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  1. Whilst a basic driving skills test would be a good idea. It will probably not happen because there will be people who refuse to take the test.
  2. I find it interesting how scientists are working together and sharing info. It's also great to see how quickly scientist can work, because it normally takes years to develop an effective vaccine.
  3. I don't know about Royal but P&O sail out of Southampton during the winter.
  4. I love wearing jumpers. I even wear thin cardigans in summer if it not too hot. 😁
  5. I would like a Christmas cruise but Royal do not sail out of Southampton in the winter. (We are a non flying family for medical reasons.)
  6. Around the British Isles cruise departing from Southampton (7 nights or longer preferred)
  7. Try clearing RCI's cookies from your PC or phone
  8. Can you please link your source, as I thought there had been 8 deaths in the UK on 3rd August
  9. I have experienced nearly being hit by a scooter several times but I have also witnessed people suddenly stopping in front of a scooter or trying to cross in front of a scooter.
  10. We have only witnessed one D+ moment which left us shaking our heads in disbelief. A gentleman was complaining bitterly, to anyone you would listen to him, about how disgusting it was that Officers did not recognise he was a D+ from the D+ pin he always wore. He did not expect normal crew to recognise the pin but expected Officers to recognise D+ pins. And yes he did actually say "I do not expect normal crew to recognise the pin but I expected Officers to recognise the D+ pin".
  11. In some cases it could be 'all about them ' but with others I think it's a lack of understanding or situational awareness. We were on Independence of the Seas and every afternoon, between 2-3pm, a scooter would be left outside a cabin. This cabin was several cabins away from ours and we had to pass this cabin to get to the elevator. This happen for about 4/5 days. As we could just about get pass, with our wheelchair, we did not bother to report them. One afternoon they were parking the scooter when we came out of our cabin. The couple apologised for blocking the passageway. They had not seen another scooter/wheelchair user on that deck and had assumed it would be ok to leave their scooter out. They did not leave the scooter out again.
  12. I'm surprised that no one has mention that the scooter should not be left in the hallway.
  13. I agree 4 adults and one bathroom is not fun. What about sleeping, are all of you night owls or early risers? Things could get tense if a couple of you like early bedtimes and the others don't.
  14. Hi @Minnie29 any news on your refund?
  15. Talk to Citizens Advice. Before using the small claims procedure you will need to write a 'letter before claim' (https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/small-claims/making-a-small-claim), which the CA will be able to help you with.
  16. I thought this was only for cruises that sail out of US ports.
  17. Have you checked the UK website? I did a mock booking this morning, on the UK site, and it showed available accessible cabins.
  18. If McD's can't get my order right then I won't hold my breath that RCI will get my order right.
  19. Hi, we use Mobility at Sea to hire a hoist, every time we cruise. We have never had problems with Mobility at Sea. We have used them for 5 - 6 years twice a year. My Dad hired his first scooter from them in May 2019. We had no idea which scooter would be suitable or which would fit in his cabin, Dad was in a normal cabin. Mobility at Sea recommended which scooter, a folding scooter in our case, would be best for him and which would fit in his cabin. As my Dad had never used a scooter he was asked to meet a member of their team in the terminal on embarkation day, at a prearranged time. The gentleman spent about 10 minutes showing both my Son and Dad how to use the scooter. It was my idea that my son was shown how to use and fold the scooter, just in case my Dad forgot as he was feeling nervous about using a scooter for the first time. The gentleman was quite willing to spent as much time as we needed for my Dad to feel comfortable using and folding the scooter. My dad hired a scooter from them again in October 2019. This time the scooter was waiting for him in his cabin. On both occasions my Dad had to leave the scooter in his cabin at the end of the cruise. Also on both occasions Mobility at Sea rang my Dad up roughly a week before he was due to sail to confirm his sailing details; Ship; Cabin Number etc. I would recommend Mobility at Sea but I'm sorry I can not help you with their prices, as I only know roughly how much it costs to hire a hoist (approximately £250 for 14 nights).
  20. If you did not want to be 'that guy' you would not have posted your last comment.
  21. A certain TA chain (T) may have some shops open next week. The shops will be operating as a closed opening system. The staff will be in the store but customers are not allowed in, everything has to be via email or phone. The staff member I was talking to stated 'that whilst working at home the staff do not have access to emails sent to store'. I'm not sure if this info helps you
  22. I'm glad we're not the only ones who enjoy a good storm in the Bay of Biscay. Like you, we hope that RC don't pull out of the UK. If they do we will have to find a new line. We are a no-fly family, for medical reasons.
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