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  1. Oh dear! I'm so sorry. How awful - one of the many reasons why we never book an early flight. Agreed. OP, welcome to the boards and please take a later flight. 😊
  2. George, there is no Diamond Club on Celebrity ships, just on Royal. Celebrity will handle your reciprocal status a little differently. If you haven't done so already, call Celebrity Captain's Club toll free number and have them sign you up as a reciprocal member.
  3. Makes perfect sense as our Uber experience in San Francisco in April was about, seriously, 10 seconds from payment to "There he is.". 😊
  4. ^ Looks like this was moved. Hope OP finds it. ~ Have you contacted them? https://www.cortrans-shuttle.com/contact-us/
  5. Hi there, just wanted to mention something that you may or may not be aware of, and I offer this with a sincere heart looking out for a fellow cruiser. 😊 You mentioned a 6 month old baby at cruise time next July. You realize baby must actually be 6 months at the time of the cruise, not almost 6 months, or turning 6 months on the cruise. Calculating your pregnancy, it will be close... if baby is born late, this might affect your cruise date. Have you done the math (and again, I offer this in sincerity here)? Is this going to be a concern?
  6. Why do you say this? Why second-guess yourself? This is a stellar hotel and location. You will be thrilled to exit the front door, walk for 60 seconds, and get to the ship. I doubt your comment about the balcony privacy (which I disagree with, by the way - we had a balcony facing the waterfront and it was great) will dissuade anyone. Perhaps you are overthinking this. You've been given a great review and there are things to do and places to eat nearby. Relax! You made a good choice. 😊 Having said that, if you are particular about noise, this hotel is by the airport and the jets take off and land all day long and well into the night, with the last one around 11 pm, I think? It is a noisy hotel for that reason. I wouldn't want you to not have this information.
  7. Gosh, this thread deteriorated quickly.... 😢😥😢 Just when you think you're safe in a shoe thread.... 😉
  8. I'm wondering if you or the member in your party might consider taking their own walker or scooter on the ship? If someone needs assistance to the end of the pier, they would surely need assistance for any walking around town and such. As already mentioned, not motorized carts for individual use, but I have seen small open-air shuttle buses taking guests to the end of the pier, if it is a particularly long walk. I cannot recall which Caribbean ports use them.
  9. OP, you mentioned slides - or for me, flip flops, which I take on every cruise. I wear them in the cabin and on the balcony - my bare foot has not touched a cabin or hotel room floor in 30 years! LOL. Good for a hospital stay, too.I have several pairs from Old Navy in various colors; they are cheap and cheerful and do the trick. 😊
  10. Hi there. My advice... Yes, you got an email suggesting you purchase dining with it. They are trying to sell you something and are hoping you will buy the specialty dining. Since you admit to being a buffet person (so are we - have enjoyed many cruises and now we are much more casual about dining, plus the OceanView Cafe buffet on Celebrity is amazing for dinner), the main dining room (included in your fare) may fit the bill nicely. The food and service on Celebrity are wonderful. You can use the OBC for other purchases, as mentioned in above replies. Personally, if it was my first cruise, I would not necessarily spend the extra money on specialty dining. We have eaten in several of the for-fee restaurants on a couple of different lines, and honestly didn't feel it was worth the extra money. We just didn't. ~shrug~ But there are those passengers who eat in specialty restaurants every night of the cruise. Have fun. 😊
  11. For the three of you, gratuities come up to $304.50 (3 x $14.50, x 7) for the 7 nights - hefty amount, and in my opinion, worth taking as one of the choices.
  12. Gorgeous! You already look fabulous. 👍 I hope you get it as clean as you want, and have fun wearing this exquisite gown.
  13. Sorry, there are several BW's and I don't know which one you are at, but Google maps is an extraordinary resource. Just put in your hotel, and then put in grocery store, and everything nearby will come up. It's an excellent way to get to know what is in the area.
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