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  1. Following: my PCP just gifted me $25USD on next week's Melbourne layover then to Auckland cruise but the rest of my OBC is in A$. How does it convert. Just curious
  2. Found answer. Sadly it's 'no' even though Golden Princess is transferring to PO Australia
  3. Can I use the Australian plug on the Golden?
  4. I have only seen the Premier Beverage Package at $63.99 per person, per day, on the personalizer for cruises downunder but can get coffee & soda pkgs inboard. note to self: stick yeti water bottle in suitcase. Don't mind paying for coffee / don't want to pay $2.95 per litter of H2O
  5. AS TO IC: I think the confusion is whether you can get 2 complementary brewed coffee without using up 1 of the specialty credits (15 per pkg). If getting 2 brewed cups you will get 1 free and 1 charged against your 15. If getting 1 brewed and 1 specialty you will get 1 free and be charged for a 1. If you are a solo (as I am) and they know you are then you can get a grande latte + glass and it counts as 1. (I frequent the same barista) It's not complicated Break even point: 15 brewed (2-3) 10 cocoa (3.50) 9 specialty (3.50 - 4+) When I pay 2-6k for a cruise I'm not concerned about the price of coffee. (Pay $2.15+ every day at home so it's about the same) YMMV
  6. Thanks. ATT is so frustrating! I just wanted to know if I needed an adapter or a converter for Australia and I had a customer service person who just wanted to sell me a plan. They sold me my phone so they should know. But she didn't even know the difference between adapter and converter. Your info solved it. I just need the adapter .... I think 🤔
  7. Do I need a converter or just a power adapter for a Samsung S9 in Australia? Yes, I googled it but did not find a definitive answer. Hoping someone here knows
  8. I found 7-11s exchange rate to be fair in Japan and Korea. Normally I look for an ATM associated with an international bank as my bank will reimburse the $3 fee. But I didn't want to waste time in my 1st port (Aomori) and only do the ATMs once. But an international bank would have been preferable Enjoy your time on Diamond. I loved the make your own sushi & udon bar in Horizon Court
  9. Called them. My PCP is gifting me refundable OBC on a cruise I booked without her. I was lamenting to her last week that it was a mistake as I was so spoiled going to her whenever I had questions. 🤑
  10. On sale today at Target (early Black Friday): Why aren't they allowed?
  11. Yes there's an ATM onboard but the rate is horrible. PSD isn't much better. Better to withdraw from the ATMs at 7-11s or banks
  12. I have no idea how or why this showed up on my Melbourne to Auckland 11/24/19-12/3/19 travel summary. Has anyone else seen this on a cruise before?
  13. I'm able to get in and book excursions. BTW my travel summary says that I have a $25 shore excursion credit. Is that my loyalty credit or is this something new?
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