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  1. I had my GoPro 7 Black record about 3 hours of video while at Hubbard Glacier in Alaska on May 25th. I did this by mounting the GP to the rail, connecting a 72Wh Lithium battery and powering it up and pressing the shutter button. I verified that the GP was indeed recording at Linear 1920x1080/60fps MPEG-4. After returning and removing the 64Gig memory card, I inserted into a WD portable HDD to back up the files. It appeared that 12 files were created of close to 4G each (except for one being 1.3G) that were about 17 minutes long. After getting home, I was only able to play the first file that completed recording ~2:38pm. All of the remaining files play only the audio track with a still image showing on the screen during playback. When I have CyberLink PowerDirector 17 produce and combine the 12 files, I get a 3 hr video that freezes on that same still at about 35 minutes. As an experiment, I took the files directly from the memory card. The freeze up happens at the mid point of the 2nd file. So did the camera just decide half way through writing the 2nd file to simply record the same video frame on every following frame for the continuation of the filming? If it did, then there is a flaw in the camera. All of the other single videos on the same card are fine. I put the ending file at Dropbox if anyone wants to look at it. It is somehow corrupted. The one thing odd about it is the time stamp. It shows 4:41pm but is the last file in the 3 hr video which did not end until 5:41 and is numbered correctly by the GP. Link to the damaged ending file is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/ca4eqexrq5...23634.MP4?dl=0 It shows the same issues when opened by multiple people, different computer, and a host of different player/editors. So I'm guessing that the camera ruined my filming of our Hubbard Glacier pass. Thank goodness I was up on deck using a Nikon D7500. As another test, I put the card back into the GP. When pulling up the contents, it only shows the first file which it plays okay. I've also posted to CyberLink, Adobe, GoPro and to Sandisk customer support. I also ran a test today shooting 2 hrs of video at the same settings on a different card. Original does not have enough space left and I want it to be left as is in case Sandisk wants to look at it. It's just really a bad thing to loose video shot at Hubbard Glacier on a pristine day.
  2. Really enjoying reading your trip. Bubble Net feeding was on my bucket list but no joy. We were on the starboard side and only once did not face the dock. Also on several boat watch trips saw no bubble net feeding. Another miss was calving glacier. Spent a total of around 4 hours in front of glaciers in clear view with no calving. Much to the fear of DW, I'm already planning the next Alaska trip.
  3. I would make it a goal to leave earlier than 9am. Forgo sleeping. There is plenty of light and we missed out driving east from Wasilla to the Mantanuska Glacier. There were many things we could have spent TIME doing that we passed up because of schedules. One source I ran across when researching our trip was at http://www.denali101.com/denalinationalpark/see_mt_Mckinley.html
  4. IMHO, Nagley's Store was the best shop in the whole little town. We were pretty lucky in that the rain kept away while we were roaming around town. Very much enjoying your share of your trip.
  5. Spectacular shots of Denali cruisinskier! The day we were at that spot, there was a huge rainstorm between us and Denali. The confluence of the Susitna and Talkeetna River was a raging torrent.
  6. Absolutely agree with bearvet. We saw hundreds of fins and tail but I just posted recommending Glacier Winds ...
  7. DW found a series of what appear to be a Sea Lion playing tag with a whale. I had not seen the pix but I recall Shawn pointing this out and taking a series of shots but I'm still wadding through 2000 images and videos.
  8. Glacier Wind Charters. Small boat tours run by a husband wife team. Great experience. Long time area resident. We had an awesome experience whale watching with Shawn on May 28th. Shawn McConnell got us pretty close to the action. In my opinion, he has a 6th sense about taking you where it is happening. They are a great company to work with and always answered email and phone calls promptly. His boats are clean and in great shape. I would do it again with them when in ISP.
