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  1. Ok. They probably are then as they're all Grand Class (although the original lost its Skywalkers Lounge)
  2. Are they also covered on the Ruby? Star did not have any Ziplining excursions (1st time I've picked a ship by excursions)
  3. I know I saw that but thank you for explaining why
  4. Y'know I've never seen a share 'certificate' for anything I've owned. I've heard about them but I think they're obsolete. Brokerage statements (account blacked out) work fine. KISS
  5. OP I'm also asking about the Royal Princess to Alaska. I live the Royal Class ships but: I've heard that the Royal Princess cannot sail between Victoria and Vancouver or the Inside Passage in Alaska. I believe it doesn't do an Inside Passage but does anyone know if this is true?
  6. I cruised from Fort Lauderdale to Quebec last year (13 nighrs) and the ONLY issue was 1 tender port for some non-elites. I did not have an issue and would repeat on her. Beautiful ship
  7. Actually I am allergic to pepper and do ATD because I'm not sure what time I'll be hungry. Each evening the head waiter brings me the next day's menu. He also facilitates my specialty restaurant choice. (aka Alfredo on Royal class ships which is just Sabatinis lite). We will state that we do not want to 'share' because of the 6 yr old Yes, the Royal has an Sea Walk and Sea View Bar and lower deck balconies can be visible there I've been on the Star -- love Skywalkers!! I booked C753 on the Ruby so I can watch off the back of the ship. I'm a little concerned because it states 3080 pax. Seems a lot
  8. Each deck is assigned a letter. Caribe = 'C' so the stateroom would be, for instance, C444 Added: Personally if I can't get midship Caribe (10th deck) I go for Baja (11th deck) as I like it quiet at night. Others will have a different preference. I also give the Maitre D my dietary restrictions onboard. Works better
  9. I think this is what I find most frustrating. It would be helpful if all PVPs stated the same thing. Mine asked me if I wanted then refunded or saved for the future in a phone call. I stated refunded. It was set up for a credit card refund. When I changed my mind and asked to put them on one of my next cruises, she asked if I was sure. Then she asked in an email to get it in writing.
  10. I don't use a TA but can't imagine how that would differ. My PVP split my FCC & 'banked' refund due between 2 cruises which covered more than covered 1 ($59 credit on that one) and will cover the other once the 'missing' 50% bonus FCC is available
  11. 2 Grand Princess cruises cancelled by Princess, Sky TA cancelled by me May 6th: Cruise Date: March 22, 2020 Cancelation Date: March 4th Refund Date: March 12th: full refund + 50% FCC. Other 50% FCC still pndg (Option 2) Cruise Date: March 29, 2020 Cancelation Date: March 12th Refund date: April 20th FCC, transferred holding account May 14th to new Alaska cruise (Option 1) Cruise Date: September 4, 2020 Cancelation Date: May 6th Refund Date: May 27th FCC, waiting on $4215 (declined dbl deposit offer)
  12. This was not for initially getting the FCC. I got it April 20th & immediately applied it to the September 4th cruise. That's how I got it back in 3 weeks Obviously credits are delayed! I'm just saying they 'refund' FCC's much faster than other refunds.
  13. I am swapping this year's cancelled 7 day California Coastal for a 10 day Alaska passage next year so I did not get 150 OBC per person (only got 30 × 1st 2 passengers). But when I count the 175% FCC it will be: Vacation Protection $250.56 Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses§ $820.23 For the 3 of us. Actually the insurance is a little less once the remaining 1074 FCC posts. But that is probably negligible
  14. I could be frustrated then. But that 'stuck' FCC will be available before final payment date (May 11, 2021)
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