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  1. Maybe because it’s viewed as a “ beginner” cruise port ( many short cruise [read inexpensive] stop there. or People are snobs and like complain (Eat beans, burb steak). or they just copy what someone else said.
  2. On Princess Cay you probably need to wear water shoes (we did) rocky. Over all a very beautiful island. The cabanas May be further away (across a path while on HMC they on the beach). But its been along time since I’ve been to PC. HMC is a step above in terms of beauty. both have plenty of chairs.
  3. Go the the national park. Very beautiful
  4. I’m booked on the 8 day “Eastern Caribbean” but in July 2020 😭
  5. No they would just find something else to complain about.
  6. 0/10. You act is old and tired. You got 0 bites and that must hurt.
  7. The steakhouse bar has Blanton’s. At least Freedom’s did last year.
  8. 4/10. You got caught and made some phoney baloney story. Try harder next time.
  9. Have you tried calling them? 242.352.4070 or using the contact page? https://www.bahamianbrewery.com/contact.php It is frustrating when companies make it difficult to get a hold of.
  10. They post the cabanas yesterday for my July 4, 2020 cruise
  11. No thank you. I would prefer they left HMC as is.
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