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  1. It has always been a requirement that scooters should be in your cabin and not left in the hallway. There is a rule stating that scooters should be in your cabin and not left in the hallway. I'm sorry I can not think of the name but I'm sure some other poster will know.
  2. Sorry but you have taken my words out off context. You do not need to be medically train to see if a guest uses a wheelchair; scooter; walker or walking stick. You seem to have missed the part in my original comment where I wrote 'Things like that.' Meaning that the ships crew could check if the passenger has filled out a special needs form. I'm sorry if posters have taken my comment out of context or if I have not listed all the way the cruise line could validate if non disable people are in a accessible cabin. It was never my intention to cause offence.
  3. Hi Jim, Thank for your comments but you did miss the points I was making. Several poster were commenting how they are struggling to book accessible cabins. I posted that I book my accessible cabin as soon as the cruises are released for sale. raindropsalways and lenquixote66 want people who book accessible cabin to provide proof that they are disabled and need an accessible cabin. What I was trying to say was that unless cruise lines actively check if people do need that cabin, people will still abuse disabled cabins. Whether that is checking the proof is genuine or checking the person in the cabin. At no point in this thread have I commented on who should or should not book accessible cabins, other posters have. So please do not judge me
  4. If you ask the cabin steward for a wedge be prepared for a 'no' answer. We were on the Navigator in 2018 and asked for a wedge our request was denied on health and safety grounds. We did take the request further up the chain but we kept getting the same answer. On other cruise we have been allowed a wedge. The only other thing I can add to all the other good advice you have been given is; drive slowly. Your friend is properly use to people suddenly stopping in front of her scooter or even darting out in front of her but it happens more often on cruises.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this will answer your question but in the link below, under Guests with Special Needs, weight and battery types are mentioned but not how many wheels are allowed. I would think if 4 wheeled scooters were not allowed it would be mentioned: https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/prepare.jsp#Passengers_Special_Needs
  6. Under EU rules; If the flight was cancelled due to strike action by security staff or firefighter then the airline does not have to pay compensation. If the strike is by airline staff and you were not warned about the strike 2 weeks before you fly you can claim compensation. According to a Which article: Under EU law, you're only entitled to compensation if you hear from the airline less than 14 days from the date you're due to fly that your flight is cancelled. If the airline warned you of the cancellation at least two weeks prior to your scheduled time of departure, you won't get compensation but you'll get a refund. Is a strike an extraordinary circumstance? Airlines are not always obligated to offer compensation following a strike because strikes are usually considered to be 'extraordinary circumstances'. These are situations beyond the control of the airline, and can include adverse weather conditions as well as certain strike action. But when a a flight is delayed or cancelled due to strike action taking place by the airline's own employees (eg pilots, airline staff), then the airline is required to pay compensation to passengers. Even sudden 'wildcat' strikes aren't classed as extraordinary circumstances when the industrial action has been called by an airline's staff rather than a third party, such as an air traffic control or a baggage handling strike. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/ive-had-a-flight-delay-due-to-a-strike-can-i-get-compensation
  7. With respect I don't feel 1 day in a wheelchair teaches anybody what it is like to be disabled. A week would be better.
  8. No need to yell. There are only about 1000 hearing dogs in the UK that's why I asked the question.
  9. Welcome to CC I would talk to Citizens Advice but if your flight was cancelled due to strike action you may not be entitled to anything
  10. Just a thought, do deaf people need hearing dogs on a cruise when cruise lines offer technology to alert the deaf person to someone knocking at the door or the phone ringing?
  11. Thank you for your insight. I must admit I was thinking of cases like the one I have linked below, when I mentioned about false allegations. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-48693800 Before anyone says, yes I know these type of cases are rare. I also know this thread is about men raping a young girl.
  12. There are conflicting reports about what happened to the girl before being lead to the cabin. https://www.ibtimes.com/cruise-ship-passenger-gets-gang-raped-royal-caribbean-aware-sexual-assault-epidemic-2808984 reports 'she was sitting at the ship’s bar when a group of men surrounded her and offered her alcohol until she became “highly intoxicated, obviously drunk, disoriented, and unstable” and “obviously incapacitated.”' https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/07/24/royal-caribbean-lawsuit-gang-rape/ reports she 'was on a Royal Caribbean cruise in late 2015 with her two sisters and grandparents when nearly a dozen male passengers bought alcoholic drinks for her in a lounge and other public areas of the ship.'
  13. Thank you for the link. You do realise that the webpage was written in 2010. Even if only 2% of the rape allegations are false, according to the webpage, the girls are still wrong to make them. Just as it's unacceptable for boys to rape women that reject them.
  14. This could also be the reason why rejected girls make false rape allegations.
  15. The injection may have some side effects that need monitoring after admission.
  16. We had a virtual balcony, one day whilst in port a seagull sat next to the camera. we had a great view of it's head.
  17. How about 'We know you are on holiday but don't leave your common sense in the cabin' or 'Crimes happened on ships and not just at home'. I'm sure the more creative of you could come up with better slogans
  18. I see this thread is still dragging on with the same old mantras of 'It should not have happened no matter what the girl did' and accusations of victim shaming. I agree because it does not help the family when posters keep insisting 'It should not have happened no matter what she did'. The fact of the matter is it did happen and posters did need to discuss how did it happen? Why did it happen? How do we stop it from happening on other cruises. I'm not sure if you have heard about the Rochdale child sex abuse ring scandal. At an inquiry into how the Rochdale child sex abuse ring had happened it was revealed that the majority of men convicted of sexual grooming, at the time, were Pakistani. Some Pakistani elders knew that Pakistani men were involved in sexual grooming and choose to ignore this fact. Hence Rochdale happened. Yes I know that other factors contribute to the Rochdale scandal, before anyone mentions the police and deprived; dysfunctional families. The fact of the matter is that whilst posters keep insisting on 'It should not have happened' this could happen again. Ok, we are all agreed that it should not have happened. So how about some suggestions on how we stop it from happening in the future. How about a warning in the ships newsletter on the day of boarding?
  19. I feel your son's pain. We loved watching Cartoon Network but on our last 2 cruises there was no more Cartoon Network and we had to choose between repeats of Doogie Howser MD or Dora the Explorer.
  20. It does not matter what others think, there seems to be a couple of posters on this thread that seem to want to defend this girl and other young drunken teens no matter what. So for that reason I'm out of here. What happened to this girl was horrible and should never have happened but I'm more disgusted by some posters thinking that she did not contribute to this. The girl admits to feeling uncomfortable being surrounded by these men but did nothing. She did not alert staff; she did not text her family for help (unless some posters want me to believe she did not have a mobile); she did go to the restroom to get away from these men. Before I go I this website makes interesting reading. https://www.alcohol.org/teens/
  21. Of course there has always been people that have been that drunk that they have to rely on others to look after them. It just seems, to me, that it is becoming more common and some people seem to think it's perfectly normal behaviour until something happens to them.
  22. When did it become acceptable for people to get that drunk that they have to rely on complete strangers to keep them safe? I know the girl, in question, was only 15 at the time but surely she must have had some awareness that she was drinking alcohol. You normally don't go from sober to completely drunk without going through other phases, happiness, tiredness etc. Unless I am to believe this was the first time the girl had drunk alcohol.
  23. If you are thinking about contacting the press try emailing Simon Calder at s@hols.tv
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