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  1. I think it’s OK to post whatever question you have as Cruise Critic search engine is terrible. Please ignore the rude posts that criticize people for posting threads that already happened
  2. Frankly Carnival seems to be going to the same ports so all of their itineraries seem less glorious
  3. How about a pre agreed to schedule for bathroom time
  4. Amen. Maybe if someone would post some recent pics, I’ll buy into this
  5. The above just proves that “to each their own”. What one person dislikes, another loves. Enjoy your Edge Cruise . We are also 1st timers on Celebrity and booked Edge for next March and so much looking forward to it
  6. So what exactly is there to do on Pinel Island ?
  7. Thanks. That makes it more clear to us Celeb newbies
  8. Sorry but this is all too confusing. We are already assigned as late seating and know that we will be assigned a restaurant at some point . So if I change to “Select Plus”, what exactly does that do for me and what is the up charge ?
  9. When I went into my Edge reservation to book dining, there was nothing in their “Select” dining but they did have several called “Specialty” dining . Any idea how I book “Select” dining online ?
  10. Thankfully they will not be able to go (dreadful event in my opinion, takes an hour out of my enjoyment of then cruise)
  11. Sounds like a Win-Win-Win scenario to me. Can’t lose with any of these choices Call me jealous
  12. Thankfully we never needed it and have bought it on and off depending on what is the cost of the insurance. When we have bought it, it was always with the cruise line (never tried the independent insurers). For us it’s more about the cancellation portion prior to departure rather than the medical coverage during a cruise as my personal health insurance would cover that. if it’s about 5% of the cruise cost, we’ll usually get it but we’ve seen it a lot higher and refused it. I realize it’s taking a chance but again it’s about cancellation cost risk and what it’s worth to have that secured
  13. You’re kidding right ? Not to be crude, but if you know people had done the dirty deed in the bed in your cabin, would you sleep in it ?
  14. Halifax is not a country . It’s a province within the country of Canada
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