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  1. In the US and Canada Energizer has the trademark rights to bunny but Duracell has the rights in other countries.
  2. Brexit. As the others will eventually end but Brexit is like the Duracell Bunny, it keeps going and going and going and...
  3. It is easier if the chair gets in the elevator first but I can understand why people are less supportive these day. My son is confined to a wheelchair and we have had 3 bad experiences with scooter uses. Normally, with careful positioning, 2 scooters can use an elevator but on 1 cruise a gentleman scooter user would drive into the elevator and turn 90 degrees. This meant that only the people with him could use the elevator. On the Indy last year we were waiting for people to get out of the elevator, before we got in, a scooter user drove straight into the elevator whilst others were still exiting the elevator. Also on the Indy last year we were waiting for people to get out of the elevator and a kind woman was holding the doors for us and her father, who was on a scooter himself, told her to stop holding the doors and that if we missed the elevator that was our problem. The gentleman was from London, you could tell my the accent, and luckily for us his daughter ignored him. 2 or 3 selfish scooter user can effect how other wheelchair/scooter users get treated😥
  4. Thank you for posting the number. I turned D+ in September 2018 and have not received the Luggage tags or letter yet. In February 2019 C&A UK stated, in an email, "there is a delay to deliver the Diamond Plus tag. We have confirmed that your are in the list; however, we are unable to advise when it will be shipped.
  5. Nice suggestion but I must admit my go to fish & chip shop meal is; Steak & Kidney pudding, chips and mushy peas. All washed down with a mug, not cup, of tea. Boring I know Chinese take- away has to be Sweet & Sour Chicken Ball with lots of sauce 😀
  6. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/accessible-staterooms The link above lists all the RCI ships. If you click each ship you can see how many passengers each cabin holds. Just a quick note we have 3 person cabins and have to book the cabins 18-15 months in advance. I'm not sure if other lines have similar lists
  7. You can keep the fish 🤢
  8. Thank you for posting this thread. Its not often we hear about good Customer service from RCI
  9. Is this the same answer for the availability of accessible cabins? On the US website I can check the availability of accessible cabins but on the UK site I cannot.
  10. Thanks for the warning but we are going to ignore your advice. If we don't book early we won't get a cabin, as we need an accessible cabin.
  11. I find it sad that posters are being branded as uncaring because they have tried to point out that the OP played a part in this whole sorry situation. Yes the concierge behaved badly but did the OP even stop to think how their MIL would get in contact with them whilst they are sitting in the DL.
  12. You beat me to it. I was going to mention this point myself. Several years ago I was in a similar situation myself. I was Emerald and my parents were Diamond. They were in the DL and I needed to speak with them. I gained entry to the DL, when someone was leaving, and the first thing I did was ask the concierge if I could talk to my parents. The concierge said no but if I waited by his desk he would let my parents know that I needed to speak with them.
  13. I think it depends on which RCI website you use. RCI.com will show you the availability of accessible cabins but RCI.UK will not. On the UK website if you tick 'I need an accessible cabin' you get the message 'You will need to speak to our Personal Cruise Specialists to arrange booking accessible staterooms. Please call us'
  14. Just a heads up, after the drill everybody will head for their cabins. This means you may have a long wait for the elevator.
  15. It's a lounge with a bar and entertainment. With a cafe next to it.
  16. IMO sometimes the attendants appear unapproachable because they are tired.They just want to get there work done so they can grab a couple hours of sleep before the next shift.
  17. As soon as possible. In the past we had ended up in an inside cabin as there were no other accessible cabins left even though we booked 15 months in advance.
  18. Sorry to hear about your dad. Have you thought about keeping the Junior Suite and try to persuade your dad he would benefit from wheelchair assistance on boarding day. If you think your dad will be in a wheelchair in 2020 just book any accessible cabin. You might still be able to get an accessible balcony.
  19. Sorry but if you want a specific accessible cabin you have to book that cabin 18 months - 2 years in advance.
  20. Hi, your question is not silly. Indy normally docks at 5 am. Passengers start leaving the ship at approximately 6:45am. You have a choice of how you depart the ship; You can either self-depart or allow the ship help you depart. Self-departing is where you carry all your luggage off yourself and you decide when you leave the ship (normally between 6:45 - 9:15 am). Ship departure is where you leave your cases out the night before (all you need to carry is an overnight bag) and leave the ship during the time slot that you are given. You then pick your cases up dockside. If you don't like the time slot you are given you can change it, before your cases are left out the night before. We always use ship departure and pick the 8:15 time slot. We normally depart the ship between 8:15 - 8:30 and are normally by our car, which is parked near the ship, by 9 am. Hope this helps.
  21. TA every time. I have a wheelchair bound son. In the past we have encountered problems with wheelchair accessible accommodation on land-based holidays. Ever since then we always book via a TA, so that they can sort out any problems we encounter.
  22. Sail RCL out of Europe. The only dogs allowed are true service dogs i.e dogs for the blind.
  23. Any accessible cabin that sleeps 3. Would prefer a balcony but will settle for any 3 person accessible cabin.
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