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  1. My cruise is there with the new pricing ($200 higher)
  2. That's what I thought, Memoak.
  3. What if they're in the stateroom will elite adult? Isn't it just 1 minibar? When I trade for coffee program do we each get one or do I get both then go to PSD to get hers on her card?
  4. Ok. Let me just stick in my long-winded 2c. Some of the artists are very well known (ie: Kincaid, I'm not a fan of his). Some complete unknowns. These prints are sometimes high quality and sometimes horribly not. Whether you are an artist or art teacher or simply someone who knows what you prefer, IMHO art always should have a personal value attached. My print of Jerusalem has value to me. FYI it was $50 TO (TO = framed take off ship yourself). My TO print of musical instruments by Zernitsky had a value at the time of $140 to me. Each print would cost about $15-20 on land based on size (22×30 apx) and could be resold at a garage sale for $5. But they fit well with my living room and the boys are professional musicians So if you are looking for decor have fun.
  5. It was about Park West and right after it aired in 2012 Princess offered refunds on art purchases. Mom got the offer but declined returning prints Like I said, I go for the entertainment
  6. Huh. We must have never sailed on the same ship / same time as I've never been turned down. I get steamed broccoli, baked potato, cream sauce mixed with cheese. Deconstructed. Put it together. If you don't like anything on the menu put together several sides 👍
  7. I order off menu as my favorite dishes aren't there (stuffed baked potato & ice cream between 2 chocolate chip cookies) And yes, I ask for ice cream & berries for dessert so I guess you can just get the berries
  8. Thanks. GD1 never charges much. I'll get her a frappuccino pkg (gift 1 of my coffee pkgs to her card, buy unlimited internet, and of course cover gratuities) . GD2 would buy everything Stanley related if I couldn't block her. And there's a lot of Stanley stuff that she'd forget about within a month
  9. Can you limit the amount someone can charge onboard? I'm taking only 2 this time but 8-10 next time and would prepay gratuities / like to limit to $100 onboard
  10. OMG I've never seen that! What a mess (but then I don't have a computer so my options are limited)
  11. So you cannot see this green button on your phone (after selecting 'travel'): which brings you up to this option? Select top option (Change Flights) to see alternative flights to the one currently showing in your personalizer? This step is b4 canceling current flights. The option to accept the change is AFTER viewing alternatives. Bummer
  12. 2 days ago I thought you could only refare until full pymt date. This is an eye opener Live & learn
  13. Can TAs also refare within the 90 day period b4 a cruise without a penalty like PVPs can?
  14. Thought so. As long as he's looking to cancel & rebook look at what a good PVP an offer vs a TA. I'd rather have a lower cost than OBC
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