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  1. On our upcoming cruise on the Breeze, we have assigned early dining time. Which dining room is usually used for this? or could it be either? I notice that they have the Blush aft dining room and the Sapphire midship dining room. The Blush appeals to me more and hoping this is the one we will be using.
  2. I am booked on the Breeze this summer. St. Thomas confuses me. This will be my first time visiting and I've read several people mention how much they like St. Thomas. This is the only port where we plan to do an excursion as I don't see a lot to do otherwise. What am I missing?
  3. When do they have happy hour at Red Frog Pub? and do they include buckets of beer in this special? and how many beer are in a bucket? I'd like to order a bucket or two and bring some back to my room to have on my balcony throughout the cruise. I figure happy hour would get me the best price.
  4. I have an upcoming cruise on the Breeze in August 2020. I have sailed before with Carnival but it has been a couple of years. When am I able to reserve a boarding time? Is it during online check-in or is it something I can arrange sooner? I would like to reserve an early time if possible but without paying extra for the FTTF perk.
  5. When we cruised on the Miracle in 2018, we were able to have the door open between the two balconies to make one big balcony. I have rooms 8280 and 8284 booked on an upcoming cruise on the Carnival Breeze and was interested in doing the same thing. When I looked on the website help.goccl.com however, it mentions that 8280 can have the balcony door opened to 8276..... and 8284 can be opened to 8288. Is there some reason that the door cannot be opened between the two rooms that I have booked? If this is in fact not possible to have the balcony partition opened between these two rooms, I may change my reservation to rooms that will allow this....I would rather have the rooms access each other through the balcony than through a connecting door.
  6. On our last cruise we requested for our room steward to supply us with wine glasses (which they did every day) and we just brought our full glasses to the table for dinner. No issues. Two glasses held almost a full bottle of wine 😄
  7. Thanks. I think someone may have moved my question before I had a chance to do so....much appreciated.
  8. I have read that the Lido deck buffet is pure madness on embarkation day and someone mentioned to avail of alternate food venues and to avoid the lido deck if possible. What alternate venues would be open that day for lunch and included in the cruise price. We intend to be among the earliest on board just because we like to get our cruise started as early as possible even if we don't have access to our rooms.
  9. I have an upcoming cruise with my family of 4 on the Breeze in August 2020. My question is for recent cruisers. When in port, are the pools on the ship open for use? We intend to do only one excursion and otherwise just wander around the ports on our own and then return to the ship for some relaxation and (hopefully) pool time when the ship is mostly empty. When we sailed on the Miracle in 2018 this was our plan as well however, when we went to use the pools on port days, they were closed for maintenance almost every time which was a huge disappointment. I am hoping for a different experience this time.
  10. I have my cruise booked for my family of 4 in two rooms. How do I request a king setup in one room and twin in the other? I've looked around the site but i cant seem to find where to request this.
  11. Thank you all so much for this helpful information😊
  12. I have just booked a cruise for my family of 4 on the Carnival Breeze. I would like to request a 4 person table as my teenagers would prefer that it just be the 4 of us at the table. How would I go about making this request? I have booked early dining already.
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