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  1. ^ Agreed. Many people are odor-sensitive. It can be a terrible problem, almost as bad as cigarette smoke, body odor, or bad breath. 😕 Is there any way you would not take a fabric refresher spray? I'm not being cheeky, but rather serious - what about taking clothes that you can rinse out in the cabin sink after wearing a couple of times? Cleaning your clothes with soap and water is always better than spraying a scent on top of them, don't you agree? Sorry, I know it's not what you asked about, but I hope you don't mind hearing my opinion. I can't be the only one who feels this way. 😊 Have a great time.
  2. I know it does, but it's really quite easy. We have done it several times. The hotel shuttle buses drop off and pick up in one location and that is P4. You take the Air Train (free within the airport) to and from P4 where you will pick up your courtesy shuttle. Many cruisers (ourselves included) have stayed at Country Inn and Suites and also Embassy Suites in Elizabeth. If you are researching, Elizabeth is the city you will need to use - many have free airport shuttle but then again, you will be dropped at P4 and you'll need to take Air Train to your terminal.
  3. We always bring our own toiletries, pump hand soap, and bar soaps when we travel. It's not a big deal and makes us both happy. 😊
  4. Hi there - just for future and for anyone else who may not know this, you can "isolate" one post by clicking on the post #, located in the upper right hand corner of the post. So, instead of having to scroll down the whole page to find this menu, click on the post number (here, it was #20 which contained the menu) and it will pop up in its own browser window. You can then proceed to copy and paste the link. 😊 Hope that made sense.
  5. Yes, I had replied because we were Concierge Class guests and one member said they received Priority Boarding. We did not, and I was just mentioning that.
  6. On Eclipse in San Diego a few months ago, we absolutely did not get Priority Boarding. It was a drag, actually. Once checked-in, we had to take a number and wait, I'd say, at least 45 minutes longer. 😔 As a Concierge Class guest, I feel we should have been able to board immediately. No big deal, but it was something I noticed.
  7. I see you have posted an introduction on your Roll Call, and that thread is probably a better place to ask. Some of your fellow cruises might have some ideas and plans already put together.
  8. We embarked in San Diego a few months ago and I felt it was a rather long wait from start to finish. *shrug* We were on Celebrity so they provided granola bars and bottled water. After check-in, we were given a number and had to wait to be called for boarding. It just seemed to take a long time. 🤣 OP, once you are inside the terminal, you probably won't want to leave so I'd recommend your husband carry on his own snack items. As long as they are pre-packaged, you'll be allowed to take them.
  9. Exactly what we decided when we had a Concierge cabin and my sister and BIL did not. We couldn't see either separating and meeting up later, or trying to get them into somewhere they were not permitted to be. Neither was an option, so we all went to the buffet. 😊
  10. Yes, pretty sure that is available each day at lunch.
  11. Just so you know, a cab one way to the Gardens will be at least $60.00, easily more in heavy traffic. It's a long way from where the ship docks. If you are interested in a more economical way, you could rent a car or take a tour (ship's tour or otherwise). There is LOTS of information on Butchart Gardens on the other boards (Canada x 2, and West Coast Departures). 😊
  12. Aww, thank you. We are looking forward to a week without medical appointments and so on! 😊😊😊
  13. I realize this thread was bumped, so I'll put in my 2 cents. 😊 OP seems to be given somewhat of a hard time here about possibly staying on board in Alaskan ports. It's my opinion that on your cruise, you can do what you want to do for the reason to want to do it. Personally, I would echo bbdscruise's sentiments above by saying that it's just nice to spend time together and relax. I am in cancer treatment right now and will not be doing anything strenuous on our upcoming Alaskan cruise (translation: we'll probably stay on board, or just walk around the immediate port area). Frankly, I'm just happy to still be here and so is my husband! We look forward to a quieter paced trip this time around, just the two of us. Indeed, Alaska is magnificent.... but sometimes spending time with your loved ones is even more wonderful. 💖
  14. YES! Deep fried cheese curds. My life will never be the same.😛🧀
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