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  1. Please don't take this the wrong way but that might cheer some countries in need as the US has 400 million shots on order, enough for 266 million people at the 90% efficiency of 1.5 shots that will be diverted elsewhere if this is the case. This vaccine cost less that a cup of coffee, can be stored in a regular refrigerator, only needs 1.5 shots and has an efficiency of 90% at that dosage. It will be in demand from countries who couldn't afford to risk pre-ordering millions of shots before it was known if it would work.
  2. No problem, I knew it would be along today. I think they have confused things by muddying the waters by mentioning a dosing regime that presumably won't even be used, dosed at 1.5 it goes further and is 90% which is all that matters. They were saying earlier they think the initial 1/2 dose might "prime" the body before hitting it with the full does which sounds plausible.
  3. I have just received the press release, this reads: Oxford University breakthrough on global COVID-19 vaccine · Phase 3 interim analysis including 131 Covid-19 cases indicates that the vaccine is 70.4% effective when combining data from two dosing regimens · In the two different dose regimens vaccine efficacy was 90% in one and 62% in the other · Higher efficacy regime used a halved first dose and standard second dose · Early indication that vaccine could reduce virus transmission from an observed reduction in asymp
  4. Absolutely right, 70% far exceeds original hopes for a vaccine as as it's 90% when dosed at 1/2 shot followed by a full shot that's just amazing.
  5. I very much doubt the US will cancel their 300 million dose on order with Astrazeneca. If they agree with you no doubt they will cancel in due course.
  6. Yes, so did the manufacturers on the BBC this morning, it's odd they showed their results in a range when they say they can achieve 90%, I know scientifically it's probably the right way to publish but in the press it just causes confusion. If you can achieve 90% with the recommended dose why not send that out in the press release and save the rest for scientific papers.
  7. It's a bit strange they released the figures in this way, they were just interviewed in TV and said they achieve 90% with a first 1/2 dose and a second full dose so I don't know why they released the results in such a way, it's very odd. It can hardly be called garbage at 70%, this was as much as was ever hoped for, the others have out performed expectations, that certainly does not make 70% junk even if the effectiveness was that low for a vaccine that uses standard technology, is cheap and easily distributed.
  8. Yes, I should get a press release later as I'm a trial subject of this vaccine. The 90% is apparently achieved with an initial 1/2 does and a send full does, it's certainly great for us in the UK as this was our biggest order of 100 million doses, enough for 50 million of our 66 million population. If the most vulnerable get the initial Pfizer/Moderna followed with the mass population getting Astrazeneca we have a pathway out of this. When I started the trial in June it was only planned to be a single dose but a month later I was offered an optional second dose, I know they were
  9. The good news keeps flowing. Oxfords have just announced the next vaccine has an effectiveness of 70% with one shot and 90% with a second shot and has a regular storage requirements. What fantastic news we have yet another. The other great thing here is they took a risk and started production months ago and have been storing the vaccine ready for distribution once approved. We just need all these vaccines approving now. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-oxford-vaccine-is-up-to-90-effective-in-preventing-coronavirus-tests-show-12134940
  10. That makes it tricky. I guess it also depends how much of Europe you have already seen, living in the UK I see some of the European ports as a bit everyday but of course that trip would cover a lot of European cities if you have not been before. Iceland with it's Glaciers and Geezers and Norway for it's Fjords are amazing but again you will only touch Norway with that trip so if you have further plans to return for a longer trip it could also influence your choice. For me though, like you, the scenery wins every time. I self drove Norway and the Fjords a few years ago and can't wait to
  11. For me the Norway & Iceland all day long for the scenery & Norwegian Fjords and I would also finish the trip with a few days (week if you can) in Iceland as it's an amazing country. If you prefer city visits the other would be a good trip but taking into account Southampton is nearly 2 hours from London & Le havre is over 2 hours from Paris.
  12. Never been a dividend but a decent perk, one of the last shares that pays a decent perk.
  13. I agree I would not go there for dinner but I could eat those hot buffalo wings all day long, especially after a later night as a pit stop.
  14. Yep agreed, lets get to vaccinated cruises without these restrictions you hate. Yep agreed, lets let the cuisse lines fill all the rooms with vaccinated customers so they can bring the prices down. Yep agreed, lets do away with them, lets stop these protocols and only have vaccinated cruises. Ironically most of the west are vaccinated against TB, are there CDC cruising restrictions related to either flu or TB that are "destroying the industry" that I'm not aware of? Irrelevant. Why? Are cruises being restri
  15. You are missing the point a full ship of people taking responsibility for their own health is not an option and won't be until this is over. Your CDC & other governments have made recommendations that must be followed. You will be sailing with protocols, half empty ships, masks, ships excursions only etc etc. If you are lucky the lines might argue they can go back to normal if they only accept vaccinated people. Small price to pay in my view. Given the options I know how I want to sail when enough people have been vaccinated to fill ships.
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