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  1. I hear enough negativity all week / read it on all 3 sites (Proboards, FIRE, and CC) but there has to be some good out there! For me: ♤ all 3 kids were laid off, 2 are back FT so I'm not covering 2 mortgages & 1 SF rent anymore 🤑 ♡ 2 more family members get vaccinated this week ◇ I've gotten all my travel refunds & future concert vouchers (FINALLY!) ♧ Lost my Covid 15 gain thanks to "Cruise to Lose" board ■ CDC is talking. Not listening yet but gotta start somewhere Mod: is there a better board for those of us looking for
  2. Hey it used to take me an hour to go from SF home downtown. Now it takes an hour to go from my suburb home to SF downtown!! Of course in SF I'd take the M. I suggest visitors just stay in Marina or near Embarcadero and walk. Could be as little as 1/2 hour to Herbst Theater then search for parking / could be as much as an hour to just get from 280 (Outer Mission) to Embarcadero
  3. @2 cruises a yearSF Opera performance at Marin Center is better than nothing IMHO https://sfopera.com/on-stage/marin-center/ FWIW born and raised in SF. Still here decades later just 20 miles east
  4. Will we still be able to rent a van through the ship?
  5. There are small group and mobility impaired tours. I booked 1 in the Azores where it's 6 to the jeep It's profitable so they will
  6. Good news in SF!! Opera is restarting. Yes it's by car at Marin Civic Center but it's restarting. Now if the Philharmonic does I wonder if they'll honor my tickets for the performance that was canceled due to quarantine
  7. I canceled out of that one a few months ago. Got tired of them being canceled on me
  8. $261 @ SFO https://www.gohealthuc.com/bayarea/san-francisco-international-airport-covid-19-testing Free @ Oakland Airport https://www.oaklandairport.com/oakland-airport-offering-free-rapid-result-covid-19-airport-testing-program/
  9. My ceiling had a leak. It was considered minor compared to other leaks so they gave me a bucket to catch it. I emptied it 2× a day but it wasn't maintenance fault. Still cruised the following year --- on the Sea Princess. Now THAT was a great ship!!
  10. Thanks. I'm pretty sure that PCL will follow suit when we are let up ..... hopefully by my Australia December 2021 cruise
  11. So I wonder how they're going to deal with those who've gotten the Janssen vaccine
  12. Retired from county health services ombudsman position (1 hospital, 11 clinics) to the private sector.
  13. So I'm thinking 4 lines are 1 ship over the chart: Costa, CCL, HAL, PCL (if Discovery included). Cunard, P&O, POAU, Seaborn seems to be right-sized
  14. Internet rumors has it being turned into a ship with a new startup. Wonder if its the one led by previous CMV CEO https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24650-former-bitcoin-cruise-ship-sold-to-new-startup.html
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