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  1. Escape this past Sept. with walk-off. luggage. maybe 15/20 min wait line with 1st 200 people off ship. We use a pvt. driver who we call when passing V.Bridge , about 1 1/2 away. Going thru customs is easy now. They just use face recognition somehow and from phonecall to meeting across the street, he's 10 minutes away.. Been this way for past 3 cruises
  2. all the above comments are accurate. Consider sailings which might loose pool days going and returning home..Also consider ( 3times a charm ) , have missed GSC island due to bad weather or rough seas for the tendering and ended up a day earlier in Nassau
  3. Just an FYI..a suggestion..see what landscapes are being used..wife checked 1st..Same 3 / 4 used on Gem, Escape, Breakaway. Most recent Gem had all previous Northern Lights , Sunflower , and some no named one. Three is enough to frame..
  4. Tommy Bahama mostly ( shirts n slacks ) ; maybe dress jeans. Wife mostly in Chico's outfits and a little Tommy B. thrown in. We mostly wear crap at home , except out to dinners..
  5. This thread is making me hungry..Most of the ships have their 5 basic SDP venues. Some have 2/3 additionals venues. If never dined before and depending on how many you get , try them all. You'll figure out which to use on your next cruise. Nothing will be the exact same on the different ships anyways. Enjoy
  6. So subjective. 12 cruises in ..adding Bayamo/Food Republic on other SDP's on other ships. Last Moderno - cold , dry meats. Cagney's surf n turf was great..Teppanakki too noisy with unfriendly table. Love Le Bistro but mussels were closed. Second Le Bistro nite perfect. Crap shoot...
  7. we've had angled balconies and adjacent balconies. Truth is , on a port day, i'm off the ship and if at sea , I'll find a lounge on an upper deck , nice and quiet anyways...
  8. All comments above are so true. Noise ,no communications, but fun at Teppanakki. Sometimes fair food at La Cuccino. Also depends on ships with sometimes added venues like Bayamo & Food Republic. Next cruise , entitled to 7 specialties with only 5 venues , so I might be biting the bullet twice someplace. That's a hard decision. Not going with family , you can be a loner at Teppanakki. lol
  9. SDP's are the must now adays. Last Escape cruise Moderno was so-so. Salad bar is always good but meats were a bit salty & dried out & just warm. Especially if they sit you at the far end of their rooms.
  10. was there 3yrs ago with family. that new price is ridiculous. lol
  11. in Nassau , taxi over to " Melia " resort. Think it was @30.00 for the day at their beach ( $20 maybe ). At the beach , you can rent all water toys and also parasailing. Family cruise , kids n grandkids did it ALL. They also had dual parasailing.
  12. yuppers and also available in the Taste & Savour dining rooms
  13. My take having eaten in different ship Moderno's..Salad bar n soups are ok. Actual meats could taste better n hotter if seating at far end of diningroom. Twice meats were cold ! Not worth the $46 unless part of SDP or Platinum voucher.. Complaint of cold food ending in covered strawberries in room later that nite..
  14. escargot in Le Bistro. Surf n Turf in Cagneys & Bayamo
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