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  1. I call mine a European Man Bag! Unless of course, it's got a DSLR packed inside. At that point it just becomes a camera bag.
  2. Ptroxx, I've been tracking the Radiance of the Seas since I'm now looking at a future cruise. When we were on her in May, being on the starboard side gave us only one day when we were not looking at the dock. It appears to be random and not really predictable to know which ship booked when, will be parked for the best view. I'm also watching the Westerdam since we might book on that ship instead of the Radiance next time. Today both ships are docked starboard side facing away from pier. It appears to be a crap shoot when picking port or starboard for best view. As for packing memory cards, for us it was a once in a lifetime trip so I backed up all shots every night b4 retiring. Turns out, we will go back but I wasn't taking chances with memory cards taking a dump during travel. I also made sure to carry the cards separately from the portable HDD.
  3. Looks like a nice time had by all on a very picturesque ship. Thanks for sharing. Following.
  4. Whittier to Anchorage on the drivers side would have the view of Turnagain Arm and the mountains to the south.
  5. Yep. Could be a crap shoot getting gas on that highway. I always recommend using the app "Gas Buddy" when traveling.
  6. That's a great and useful link AKStafford. Thanks for sharing. There is also fuel at several Tesoro stations - mile 98 at the Talkeetna Spur Rd. and 115 near Trapper Creek. Most recent price was ~$2.89/gl diesel, and $2.89/gl regular.
  7. I could not remember if Radiance had glass in our cabin rail so I brought one of those Ram suction cups and a small extension for it. Was going to suck to the glass sliding door and inside the window on flight tours. Turns out did not need it because the float planes have curved plexiglass windows and the excursion host said it might scratch it. I used the GorillaPod on the cabin rail. Worked out great.
  8. It completely depends on your driver. We did the transit bus with a switch to a different bus heading back out. Both drivers were excellent on commentary, knowledge and attitude. One was an experienced hand while the other was a new guy (3 weeks into the season). All of the drivers will depend on the riders to help spot wildlife so they can make stops along the way. Our experience mirrors what I've read here on cc the 10 months we researched our cruise.
  9. Almost to the day, 24 years ago, I hiked 2 weeks in the Kenai and Chugach Mountains and the high some days got to near 80 and some on our team did break a sweat. Lows were sometimes near 40. I recall pitching a tent on a glacier and needing to bundle up really tight that night. How times have changed. One of the gals that hiked with us then, now says Houston has become a hostile environment as regards the weather and she just cannot wait until we colonize Mars.
  10. A full day could be used to make that trip to Denali and back to Talkeetna just for the scenery alone. It does get pretty awesome beyond Talkeetna. Just north of Talkeetna the views of Denali can be rather impressive. The view from the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge will allow a great view of the Alaskan Range. Especially at first morning light. Also if you take a full day small boat Prince William Sound tour, you may get up close to several glaciers. Surprise Glacier had been calving so heavily that we were unable to get near the face. Harriman was rather quiet so we got very close. Cascade, Barry and Coxe Glaciers are a great view from afar. Sometime Barry will fill the inlet with bergs. You will find it easy to make use of your photographic skills. If you get the opportunity to spend time whale watching, make sure to us a good fast focusing zoom lens on a high FPS camera body. I found my D7500 with the 28-300 worked great. A little trick I learned was to keep one eye at the viewfinder while the other eye searches the wider FOV. I found that worked very well to allow rapid acquisition of any subject making a breach.
  11. Traitors Cove through Island Wings. Michelle is an awesome host and extremely experienced pilot. All of the flight tour concessions are super busy right now so be patient waiting on an email reply http://www.islandwings.com/anan-creek---traitors-cove-bear-viewing-tours.html
  12. I had to wade through several pages of Samsung gobledigoop to figure out what is being referred to here. So just curious.... https://semiwiki.com/semiconductor-manufacturers/samsung-foundry/8157-tsmc-and-samsung-5nm-comparison/
  13. masterdrago

    Tide Clock

    If you have a smartphone, it's easy to lookup tides while in Alaska. I printed a couple of charts when we went for specific places that I was curious about. For those that live in the big state, I ran into this tide clock that might interest DIYers on the Lazy Otter Charters FB page. The instructions can be found by searching instructables tide clock https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Tide-Clock/
  14. You don't need to book an excursion to attempt to view the aurora. Just the willingness to brave some cold and dark place away from light pollution. There are web pages that will set up alerts on your phone when the aurora are active. So not downtown Fairbanks. Near the beginning of September you don't get full darkness but near 5 hours of astronomical twilight which just 30 miles outside Fairbanks is just nearly full dark. Farther down near Cantwell/Denali you do get full dark between 1:22 and 2:30am and the area is darker than near downtown Fairbanks. Just try to get away from light pollution at the right time if the sky is clear. Don't miss out on the opportunity to view aurora. Use this page to work out where and when if the weather is nice https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/usa/fairbanks
  15. Overpacking is, IMHO, a drag but you might consider looking at forecast and historical averages at https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/hoonah-ak/99829/september-weather/331726
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