  9. How did you get to Kaktovik
  10. We did the A.C.T. Big Bus from Anchorage to Seward. I found them prompt, courteous, efficient and comfortable. Also pricing was well within norms and their scheduled worked well for us. Check with https://alaskacruisetransfer.com/schedule/
  11. Day 8: Thursday May 23 – Seward Orca Quest Cruise I had mentioned our time constraints in booking with the Seward marine tour companies. One of my aversions to taking one of their tours was the size of their boats – most are 150+ passenger boat. A few are half that size. Most of the folks I talked with who had taken the big boat tours had no complaints what so ever. At the last minute, 30 days b4 leaving for Alaska, I convinced DW to book another tour! I found the 4 hour Major Marine Orca Quest Cruise out of Seward. DW was already saturated with excursions, tours, and driving Alaska miles, but why not fit in a bit more!! This cruise is into Resurrection Bay on a 65’ monohull (Orca Song) that they only allow 60 passengers. We made the drive directly from Alyeska after having a nice breakfast in the resort. The Seward Windsong Lodge stored our luggage since we would be checking in after the Orca tour. We began boarding about 12:30 and I snagged a spot on the upper deck stern where I had a good vantage point for photos and full cover if there was hard rain. Although the Orca Song was only nearly full, it did not feel overcrowded in any way. I think the majority of passengers opted to stay in the enclosed 1st level because it was cold, windy and often threatening rain. There were only 15-20 on the top deck and most of those were under covered seating. DW and I stayed out on the open stern deck the full 4 hours, only sitting occasionally. I would like to remind folks that even though the temperature at Seward during the 4 hours we were out on the boat was around 50 degrees, it felt much colder on the water. Always layer up. During the trip down Resurrection Bay, we got near the Gulf of Alaska. The Bay was somewhat rough but near the gulf, things got bad with 20’ rollers spaced about 100’ apart. People were chumming at the back of the boat on level one. I understand why some of the full day tours were cancelled and others shortened. Conditions were perfect the day b4 with the NatGeo boat going out and folks seeing many, many pods of Orca.
  12. When I'm posting into the forum, I sometimes get this when doing a copy/paste to insert an image between the text where I want it. Should I instead take the time and effort to upload my images to a service like imgur instead of doing a simple copy/paste of the web sized image from the HDD (70-270kb)?
  13. Day 7: Wednesday May 22 – More Prince William Sound I just cannot refrain from adding more recommendations for viewing the beauty of Alaska. So much of it looks unspoiled. I know that there must be remaining impacts from the great oil spill 30 years ago, but I saw nothing of it. Captain Mike found us a beautiful pebble beach to explore and stretch our legs. Pictures just do not do this land justice in any way. I'm still having issues finding on my maps where this spot was. But one of the rocks had this survey marker attached to it.
  14. Day 7: Wednesday May 22 – Lazy Otter Wildlife Captain Mike was quick to spot this little Black Bear up on the hillside. Most of the “bears” all of the others picked out were big black rocks onshore. We spotted this lonely furry Otter hanging out on a floating berg. He gave us the steely eyed looked for several minutes b4 taking to the water. The little guys just look like they’re having the best time floating around on their backs. This guy, I swear, was giving us the wave. Went looking for the nesting Tufted Puffins on some cliff walls along an island chain near the Alaska Marine Highway just north of Lone Island. The appearance was that they had not begun nesting yet. We had to keep our distance per some guidelines concerning interference with wildlife. We saw many floating Puffins in the water and it’s humorous to see them make a clumsy take-off after eating their fill of fish. In this shot of one of the cliff walls, the Puffin nesting sights are the holes along the line divided by rock and greenery. Black-legged Kittiwakes share the cliff, building their nest in the open rock. If we had chosen to spend more time in Seward, we would have opted for the longest tour we could have taken with either Major Marine or Kenai Fjord Tours. Unfortunately, because of our date of ship sailing, only their 5 & 6 hour tours were available to us. The 2 hour drive from Alyeska to and from Seward put a big damper in using either of them. Just a heads up when planning.
  15. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. Definitely following along. We took the Talkeetna Air Taxi flight same as you the day b4 (May 18) but landed on a different glacier ( Kahiltna Glacier at 7,200 feet). It's where the climbers base b4 making the summit attempt. Looks like all have failed so far this year. Looks as if the weather is great there this morning also. The FAA has two weather webcams set up there. https://avcams.faa.gov/
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