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  1. Thank you. I’m not sure how crystal operates either. In the past, I’ve seen my OBC posted to my account months in advance when it’s been granted by the cruise line. Our first time with a TA as well as Crystal so we are in virgin territory.
  2. Thank you, all. I was more worried about being promised something by my TA that I cannot verify until the last minute.
  3. Is it Normal for onboard credit to be posted to your ship board account, as negotiated by a travel agent, only a week before your cruise. We cruise in November and have already made our final payment at this point. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  4. Sorry about the ? PaulMCO. It was meant to be ! We were most concerned (when sitting in the verandah lounge seats) about seeing the tops of the life boats instead of the water.
  5. Thank you PaulMCO? Very good info.
  6. Thanks. We prefer that location also.
  7. Thank you so much, Keith. That’s a relief to know.
  8. We are seriously considering a cruise on Crystal Symphony in one of the Seabreeze Penthouse Suites with Verandah. Some photos indicate that the life boats can obstruct views from the verandah. Can someone please help us try and figure out if that is true and which suites may be less obstructed. We like to spend a lot of time hanging out in the verandah. Appreciate the assistance.
  9. Thank you, ronbe65. I echo travel09’s sentiments. This is the most comprehensive review that I’ve read about the Star. We will be on the Cultural Cuba cruise next week and your review has helped us immensely!
  10. Thank you for your post and the beautiful pictures! That gives us a great perspective of Cuba before we even get there. No Key West on this trip. Miami to Cienfuegos for a full day and two partial days. Then to Santiago de Cuba for a day before sailing back to Miami. We are so looking forward to the trip and our first time with Viking.
  11. Congratulations on the upgrade. Enjoy! Thank you for your post.
  12. We would love to hear some real time reviews from fellow cruisers on the Cultural Cuba trip. We are going to be on the same cruise on the 15th and cannot wait. Thanks.
  13. There are multi-story parking garages across from the cruise terminals. Terminal J traffic and parking is about the sanest of all the terminals in Miami.
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