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  1. So we should be able to trade the wine in our concierge class room for sparkling water -- i,e. pellegrino?
  2. We are leaving on this cruise on Friday. I hope you post before we leave. We are very excited. What was your experience embarking in Vancouver? We are hoping to board early because we want to make the lunch that they are providing concierge passengers. Thanks for posting.
  3. We will be charging two cell phones and two ipads and a camera battery. It would be great if there were usb ports as well as the outlets.
  4. But how many would we expect there to be in the cabin? We are first time cruisers.
  5. I don't know what LPC is but we booked Qsine on the Millennium for our cruise to Alaska next week to celebrate our anniversary and the menu posted on the app and the website looks really wonderful. Did I miss something when I looked at the website?
  6. Can someone who has been in the refurbished concierge class staterooms on the millennium tell me how many outlets are in the room? Do we need to bring a plug that has multiple outlets on it? Thank you
  7. This is our first cruise and we have checked in online with Celebrity and have our Express Boarding 'passes and ordered our luggage tags. However we keep seeing a reference to "cruise documents" as if they are something different. We do have a guest ticket booklet that we printed out as well, but what is Celebrity referring to when they mention "cruise documents" or e-docs. I want to make sure we are ok to board. We have our passports as well. Should I be looking for something else? Thank you.
  8. We are leaving on the Millennium from Vancouver to Alaska on June 7th, 2019 and have downloaded the Celebrity App. It tells me that I will be able to message other passengers through the app. I would like to be able to message my husband without paying Verizon's exorbitant fees and we did not buy the wi fi package on ship because we are not interested in using the internet on ship. How did the app work for people who have just come back from sailing on the Millennium. Thank you
  9. We are sailing from Vancouver to Seward on the Celebrity Millennium on June 7 - 14, and will then be in Anchorage on the 15th. Since we are traveling for an additional week after the cruise we will need to do laundry. I am told that there is no self-serve on the Millennium. How much does Celebrity charge to do laundry. Our other option is that we have a down day in Anchorage on Saturday before we go to Denali on the 16th and could do laundry there. Our hotel does not have self serve. Any suggestions for where we could do wash and fold that day or at worst, sit at a laundromat? We would rather not spend our one day in Anchorage doing laundry if at all possible. Thanks so much.
  10. We are sailing on Celebrity in June out of Vancouver and want to pick up some bottles of seltzer or sparkling water to take on ship. Is there anyplace near the terminal where we can pick this up? Does anyplace package it for carrying on a cruise? I understand Celebrity won't let you check your water, you have to actually carry it which is really unfair to older people. Any advice?
  11. Is smoking allowed by the pool? I am highly allergic to secondhand smoke and so used to not having to worry about it at all.
  12. I didn't know Celebrity allowed smoking at all on its ships. Is it allowed ion the Alaska cruises or just international ones?
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