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  1. Interesting. I have just printed out our set sails passes for Explorer, leaving on 10-18. Diamond Plus is written in full on our passes.
  2. Welcome to CC (Cruise Critic). I would post your question on RCI's forum as well as here. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/. That way you will have a better chance of getting answers.
  3. What does age have to do with it? I would be annoyed by what happened.
  4. Interesting question. One that has various answers, depending on who you ask. Please feel free to start a tread based around your question (Who do you think the Captain is?) as this is a tread mainly about the food in the WJ
  5. Thank you for replying. Could you please give me an example of when a wheelchair user may need their dog, on a cruise, other than when the carer/companion is not around? I want to be educated about why a wheelchair user would need their dog on a cruise. I totally understand the reasons for a wheelchair user having a dog normally but on a cruise would they still need their dog when everyone has mobile phones theses days.
  6. I may be wrong but I feel a wheelchair user does not need to take their service dog on a cruise with them. ( Let the dog have it's own vacation whist it's owner is on a cruise) Most cruise lines insist that wheelchair users need to be self-sufficient if they are travelling on their own or to travel with a carer/companion if they are not. As most wheelchair users travel with a carer/companion they do not need their dog unless the carer/companion is only travelling with the wheelchair user to allow the wheelchair user to bypass the cruise line's self-sufficient policy.
  7. It's not just the officers. We were on the Explorer in June 2019 and saw the Captain eating in the WJ several times in the evening.
  8. For me it's not about the money it's about the views. The best views, for me, are where you can see both sides of the fjords at the same time and you can not do that from most cabins.
  9. What about the passengers who physically cannot disinfect their own hands (stroke sufferers). Do they get a free pass or do you expect a member of staff to disinfect their hands for them, possibly embarrassing the passenger?
  10. Which bacon are we talking about? I've seen very crispy but not greasy american bacon. I've also seen greasy english bacon.
  11. Shows the small waiting area. Like you we normally arrive at 11.30 and the seats are empty.
  12. The continental breakfast is very hit and miss. It either will not be there or the selection is not great. If you are a breakfast person, i.e. can not function without breakfast, do not rely on it.
  13. Hi, Yes you can arrive at 10.30 and yes there is a small waiting area, with a small stand that sells drinks and chocolate etc .
  14. I have just heard about this scam. So I thought I post a link to warn others. https://www.which.co.uk/news/2019/09/thomas-cook-refund-calls-and-messages-is-it-a-scam-or-the-real-deal/
  15. I was under the impression that you could be asked to leave the ship if you refused to go to the muster drill. Can someone clarify please.
  16. Great list Can I add you can give research in but not complete any on a sea day.
  17. My suggestion is wait until you can check in online. Once you have checked in online you will know which muster stations you are all assigned to. Then start getting your daughter use to the idea of being at a different muster station. Check in opens normally about 90 days before you sail. Please ask as many weird questions as you want it makes a change from the usual tipping questions 😀
  18. In Cádiz my son managed to get a stop from the ship but I could not.
  19. No stops on ships. If you are very lucky might be able to spin a land based stop from the ship, when the ship is docked.
  20. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1181703/thomas-cook-collapse-customers-demand-bosses-payback-bonuses It's costing the government £75 million to bring people home and the TC bosses have paid themselves £20 million in bonuses.
  21. DarrenM you talk about social responsibility but do you it was fair of Thomas Cook to allow people to book holidays right upto their administration announcement? Thomas Cook's website was still accepting bookings right upto 2 am when they when into administration.
  22. Did Scootaround or Special Needs at Sea give you a reason why they don't rent 4 wheel scooters to cruising passengers. I'm only curious so no problem if you don't know the answer.
  23. I apologise 😏, but after reading Snit13 post (post #35) I felt as if I was being lectured to just because I could not remember SOLAS. Your post just added to the feeling of being lectured too.
  24. Thank you for pointing out something I ready knew. If you reread my post (post #34) I was answering flamingos's question, which was 'Question: when did they start requiring scooters to be in the cabin? It's been a full year since our last cruise, and people left them in the hallway outside their cabins all the time.' In my post I quite clearly state that 'It has always been a requirement that scooters should be in your cabin and not left in the hallway.' and 'There is a rule stating that scooters should be in your cabin and not left in the hallway.' I just could not remember SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) at the time of posting my post.
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