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  1. Oh No now more Bring Your Own ___. Even now we have to bring our own TEAs too. Well you may know Lipton had the own taste from the tea groves of Lipton now it is so not nice./. Is Carnival going to keep = having Ships Built and Paying for them when all the Paying Cruising Passengers can not even fit in the LIDO ( Slop Lines) , cant even fit in the shows which nmow are 80 % less in time too..
  2. CC was taken ovber and the new owners , IMHO, do not do what the origal owners managed well. Even basic Cruise News
  3. Having the Best cost basis is attained using a comparison of multiple Travel Agencies. Cruise Compete started and is the Best worldwide.
  4. Your UpSell ( called an UpGrade) is a nice choice in a few ways. But Rolling Cart THUNDER shoul be dealt with in any New and/or Reconstruction as it is LOUD.. They could put Rubber wheels on the Thunder Carts too. But do not. If they added that Sound Proofing they could charge more for thaose cabins.. as Closer to the SLOOP Line LIDo..
  5. The SHAREHOLDER Benefit of OBC is a wonderful gifting from the Parent Firm CCL :NYSE LSE CUK :NYSE to Shareholders who hold a min of Only 100 Shares and Cruise on any of the Multiple Lines ships owned. The next cruise I booked and Paid in Full is Monday coming and had to FAX five times.. Land Mail may be the best method to send but keep yopur records and reciepts as those Faxes the people in Miami , Fl. said "they never got it"! RCL :NYSE has a similar gifting but is one sweet pain in the Iceicle getting that shown in the 10K too. They said from a few RCL people "Oh Dr. you paid too little" but i did not use the Mil., AAA, etc..etc.. discounts.. As a shareholder your owed that Shareholder Benefit if you have the minumum common shares and provide the Proof of Ownership, Sailing DATA etc.. The FTC and SEC should be made aware!!IMHO.
  6. Cruising has a few less now choices as it had been all inclusive before, even in High Cost NYC, NY which has out priced it self in HIGH Port fees and Parking.. The way before everything except Low Cost Alcohol /TIPS were included. even Bon-Voyage parties, were meals of the highest quality beef and seafood were given to visitors or people brought the own too.. Choice is vital in a Free and Capital society. You may have seen the Cruise Lines shares today went Down to the Low End too, on projected earnings.. CCL :NYSE/ LSE CUK :NYSE/ LSE RCL: NYSE NCLH : No Dividends still.. If the Cruise Line(s) gave better values and NOT NIckle and Dime Cruisers they would get more bookings and thus profits.. On New built Cruise Lines how did the Viking ship(s) do? Virgin is aiming like Viking for a High Costing Market now. Now , but, like here how many Pizza Places can you open? We had one owned by 3 Graduates of the CIA ( Culinary Institute of America ) I asked them what is going to set you apart from the nothers.. they each replied , Quality.. but lacked the Low Pricing.. Another had been in 40 locations in 40 yerars still his Gravy ( Sauce) is aweful.. Anoither gentlem an Irishman Chef from a Deli opened a Pizza place too and he had a low price per pie $5 and all the toppings.. he set the standard here. Another has a 18 Inch pie .. Same as Cruise Lines what makes each one better? Those that do well succeeded well.
  7. Dear BratDet, I so so agree with you. We bought a few too. Many punches left those cards had cartoon like characters. Princess part of Carnival CCL :NYSE/LSE could Create Cruise Coffee Cards..! Ah added Revenue and FREE P.R. Maybe the lines are becoming like NJ now as you know Mr. Murphy is more than a lout about..
  8. Golf in the Somers Isles (Bermuda) is heaven! NCL is a different story..
  9. Using a ASTA Travel Agency is usually best. Those train the staff well. Providng better service and a much lower cost basis to uis. Of all the cruises we have been on, only once was the costy basis better directly with a cruise line. This one coming next week we have great OBC, cabin, extras, etc..etc.. We get bids from multiple ASTA Agencies and choose the best for us.
  10. On a Kodak moment. In Hamilton just a couple blocks past the Bus Terminal and International Food market and up the hill is the Fort , usually animals and sop much flora with a great view of the harbor too. And/or near the Ferry Terminal is the Perot Post Office and across is his land , now a park. Flora and fauna are here too.
  11. Your welcome. Oh BTW it is not Bergen County Citadel. Nor Bergen , Norway. How many of your kin attended this location in Charleston, S.C. ? The Military College of South Carolina, commonly referred to simply as The Citadel, is a state-supported, comprehensive college located in Charleston, South Carolina, United States. Established in 1842 A.D. 171 Moultrie St, Charleston, SC 29409 -9999 Henry Hudson went up the river under our Dutch Flag. North River is a narrow and long bay, which in its northwardly course from the harbor of New York breaks through or turns all the mountains, affording a tide navigation for vessels of eighty tons to Albany and Troy, one hundred and sixty miles above New York. This peculiarity distinguishes the North River from all the other bays and rivers of the United States. The tide in no other ascends higher than the granite ridge or comes within thirty miles of the Blue Ridge or eastern chain of mountains. In the North River it breaks through the Blue Ridge at West Point and ascends above the eastern termination of the Catskill or great western chain. BTW the East River is only a tidal esuary. Oh btw about my poor spelling , it happens, but thanks for your marming. If you read more upon the Evacuation Day , NYC, NY it may amaze you what General George Washington acclaimed for all eternity.
  12. Dear NYHartChapp, Guess I gave you knowledge . The North River as on all Martine Maps ends where the small aircraft carrier is moored . The Hudson River begins at Pier88. In Charelston, S.C. many do not know of our Citadel.
  13. Yes so many other benefits have gone the way of the Triple Screws in Propulsion..
  14. Calling your ASTA Travel Agent will benefit you now.
  15. The Pier is up near where the Hudson River actually begins.
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