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  1. I , too, spoke to my PCC 2 days ago. Things are so " iffy ". Knowing him 5 yrs & 6 cruises & hoping he's telling the truth . Islands are up in the air as to where , when , & how. I even mentioned the same pool deck seating procedure . Impossible ! would have to change my suite to camping out ! They are also counting on cancellations to bring capacity down on the more current cruises. I surrender until my next cancellation..
  2. wonder how much of this is really true concerning mask wearing on-board , etc. Not objecting ! but 6 ft apart by the pool ? Bad enough only half the pax get to use them , now only 25% probably... I , too , would cruise again. Considering my 2 cruises a year now are not happening. And being on a 1st phase of cruising when they return , that too , is probably not happening until things really calm down
  3. Just hoping all the this gets back to some normalcy. What ? no more buffet ? 6 feet apart ?
  4. how ready ? considering our yearly anniversary March cruise was cancelled and my yearly b/day July was not be considered..... I'm kinda still packed. Even found my DelSol St. Lucia T-shirt bought last cruise & never worn. Yes ! I'm ready
  5. I'll take that shot in the arm.. In my 70's now, and have been cruising for half of that , with a cruise a year or more....
  6. At 70 , my immune system right now is sensitive to spicey food...
  7. So my take , not to offend anyone please forgive. Wife and I are in our early 70's and healthy with No sickness's as of yet ( perhaps too healthy for our age ). So now I get my doctors note , no past history , no shown symptoms , no temperature ( maybe have my everyday cough ) and show up at the pier with 2000 other cruisers. Now lets say , they take Everyone's temperature. All- Good to go. Someone during the cruise becomes really ill ( which has happened ) ( contagious - who knows ).. In all honesty , did I really need my doctors note then ? My age might be considered high risk , but that would hold true for everything... And not to add, my parents in their late 80's were still cruising, with my dad needing a wheelchair
  8. we cancelled my birthday , her birthday , our anniversary , my retirement . Although we cruise every summer plus our march/april , this was going to be a little bit more. Already re-booked down the line , but not going to be for any celebration , except we made it through this pandemic. Hopefully all will be well with everyone here as well...
  9. OK , so I just spoke to my PCC . He is working ! Just got info that my particular cruise dropped in price. Lost my OBC and 1 SDP dinner with this new booking..( down to 6 dinners now anyways ) , but every other perk remains...plus extra remaining credit might do a suite ( talking to the mrs. )
  10. using mine for over 4 yrs. Booked 5 cruises plus family cruise of 4 cabins . Never a problem . Booked a cruise with him last month , but now ? don't know his status or NCL's ?
  11. I guess it was dependent on who you spoke to. When I called my NCL rep. , to cancel ( before NCL's ) , I asked " now what ? ". I was given the options before I received any corporate emails.
  12. I guess we all have different opinions and maybe I should not have even entered into this topic , however, when my wife& I decided to cancel, we called our NCL guy and stated " guess you know why I'm calling ". It was March 12th. I believe the official came out March 13th. On March 12th , I rebooked . My original cruise was for March 26th. Please see my post #8. Never had a problem with my NCL rep in transferring cruises plus finding some additional discounts floating around. Just hope we ALL stay well to enjoy our next cruises....
  13. I cancelled right before they cancelled and rebooked the same day, using their PeaceofMind ( been using the same NCL rep for 5yrs ). Got 125% credit + some kind of new booking discount ( maybe total 30% off new cruise ) then he found an additional $1000 off. Ended up paying $500 more for a longer cruise ( 2 xtra days )/ 1 more island / and all perks. If you don't ask - you don't get
  14. cancelled my 1st cruise ( in 40yrs of cruising ). Over 70 and can get a doctors note , but 1 sneeze & cough from someone with a runny nose and the ship stays afloat somewhere at sea. Off the record , have entertainer friends on an NCL right now , healthy & not allowed in the diningrooms or buffet. Now rumored , they might be sent home...
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