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  1. @PescadoAmarillo if you still haven't been fully refunded try emailing kbaldwin@princesscruises.com or csteinke@princesscruises.com. Kim called me, got it resolved in less than 2 weeks, and gave a follow-up call. I had been waiting 5.5 months on 1 & 4.5 months on another.
  2. As a stockholder hoping for a recovery I'm primarily interested in reduction of entire fleet: Aida, Carnival, Costa, Cunard, HAL, PCL, P&O, POAU, Sitmar. other PCL ships with Australia cruises: Coral, Emerald, Royal, (& Sapphire). So it looks like it's 4 instead of 6. Yeah, definitely short 1-2 depending on whether you count ships or capacity
  3. Our AQI is all the way down to 41. You'll have blue skies soon too!!
  4. @greenie082756 last night. Edited to add another link: https://www.cruisehive.com/princess-cruises-confirms-two-cruise-ships-have-been-sold/41872
  5. I'm overwhelmed 5 kids were out of work. And I'm the Bank of Mom. Fortunately 1 is back to cutting his next track, 1 had re-orientation for how to teach during Covid-19 yesterday (but he's only got 5 hrs instead of 20), 1 has an interview next week, and the other 2 can't pay their mortgages. Fortunately I'm not spending money on cruises because like I said :: I'm the Bank of Mom
  6. I know CR was involved at some level ever since the 1st ship cancelation in January. Not a lot and primarily through my PVP until last month. I got most of the extras by then. I only went to Kim Baldwin when 2 cancelations (03/22/20 & 09/04/20) couldn't get closed out. I never disputed the charges because I knew I'd get it eventually. I just didn't like the delays. In the end I'm more then compensated
  7. The Grand Princess 03/22/20 cancelation was a pre-Pause 1 cancelation due to Covid on the ship anchored in Oakland. Scroll down this link to revisit the Grand nightmare for those onboard. At least we live close by so not flying in. No plane / hotel tickets to cancel https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/grand-princess-updates.html The Grand Princess 03/29/20 was in the 2nd time line of Pause 1 Covid cancelations https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause.html I can't take credit for my FCC. My granddaughters cruise fare came to $1075 and they got 826.50 FCC because I insisted that it wasn't my fault that the 03/22/20 cruise (1st leg of B2B) was canceled the day before the 03/29/20 (2nd leg of B2B but I soloed on this leg). Corporate agreed and boosted the original 537.50 to 826.50 My PVP took pity on me because it took so long for corporate to respond (MONTHS) so she gave me extra OBC.
  8. my FCC on my last cancelation was in my account immediately. And put on other cruises. I have enough to cover Queensland if the TA & Alaska don't go, then I'll just have $3500+ in gift cards for later 2022 (already spent if no more cancelations)
  9. 1. Grand Princess 03/22/20 - refund & 50% FCC 2. Grand Princess 03/29/20 - 175% FCC
  10. Although PCL got rid of the Star, CCL did not. Just transfered it to another line to replace an older less efficient / profitable ship. So no cash in
  11. Sun & Sea have both been sold according to a cancelation notice emailed to a cruiser
  12. I think we've been expecting it. The Grand is a medallion ship so could she be off the table despite being the 2nd oldest in the PCL line?
  13. Ive been watching the fleet but did not realize how deep the cuts were going despite Fantasy, Inspiration, Fascination, & Imagination scrapped. I'm thinking pre-2000 ships will be gone. @bubbapuck said non-medallion Princess ships might go too
  14. @bubbapuck are Sea & Pacific fitted with the medallion?? (I really like the medallion)
  15. Great job, @Izena! So close @Jan_In_Maine birthday plans?? @winewandererdoesn't it feel great to be back outside 🙂 Well wouldn't you know! It's been colder here (upper 70°) so I decided to take all my odds and ends veggies & cheese and make a big pot of cream soup. Just finished. Was about to make biscuits to go with it and it's 90°!!! So no biscuits, 4 dinners to freezer (I do cook once and early thrice), 1 to fridge. Having salad for dinner as it's too hot for soup
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