nd time. I'll never be as slim as Izena but at my present weight, my weight no longer holds me back. That and a blue dress is what I was hoping to achieve. Now if I can just hold on through the holidays Welcome @NCLGirl2013
  6. I've only had 1. If MR ever leaves I might try a travel agent
  7. I pay an average of 3k per cruise (solos pay double, I won't book less than a balcony now bc of Diamond & Grand). So if I cannot book a free test online at Minute Clinic or County, if I cannot buy the Abbott test at $35, then I'm going to pay an additional 5% to cruise. @roxievegasdid you go online and try to book an appointment at CVS Minute Clinic for the rapid antigen test? I found 5 sites near Long Beach. Takes about an hour if they are busy and I found appointments as early as this afternoon
  8. I had a very frustrating day trying to deal with the Kaiser app so I made foccacia. Yeah not exactly what I should do when trying to lose weight
  9. Exactly my point about testing in embarkation city. If I'm asymptomatic I want to be in my home not a hotel. Here I can hop the fence & hike w/o coming in contact with anyone. In a hotel I'd have to stay inside
  10. Although I have been chatting with a real person several times (*Rina), she can never resolve anything about: > flights > billing > forward requests to desk covering for PVP > forward requests to customer support > excursion capacity inquiry I can do everything else on the mobile sight w/o assistance
  11. Hotels and flights, yes but no cash. Cruises - never but now I'm wondering why not.
  12. I didn't even know that someone could verbally request an upgrade. How long has this been possible?
  13. Did she say what the tour capacities will be? If ship capacity is 65%, are tours the same? They canceled one of my minibus excursions and replaced it with a 50 capacity bus for $15 more (added 3/4 mile walk + fruit buffet). Wondering if I should book an independent excursion for same price (12 person max capacity)
  14. I'm thinking its also used if someone on a tour pops positive they can rapidly locate others on that tour, separate them, rapid test onboard, quarantine if necessary
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