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  1. We sailed on AQ in August. Dress was casual but we understand on some trips they have a Captains party which requires a little fancier dress. I took a long sleeve shirt and tie just in case but did not need it. We agree with earlier post, ages seemed to range from 50's to 80's. We met some fascinating well traveled passengers. As far as the hop on/hop off buss are concerned they are fantastic. We rode the entire circuit at first then picked our place of interest the next time around. We were never asked of ID at any time. Pickup spots are clearly marked. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Check Uber for sure. We received excellent rates and service from Memphis Airport to hotel and from Alton to St Louis International.
  3. Just off AQ 9/3 and can answer a few of your questions. Early dinner is at 5:15, late at 7:45. You have the option to dine at the Front Porch Buffet and in the J.M. White Dining room there is a nice buffet should you not care for the menu. Not sure about Presidential Libraries None on ours Memphis to St Louis. Entertainment not Broadway every night but very good. There is a great piano player in the Captains Bar each night and late night entertainment in the Engine Room Bar. I would say 60-70 age group about right. The boat was in great shape, our cabin, 412 was beautiful. No rain on our trip so unable to comment. We found the Staff to the person to be excellent and very welcoming. You will love the Hop-On Hop-Off busses which offer free tours at each port. Also consider free Ice Cream, popcorn, juices and free bottled water in the cabin each day. This was our first riverboat cruise after 40+ large ship cruises. I can't wait to go back on the riverboats again. Hope this helped.
  4. Just off the American Queen 8-27 to 9-3, Memphis to St Louis. This was our first time on the river. Our Pre cruise hotel was the Sheraton Memphis. The trolley stopped outside the door. Great way to see them city and enjoy great ribs. The boat was beautiful. The entire crew was wonderful. Our cabin, 412, on deck was perfect. Food was good although we were hoping for more Cajun and Creole dishes. The dining room staff could not have been better. The Front Porch was a nice option. The Hop-on Hop-off bus were a big plus. Free ice cream, popcorn,cookies, Expresso and lattes were a nice feature. Free bottled water in your cabin each day. Entertainment was Broadway worthy. The star was the Mississippi River and the ever changing scenery. We have memories that will last forever.
  5. hootmon

    First time river

    Thanks for the response. We certainly look forward to meeting you. Our age group is much higher than yours (70 - 80) but we are still sociable. We are doing a pre cruise nite at the Sheraton Memphis. Anticipating a relaxing 9 days. Will see you onboard.
  6. hootmon

    First time river

    Thanks for the response. Any info helpful.
  7. We have booked the August 26 American Queen Memphis to St Louis. We have sailed on 40+ ocean cruises but first time on river. We are excited ! When boarding in Memphis are shorts acceptable or is casual dress best.? We are Carol and Hank from Michigan.
  8. hootmon

    Koningsdam Shows

    We are off the 10/18 sailing of the Konningsdam so I will try to shed some light on the entertainment. There were the productions, Musicology, One World and 1000 Steps. In between was a magnificent operatic tenor, a magician, a comedian, a couple singers and a sax player. Entertainment, as food is subjective so I will not offer opinions on the shows. I will say One World was my favorite.DO NOT MISS the 60 minute BBC"s presentation of " Frozen Planet Live", The World Stage in itself is amazing, but when you see this show with the screen that surrounds three quarters for the showroom and they have a live orchestra on stage you will say you have never seen anything like it. We also enjoyed the String Quartet on the Lincoln Stage however they a directly across the aisle from the noise of Billboard. Holland goofed badly on this one. You will find the shows at 7:15, 8:30 and 10:15. Hope this helps.
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    Just off Konningsdam 10/29. More on this later. Beware of the cabs at the FLL Airport. These guys are bandits. We did not see the meter being on. When we arrived at Embassy Suites on 17th he said the charge was $10 a head and charged us $40. We showed him the posted rates on the windshield and he said that didn't matter the charge was per head. When we looked for a cab from the ship to the airport we found the light brown Public Service cab. Charge was $14. He said hundreds of people had complained about these shady drivers but Police say Civil Matter not Criminal. Don't get taken like we were.
  10. hootmon

    Replacement ports starting to be input

    Just notified. Konningsdam 10-18. St Marteen replaced by St Lucia.
  11. hootmon

    New lifeboat drill ?

    Thanks to everyone for the replies !
  12. hootmon

    New lifeboat drill ?

    We are booked on the Konningsdam Oct 18. We understand you no longer have to stand on deck with life jackets on for roll call.Hope this is true. Can anyone confirm this ? Thanks
  13. hootmon

    caribbean cruise 18th October 2017

    We will be celebrating our 60th Anniversary on the Konningsdam sailing Oct 18th. We have sailed many times in October and only only once have experienced a Hurricane. We ran head on into Hurricane Tomas in 2010. The Captain (Grand Princess) sailed 120 miles South of his intended course and came in behind Tomas. We never felt a thing. These Captains will never take you into a Hurricane. I am not saying every Oct cruise had perfect weather but never a problem. Hope this answers your concerns.
  14. hootmon

    Anyone ever miss the boat?

    We didn,t but we saw a passenger miss the boat in Mazatlan. He was lucky enough to hire a local with a fishing boat. They brought him up a rope ladder. His only comment was "I will have to work a hell of a lot of overtime to pay for this!" I am sure there was one happy Mexican in Mazatlan. :)
  15. hootmon

    Little gasps of joy!

    Coming up the Hudson river in the early morning and passing the Statue of Liberty while the band played "America the Beautiful". When they say "real men don't cry", don't beleive it ! :)