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  1. My PVP added OBC to 2 of my existing cruises. My fare did not change, kept booking #, managed to keep my other 100 OBC (BW room), and specialty dining. This was new for me. In situations like this before it would require a rebooking not just adding perks My other cruises did not qualify. 1 -> within 56 days. 1 -> 45% more than I paid last May ADDED:: This is just conjecture. Could it be that if the cruise can be canceled without penalty they just add OBC rather than cancel, rebook, transfer everything (FCC, money pd, wifi purchase, shareholders, previous perks) over which is more work?
  2. 😕 Asking Moderator to change title to 72 hour sale
  3. Thanks @CineGraphic. Sorry I wasn't clear. Its supposed to be for new cruises only but some PVPs are able to still add the OBC to existing cruises. Princess wants to keep us happy
  4. I know you are not asking me but mine was refundable. I wound up with a small (<25) balance. PSD had to review where it came from before giving it to me. Glad I did because I hear it takes longer than usual to get it. But on my next Travel Summary it states it was purchased with gift cards. Does anyone know if that means it'll come back to the gift card?
  5. I also had a weird issue (think I reported it day 2: August 16, 2021). I asked PSD to post my 50% internet & 10% shore excursion credit. Done. Then I got a $15.97 internet credit. That 2nd credit wasn't removed. I think they're were still figuring it out. Hope its understood by my next cruise
  6. I can't afford suites but the 1st thing I do when entering my room is: 1. Drop suitcase 2. Order 3 pieces fresh fruit 3a. Unpack And a new one for me: 3b. Let muster drill run on TV while unpacking 4. Exit room & check in (wave) at muster station 5. Off to enjoy ship Anyway that was the drill in August to be repeated in December
  7. I was alerted to this by another cruise critic member ( @HQE910) so I apologize if this is a duplicate thread. Main thing (for me) is the ramped up OBC (up to 400) & lower deposits ESPECIALLY since I'm booking under Best Price not Best Value. It's not on all cruises but it is on 2 of my 4 future ones.
  8. Sounds perfect to me!!! You will get an assigned time closer to embarkation if you do nothing. There were 3 basic groups that showed up (outside of green, blue, yellow health wise. Yellow was shortest line). 1. MC app worked & got an arrival slot (my 8/15/21 cruise) 2. MC app did not work but are on a Princess shuttle or according to their booking summary pre-selected boarding time and showed up at that time (my 12/9/21 cruise) 3. MC app did not work, just showed up whenever. And boarded at that time. No one was turned away (so tempted to do this so I can linger in Fort Lauderdale) Whatever happens, no one was turned away in Seattle. I keep reading about posters angst but I wonder if they actually had a bad experience or just fear
  9. That wasn't observed in August so maybe that's where the confusion comes from?
  10. Yes your app says that. So if you are arriving the day before or they don't have your travel plans then its by deck. If you are arriving via Princess its by their schedule (flight arrival times). If you just show up whenever its when you show up. It wasn't hard. Was it different on your restart cruise? When was your cruise that it was do hard? Maybe things have changed since my 8/15-8/22/21 cruise.
  11. If you do not pick an arrival time you are assigned one based on the deck. Those times are the same as pre-pandemic. They never abandoned them. Picking an arrival time just lets you jump the line to when you want. Also if you book EZAIR & transfers you do not need to be concerned about it & if you book a Princess pre-cruise hotel stay there is a rep in the lobby to handle probs
  12. PVP emailed me at 7:14am that she was getting it put back on. And there it is!!
  13. Or at least it stays under general population rate (2%) and that they remain asymptomatic
  14. We have only 2 Minute Clinics here, SF & Walnut Creek (8 miles from my house). I am fortunate
  15. I answered "CVS, Walgreens, Etc (Free - Pray the results come back in time for embarkation)" except I'm doing the rapid antigen test at CVS just like 8/13/21 for 8/15/21 cruise with results in an hour again.
  16. Pink would be nice. But I don't think they offer a pink one. Color isn't important to me since it will be out of sight more often than not. If the "purser" desk line isn't long, I may exchange it. Otherwise...a nice souvenir. The closest they get is the 'Ruby' status : 3-5 cruises. If they are no longer handing out pins, I'm going to try to collect all as refrigerator magnets. Got black, just 4 to go (grey is last). Next cruise is blue, April is gold, summer is ruby the grey in fall. If they can make me adapt to a difficult app I can have fun with magnets 🧲
  17. I'd prefer that color to black. In fact your post gives me hope that I might be able to get a blue or pink one. It really doesn't matter what color it is for billing. The accountants should know your status.
  18. Everything except arrival time FINALLY works for my cruise with Princess pre-cruise hotel. It was supposed to work 9/22 but I don't go until 12/7/21. 🙂
  19. I finally managed to split out my cruise from the hotel reservation (both booked with FCC) and get dinner reservations at 6pm every night. Yes I know it was 'supposed to be' possible with 9-22-2021 update but it wasn't for me. Now the only thing I cannot get is an arrival time. But in that I'm doing the tourist thing in Fort Lauderdale anyway and their positivity rates are improving, I'm okay with embarking in the afternoon
  20. On a lighter note:: 😅🤣😂 I was about to change to Delta for my flight until I read this -> https://www.zdnet.com/article/delta-is-truly-annoying-customers-its-solution-is-oh-good-luck-with-this/ Sticking to what I've got. A red-eye on American Airlines. Apparently it's a travel industry wide thing
  21. Recently mine is loaded the same day (yes, it falls off when refaring and I just did that yesterday). If it's not on by Tuesday, I'll call.
  22. No. The idea was to embark on an overnight cruise that never left the bay just to be onboard. A cruise to nowhere. Could just as easy be to the Farallons Did the ferry but there's something about an overnighter with entertainment
  23. This is exactly what happened to me and where I went wrong: 1. Informed casino mgr that I was running a slot pull 2. Collected money from slot pull players 3. Charged room for that amount. 4. Set $ aside to pay bill (in back pocket) because I wanted to repay PSD what I put on my room for slot pull. 5. Ran slot pull 6. Cashed out and distributed 7. Repaid $$s to PSD 8. Went back to casino What was new in August 2021: 9. Tried to load with just my funds ($100) 10. Blocked out until casino mgr cleared me Casino is stopping people from using it as an ATM
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