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  1. In the Tampa area since they made the change last weekend that basically closed all bars that didn’t serve food, our experience has been different at the four restaurants we have been to this week. At one of the restaurants you couldn’t sit at the bar and all chairs were removed; at another restaurant you could still sit at the bar but maintain 6 feet between parties (this had been the norm for several weeks prior to the recent change based on our experience); and at two restaurants there were no chairs at the bar but several two top tables werenplaced right next to the bar with plenty of space between tables. We talked to a manager we know fairly well at a restaurant last night and told him what we had experienced. He said according to the guidance they had received all of the restaurants we mentioned were in compliance with the latest guidance. Apparently some restaurants are just more conservative than others, which isn’t a bad thing.
  2. How a virus is transmitted is irrelevant. It is how a person’s immune system reacts to fight a virus that is relevant. A successful vaccine is able to get someone’s immune system to successfully identify and replicate attacking a harmful virus.
  3. The news media was reporting the same thing about the development of an HIV vaccine back in the mid 1980s, yet there is still no vaccine today.
  4. If you live in Florida like we do it has been reported on every major network this morning. If not, you can easily find these numbers with a simple Google search, which I just did.
  5. We live in Florida and the number of positive tests does not worry me. What does worry me is the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths.
  6. All very good points. I was addressing the point that a lot of people believe it is a foregone conclusion that an effective vaccine will be developed, which is not a certainty.
  7. If you are correct, it is possible cruising will never resume. Vaccines have yet to be developed for other coronaviruses including SARS and MERS, so there is no guarantee an effective vaccine will be developed for the current coronavirus.
  8. Butterbean already beat me to it, but we always get a spa balcony cabin on Dream class ships. The thermal suite on these ships are the best in Carnival’s fleet. We also like hanging out on deck 5 when spending time outside. There are plenty of lounge chairs on this deck and it has never been too crowded, even on sea days, on the multiple times we have cruised on Breeze and Magic.
  9. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge people who take advantage of a lower deposit and jump to the conclusion they can’t afford a cruise in the first place. We always book a balcony when we cruise, but I would never say or assume interior rooms are for people who really can’t afford a cruise.
  10. Cheers is not available until day two on cruises out of Galveston. They only charge you for the days it is available, so 4 days for your cruise. Since you can’t buy Cheers on day one, you can’t use it for anything on day one.
  11. I was not comparing the type of viruses. I was comparing the point that back in the 1980s there was a lot of positive early results and scientists were predicting a vaccine for HIV would be available within two years. Right now there is also a lot of positive early results for the development of a vaccine, with some scientists predicting a vaccine will likely be available in a year or less. That is an apples to apples comparison, because there is no guarantee an effective vaccine will be developed for this virus despite these early findings and predictions.
  12. Where is the public scared beyond belief? I know it’s not like that in Florida where I live. As soon as anything is opened (restaurants, bars, beaches, etc.), people flock to them immediately. I don’t take this virus lightly, but personally I am not afraid to go out and enjoy life, which appears to be the attitude of a lot of Floridians.
  13. I am still waiting for the HIV vaccine that scientists reported would be developed within 2 years in the 1980s. Bottom line there is no guarantee a vaccine will be developed no matter how promising early results appear to be right now.
  14. I second OC’s recommendation to download and use the Carnival Hub App. He already did a great job covering its features, but it also allows you to check the daily activities schedule for the entire cruise as well as the MDR menu for every night of the cruise. I also recommend the steakhouse. It costs an additional $38 per person but it is well worth it. We usually check the menus for the cruise shortly after boarding the ship and normally book the steakhouse on a night that the MDR menu isn’t the best, although the food in the MDR is good every night in my opinion. The water slides on Legend are pretty good if you like them. The Serenity adults only area on Legend (and all Spirit class ships) is the best in my opinion, although the 6 year old isn’t allowed in there. Also, on Carnival ships even number cabins are on the port side (left side) while odd number cabins are on the starboard side (right side). That can help you locate your cabin if you are not familiar with the ship layout. The majority of activities at night are held on deck 2, with decks 1 and 3 also used.
  15. This is pretty basic, but I love hanging out on our balcony late at night feeling the breeze, watching and hearing the waves created by the ship, looking at the sky, and frequently seeing other cruise ships lit up at night and often cruising at the same speed and direction of the ship we are on.
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