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  1. Thank you, I will try that
  2. @G.M.T. It was on a Youtube video...I was just going off what they said! I maybe shouldn't have believed them!
  3. @WestLakeGirl it was on a Youtube videos- those "things you need to know about cruising" feature. It sounds like their information may not be accurate.
  4. Hahaha, that's what my partner says- "stop researching, you'll go mad"
  5. Thank you, I shall enquire into this.
  6. Yes, I'm thinking that now as well. I'll take the offer of a free dinner and be happy!
  7. Compensation for being lied to. If I am told that something is the best price, I expect that to be true, unless I'm buying something from a dodgy dealer down the market...which is sort of how I now feel about Celebrity.
  8. It's kind of the other way round. I feel like I purchased the winter coat "on sale" only to find out the regular price was cheaper! Interestingly in the UK that is against consumer law- sale prices must actually be sale prices.
  9. I was reading that Royal Caribbean, Costa, and Princess all would give OBC in my situation...maybe this was outdated information? I'll ask about the upgrade, thank you for that.
  10. I have booked to sail with Celebrity in a few weeks, and last week, in a moment of boredom, I looked up my cruise. Upon doing this I saw that the price of my cruise had dropped by £380 (£190 each). This annoyed me because when I booked on the Celebrity website at Christmas there was a lot of spiel about the price I booked being the "best" and "once a year offer". The cruise I booked comes with the Classic Drinks Package as it would do if I booked the cruise last week at the cheaper rate. Both cabins (the one I did book at Christmas and the one I could of booked last week) are Concierge Class. I.e. it's like for like. I've only been on one other cruise thus, I am new to all of this, so I (still in a moment of boredom) looked up what happens if one has booked a cruise for a "best price" which later comes down. I found that many cruise lines will either refund one in cash or give onboard credit. With this info, I emailed Celebrity telling them about my bitter discovery. I had a nice email back that just said sorry and told me that I was lucky to get the cabin of my choosing. I replied saying that my aft cabin on Deck 9 was hardly prime position and, that I felt like if I have been sold a product under the title "best price" etc. then that is what it should be. Another email comes back to me, saying that Celebrity do not offer price drop guarantees and that promotions change all the time. However, as a "gesture of good will" I may have a complementary meal in a speciality restaurant. Dear more experienced cruisers, what do you think of this offer? Please do not berate me, but rather suggest if you think I'm being given a fair compensation or if I should be offered more. Thank you.
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