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  1. Please tell me this is NOT their version of baked potato soup!
  2. Me too but at 6-6:30. This will be my 1st time in ATD now that 6 is gone
  3. I was just surprised by the jump in airfare. Yes I keep checking to see if I can get a better rate on Princess EZAIR, apparently not! - nonstop SFO to Melbourne/Aukland return: currently 793.77, best online now: 1349 (70% jump) - SFO to LAX rt: currently 98.80 best online now: 119 (20% jump)
  4. Which dining room had the embarkation day luncheon? (I get on as you get off)
  5. There wasn't an IC on the Diamond in October 2017 when I did the CIRCLE OF JAPAN cruise. Is it there now?
  6. Any other solos on: Caribbean Princess Florida to Quebec 7/27/19 Royal Princess Cabo San Lucas Getaway 10/14/19 Golden Princess Melbourne to NZ 11/24/19 Grand Princess Pacific Northwest 3/29/20 Do you identify yourself on roll calls as a solo? Must admit that I usually don't (FWIW: I'm fine traveling solo, beats the alternative [staying home or sharing a room with someone I'm not related to])
  7. Dang!! Must be best IPO ever! Let's talk. Just doing options in explore act, ETFs + 5 stocks in core inc CCL (IRA, Roth) Buying one the day I board, reserving cruise this week then emailing PVP to book as soon as I get that email.
  8. Edit: Personally I can't get 50% return in 1-2 years in the market. I'm not that good 😒 I need another FCD. Want to book a cruise but not without it. On CB 7/27/19. How long does it take to show up once pd for?
  9. That's why minimizing solo penalty is so valuable to me. Anyway, I'm happy with her.
  10. Not really. Its different for solos. 580 OBC + free dinner on next cruise. See you onboard, CineGraphic. And yeah, I've had worthless ship reps b4
  11. When she leaves in 1.5 yrs I'll be on the lookout for a TA
  12. My PVP gets me 'extra' OBC ... I'm sure it's in some hidden promo, I just can't see it. She's also advised a shift of a week in booking (Japan) when that negated part of the solo 'penalty.' That was huge! Anytime the actual cruise can be less than 2× rate I'm extremely happy. Plus I have a favorite location and she normally ONLY brings up 1 of those 3 cabins. For next weekend's 13 night cruise she did recommend the opposite side of the ship (even not odd # rooms) but was right as usual
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