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  1. The oldest Medallions I have are from 11/2018. The magnets are still strong enough to stick to the refrigerator door. I wonder if the devices contain permanent magnets or electromagnets. If the latter, one day the battery will deteriorate enough that the magnet will die. There was a thread where someone disassembled one of the devices but I don't remember what kind of magnet was found within.
  2. The worst they can say is no. What have you got to lose by calling? If you do get the OK, get the person’s name you spoke with.
  3. Quite correct. I’ve been told (though never restored to using it) that Princess at Sea also operates on OM ships/cruises for use by those who choose not to participate in OM. As we’ve always used OM when it’s available, I cannot say with 100% certainty this is correct. Just what I’ve been told. I’m cursed with being an “early adopter”.
  4. Certainly there is no NEED to set it up ahead of time. The same end result can be achieved by letting Princess staff take care of the entire process for you when you arrive at the port. In our case, we find it a fun part of the overall experience to do it ourselves. WALDT
  5. Certainly no harm in asking the person in charge at the specialty restaurant if you are able to get a second night for yourself using the coupon. The worst they can say is no. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
  6. Only the potential of losses if using Ocean Casino! Other than that, completely free of charge. But remember, MedallionNet (the very fast shipboard WiFi) is a component of Ocean Medallion and does carry with it a charge. You are free to add MN or not. Your choice. But other than that, no charge for using OM.
  7. Two completely different things. Even with the OM suite of apps there is an abundance of useful information on Princess at Sea. Some of which isn’t included in OM. .
  8. Who are you talking about bothering you? Crew or your those with whom you are cruising? Serious question. Each scenario has a different answer.
  9. The best description yet was from a poster who said the Medallion is just a cruise card with a different shape. NO phone required. Optional only if one chooses to use their phone.
  10. We did one recently and opted not to provide an extra tip.
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