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  1. I don't think they are currently even interested in boosters, I would not even offer up unnecessary information, personally I would print off the two Pfizer records sheets from the NHS app and present them as that's all they ask for.
  2. I ask my PCC if he could take on a person here on CC who wanted a reliable PCC & mine is excellent. He told me he was happy to do it but only if they were not assigned to another PCC. He was very clear poaching customers is a big no-no for PCCs. Based on this it's very strange you keep getting these different PCCs calling. Even all the emails I get from NCL have my PCCs name and telephone number on them instead of the normal call centre number.
  3. It's really simple, in Europe tipping IS expected but just not on a huge scale as in the us, $5 is a reasonable tip for most things, be it the porters or for a modest meal.
  4. I'm not sure how the cruise line would know that one passenger tested positive unless the airline passenger was also a cruise passenger or who else was on that flight. Even if that passenger was one of the cruise lines passengers the cruise line still would not have a list of other passengers on that flight (unless you booked your flight through the cruise line) I have made my own flight arrangements to the US in October and have not told NCL any of the flight details. Sounds like it's better not to have booked flights through the cruise line & remain off their radar.
  5. I'm sure they will do them to fit your needs depending where your onward travel is, some will need antigen some PCR and timescales will be dependant on final destination. Fly out date will play a roll too as some people might not fly out for a couple of days.
  6. If this is the case, you can apply them as soon as you get home so it's not an issue.
  7. You can get them here for £22.40, take them with you and use them in your hotel room, upload the results for a certificate: https://www.chronomics.com/britishairways?affiliate=british-airways Note: not suitable for some countries like the US who need a supervised test. EDIT: It's still a brain tickle test but you get to tickle your own brain 😂
  8. Home test kits designed for travel include a QR code where you log the results online and receive a certificate to back-up the test results, there is no need for a video supervised test unless your destination requires that. For us, a "return to the UK" test only needs to be a home antigen test so it's easy to take one with you, do the test overseas and log the results online (A PCR test is however needed 2 days after return). Some countries need supervised tests (video), some require clinic tests and others allow home tests there is no standard, in each case the requirements need to be checked with the country or company (in the case of NCL) requesting it.
  9. We don't even get that in Europe, I believe in the US you have a list of codes (top right if I remember correctly) we don't get that here. This thread just prompted me to email my PCC as I originally booked on the bliss, then cancelled and re booked to get the 5 promos and treble points, as we can't cancel and rebook for free, that change cost me money. Then the ship was changed but it should have been a lift and shift. I need my PCC to check that promo followed me from the Bliss to the Encore.
  10. You do know that barcode gives the information you have scrubbed out? 1789578?? ...... I wont give the last two digits but you did.
  11. We do well on that but not on the deposit, when we cancel our deposit is lost so the OP would not have got their $250 back nor the $500 FCC it would have been all lost in Europe. NCL giveth and NCL taketh away!
  12. When on the Virtuosa in July they would do it all for you and would not leave the condiments with the passenger in the MDR. They would ask you if you wanted salt and pepper and grind/shake it for you until you said stop, similarly they would bring ketchup, HP, tabasco & Horseradish sauces and pour/spoon them directly on your plate then took them away.
  13. Glad we agree that there are no reporting issues 🥴
  14. Why should it be? Are you suggesting cases were being kept secret until recently? The testing has been there, for example, I was tested by the cruise line before boarding and again half way through my 7 day cruise, the cases would have been detected. We had to wear masks at all times inside and outside unless seated.
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