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  1. Per person? I think I would be livid if I learned that I had paid that much for such a short distance. So glad you researched it and made the right choice. 😊 Also, the Wyndham is a great hotel - so convenient to the pier! Nice Starbucks in the lobby for a coffee run in the morning.
  2. Well, you certainly were gracious to those in this thread who were less than polite to you. Good on ya. You seem like the kind of person who doesn't sweat the small stuff - my kinda guy. 😁
  3. We have been to all those ports and I think both cruises would be amazing. 😊 Having said that, there is much more to consider than just itinerary. You are a family of five, and I would recommend two connecting cabins, or one balcony and one inside cabin directly across the hall. With two cabins comes two bathrooms, which would be a bonus for your family. Have you looked at pricing? Does it matter? Sometimes it doesn't, and I am sincerely asking. Your teens will LOVE Freedom and the Flowrider.
  4. Also, you do NOT want to get caught in LA traffic, trust me. If you take an excursion, best to make it a ship's tour.
  5. Yeah, that's the thing. The two-tops are so close together it is barely private. We gave up on the table for two idea and just ask to join a large table now. 😁
  6. It's a beautiful airport. We've won awards!! 🤣🤣🤣
  7. OP, you will use the US pre-clearance for your flight into Florida from YVR. I have read on these boards that although US CBP opens at 4:30, it's really closer to 5 am when they start getting going and screening. If you are in line early and get through the checkpoint around 5 am, you should easily make your 6:15 flight. The US departures wing is not a long walk and there are several coffee spots open, good for a coffee and light breakfast for your family. Honestly, I would not hesitate to take the hotel shuttle at 3:30 am, no worries. 😊
  8. We have ported at Pier 27 several times in the past few years and I can tell you that there is ample room to drop luggage and people off - it is not a problem. I can't help you with parking as we have never done so, but I'm sure others will chime in shortly, plus there is always information online. 😊
  9. But still, as mentioned in post 2, it may or may not be that night. It's often difficult to get back to the ship after a beach day and get ready in time for Chic night. It may very well be a sea day, just so you know. If you are looking at a specialty restaurant, maybe go for a late port night when it might not be so busy there as people are still not back to the ship.
  10. Just wanted to say how kind you were to do this for someone on the boards here. 😊 And I also agree with you - if a website is frustrating, we usually take that as a sign and go elsewhere.
  11. I would not stay at the airport and park at a hotel there. Stay closer to the pier and yes, use Seattle Cruise Park (Armory). We just did this in September and it was FABULOUS. Once off the ship, we walked down to the end where the shuttle bus was waiting, and I'd say we were back at our car within 15 minutes. Awesome.
  12. Anything is possible on any cruise you book, but as stated, it is less likely on a longer cruise such as the one you are considering. College kids usually book 3 or 4 nighters (but there are exceptions). You are likely to see families as people plan this cruise around the Easter holiday.
  13. This is actually not the steward's duty. The mini-bar/cooler is the responsibility of the Bar Services personnel, who check your consumption of the items and charge them to your account. We have never asked our steward to remove the items. If we feel the need to clear the items out, we always take a couple of pictures of the inside before we move anything. Then, it takes us about 30 seconds to move the items ourselves. I think the steward would remove them if asked, but it's simply not his/her job. 🙂
  14. We were planning to do that last April, but the seas were too rough to tender at Monterey. This is not an uncommon occurrence, just so you know. Hope for the best and just prepare yourselves that you may not be able to tender that day. For this reason, I would not make plans ahead of time or pre-pay for something in Monterey.
  15. It is also one year old and I'm not sure why it was bumped? Anyhoo, OP is long gone.
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