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  1. Have to disagree with the thought that people will not cruise and there will be a lack of customers. Just read thru the threads on these boards and others and you find many folks chomping at the bit to book new trips, or rebook cancelled cruises, and others that are hoping that their already booked cruise does not get cancelled. We, for example, have two on the books and no intention of cancelling either of them. Cruise ships are not hospitals and expecting them to be staffed and supplied like they are is just not reasonable in my opinion. You know the risks when you book and if anyone is not comfortable with them then they need to find a different way to vacation.
  2. Just my opinion but I think the op is living in a dream world. If most of his ideas were implemented most of the cruising industry would simply dry up and disappear. The costs would be so prohibitive that no one but the wealthy would be able to afford a cruise. Perhaps they want to bring back the days of only wealthy cruisers, but then the number of ships will be very limited too.
  3. Everyone needs to assess their own risk and decide what is acceptable to them. I know another person on my cruise or flight could/may have some communicable bacteria or virus but knowing the risks its up to me to decide whether to go or not, just as it is for anyone else. I don't need the cruise line, airline, another person or the government to decide for me. However, I wouldn't expect them to fix it for me either should things go badly. I'm a grown adult and if I choose to go, then that's on me. Personal responsibility. If they messed up, then it would be a different story. JMHO
  4. You certainly are allowed your own opinion but, would this then not only eliminate older folks but also those with any type of physical or mental handicap? That's a whole bunch of discrimination right there.
  5. Have to agree. Type 2 diabetes is so common, then add the stupid Dr's note (that no doc would ever sign) for over 70's and you've eliminated a large part of your cruising passengers. The one that really got me was the person that reported CPAP users would be denied. I have been on one for 15 years and sleep apnea has nothing to do with your lungs (other than the fact you stop breathing, but again, that is not in the lungs such as respiratory disease such as COPD, it's an obstructed airway) so why would that be an issue. If all these bans remain in place we won't be cruising again, but not by choice.
  6. The PVP doesn't process refunds so what do you expect them to do? They still need to do their job and book future cruises and yes, there will be future cruises.
  7. Both of our booked cruise prices have gone up several times, even within the past few weeks. Not sure where folks are finding these great deals, I sure don't see them. Possibly just on certain cruises, but not across the board apparently. Watching the webcams out of Port Canaveral the ships look pretty well loaded to me. Lots of folks on the decks.
  8. Just checked mine again and they both have increased above what I posted previously.
  9. My wife has COPD and will often have coughing spells, she's not contagious. I don't assume anyone with a cough has something I might catch. Worrying doesn't fix anything anyway.
  10. Not quite the same as your plan to allow anyone to call the cruise line stating they have a virus and cancel ("no questions asked", your own words) with a full refund.
  11. Your own argument is why this doesn't work. Yup, everyone will not play ball and many would just use the illness excuse to get their money back whether they are sick or not. Why even bother with insurance when you can just say, "I'm too sick". And before it comes up, no, a doctors note would not be workable as there are plenty of docs out there that would gladly write such a note for regular patients just to keep them as patients or perhaps for a little grease of the palm.
  12. Our two cruises both went up, one $86 and the other $118. 😞
  13. Blackened gator tail, good stuff that!😀
  14. We've done this cruise on the Valor and the Fascination. We love the itinerary and would love to do it again but, like a couple of others have posted, we won't do it again until they change the ship. We did not enjoy the Fascination at all. Obviously some do and that's fine for them but not us.
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