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  1. Everyone keeps mentioning Lectures. What at exactly are people Lecturing about?
  2. I’m not advocating to skip the Muster Drill but if you’re a frequent cruiser, don’t you already know the drill. i mean I’ve flown many many times and never pay attention to the safety announcement cause I know how to buckle a seat belt and where the exits are.
  3. Here are some examples of stupid questions “ I have an ‘Outside Cabin.’ Will I get wet if it rains” “What do you do with the ice carvings after they melt?” “Does the crew sleep on board?”
  4. Tour to Jost Van Dyke to White Bay Beach. Great place to visit, nice people to chat with wading in the water
  5. Sometimes it just comes down to how much of a financial blow you can sustain. Of course the biggest blow would be medical costs in a foreign nation that would cripple most people. But if you paid $2,000 for a cruise for example, probably not life changing money (so how much would it be worth to protect that investment) In my case, I would worry more about the medical versus the cost of the trip
  6. Who would want to steal a towel that other people have used a thousand times over? It makes no sense PS - how much money does Carnival make through people that don’t notice these charges and never call them out on it
  7. All cruise lines run the same scam. We’ve seen it a lot on Carnival with the name brand watches. They have you captive at sea with the deal of a lifetime with no real way to Google what something is really worth (most don’t have internet and if you do, it’s really slow during the day)
  8. Either Embassy Suites or Bahia Mar
  9. Your question is like asking “shall we have Lobster or Cracked Crab” I think you’re a winner either way
  10. When our youngest was 8, he insisted on going off on his own, which he did. He would check back during meals and other times during the day. Somehow he got himself on the Bridge tour And during the deck party , we were shocked to see he was part of a conga line that formed. Funny thing is that set the stage for him to be Mr Independent as an adult
  11. Put a little away with each paycheck to build up the cruise account (pay it off at the last possible minute) Try to use air miles or credit card points for the flight PS - my adult kids answer would be “wait till mom and dad organize and pay for a family cruise”
  12. Do you need to ask to be part of the 4 MDR plan or is that automatic ? We would like to explore each but worry we’ll be put in the same one each night
  13. How about Port of Miami to FLL? Would you take an arranged shuttle or an Uber?
  14. Are these natural juices as they seem a little too sweet for me
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