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  1. I agree, as a "Sky guest" I still believe that Torsten and Viking will do something special, the trip matters very little , the chance to reconnect with folks from those hours matter much more,
  2. A guide told us that St Petersburg has 2 seasons, August and Winter, true of a lot of the Baltic
  3. Amazing pictures, 2 sides of the same coin, to reflect on that most “memorable” of events
  4. Another thought is how quiet it was as we were towed down the flat calm Fjord into Molde, looking back it seemed a lttle sureal, I guess we were all to some extent still in shock. One last thought I hope we can get to meet some of the fabulous crew who looked after us all during that period, many of them very young but to a man and woman they rose to the occasion.
  5. The main reason that I hope the Venus trip happens is to catch up with folks who have have had time to digest that period of our lives, once we were out of the theatre and allowed around parts of the ship, it was amazing to see the state of the gym, shop etc as these had been sealed off but the results of the storm were evident. We got back to our cabin and our room steward brought us clean dry towels and we could shower and change, we were taken to the airport around 21.00 for a flight back to the UK. We arrived at Gatwick and Viking had staff air side to help with luggage and other arrangeme
  6. We missed out on that treat, we enjoyed the 25 hour theatre show instead😂😂
  7. I find it hard to imagine when cruising will recommence, these recent set backs will push the delay further, we have a trip booked in January that I cant see happening and one in October, who knows if even that will go ahead, if it doesn't, then cruising as we know it will be finished.
  8. Its because they become infected and it spreads like wild fire😂😂
  9. It was not intended as a criticism, just an observation. i love the song by the way
  10. Evening Phil, Possibly the most misquoted song title ever It's Proud Mary
  11. We are keeping an open mind, what will be will be. I hope that it does not drift into April/May as we have other plans
  12. When we went we booked our own seats, in grandstand T complex, you are opposite the pits and can see all that action and you have a large scree to your right, if you book early the top few rows are in shade which is either a good or bad thing depending on the weather, the year we were there the Paddock Club seats were across the aisle from us.
  13. Worth registering with the official ticket supplier, if you want a grandstand seat, the good ones go quickly once sales open, we did the trip 5/6 years ago, it was a bucket list event for us. https://acm.mc/en/edition/grand-prix-de-monaco-f1-2020/
  14. Friends of ours are booked for June, fingers crossed for all of you.
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