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  1. What level are youall ? A wrap aound is always nicew they must not have them available in the Spa Level Deck. What to us is a plus is having great Cabin Stewards..
  2. Dear ideb, Yes the Dream is a nice vessel. Servers are now kinda like the foods served .. IMHO very subjective unless the HotMan (Hotel Manager ) manages hands on. On the Cold Soups served in a glass having the same volume or less than a bowl equates. I wager the server you had asked did not want to bother putting the cold soup to be served ina glass. Many cruise lines do it without asking. I guess the days of serving on wooden planks on ships and land were a similar scenario.. IMHO it looks so much better in a glass and elegant. They used to have full orchestras too..
  3. Dear Shaded Lady, Dealing is always best with a Professional. EG Dealing with an M.D. usually has better results than with a R.N. , similar using a ASTA member Travel Agent prodided so much more for youall.
  4. The Carnival Legend is a fine ocean going vessel, she may be old and well used but had a small revamping recently too.
  5. Starter: TART fRUIT sHERBERTTS Appy: Any chilled soup served in a tall glass Mains: Maine Lobsters, real Filet, Canadian Lobster Desserts: Souflee, Cheese plates with the better fromages..,
  6. The Carnival Legend is a great ship and that Class has the most available space per /for the passengers. Sail Away is like life and love what you make of it. Making a better sail away party invite your family/freiends and your roll call to it too. I really miss the days past when we had Blue Grass bands playing too.
  7. Dear Casino Player, Thank You. Did you sere the nice note on the US Mail piece? Qualified for ULTRA 2021! Cruising between 10/01/2019 and 09/30/2020!! Yes we have been aboard the Legend and sister Miracle going from S.F., Ca to Ak. they were new, nice sized and as you know per passenger room is awesome. Both ladies are getting older.. You may use your CCL :NYSE/LSE Shareholder benefit on all of them. A nice Non-Taxable usage too as they are considered a gifting.. Legend leaves from Mid-Town. I am getting BIDs now on those and our agent called when i was out yesterday at a Jewish friends funeral. David , a R.P., said such a truism. He had been with us on a few HAL cruises too, "it is less costly to cruise than to stay home!!"
  8. Day by Day.. Step by Step.. Oh no is that the Niagra Falls saying in those Movies..? Did you get by the US Mail and/or Online the new offerings for ()MY PREMIER) Casino too? Looking seiously on NYC/NYC tyhe Mid size Legend again now in 2020. As well the sister Miracle to Hi. again too. The Mardi Gras looks superb and on LNG.
  9. Choice is great. Ashore too places do well in hair cuts and cost so+so much less.. I had my latest on the REGAL Princess. They charged a High Cost even though the Manager said we were randomly selected for the SPECIAL. Yet if you saw the prices the SPECIALs cost more.. I think somehow they are trained well to utter loquacious palaver. So Bottom Line. ____________________________________ Do what your able to be happy with..
  10. Life, love, and cruising is what we make of it.. We have even before gotten our Suite or Cabins at the desk at the boarding dock(s) and refare. We always use a ASTA Professional Travel Agent. Only once in all the decades have any cruise lines given a better fare. It was Princess before being Carnivalized BTW.
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