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  1. All I know is I can't wait to be back on a cruise ship again! I had an offer come through via email from Carnival Players Club for a comp offer on this cruise with $200.00 OBC and then I have $600.00 OBC from cruise last year that was canceled. It was a no brainer to not book a free 8 day cruise with $800.00 OBC and I have never been to any of the port of calls. I asked a friend to join and they said it was to early to cruise with COVID and the uncertainty. While I respect theirs (and everyone else's) opinion, I have looked forward to cruising since the day my cruise last year got canceled! I am not going to sit here and chase people down or convince them to come so I have come to this board. I don't care your gender, ethnicity, relationship status etc. I just want to meet people on this cruise who are just as excited as I am to be on a boat again and maybe catch a show, grab dinner or do an excursion. Will you be (or will you join) this cruise? Hope to meet you all!
  2. Ha I didn't even realize that it does in fact say for November 2021! Still that's a steal for 14 days. @firefly333 unfortunately even if I gave you the offer code it wouldn't do you any good as Carnival when you call to book verifies it is under your VIFP offers. Trust me I have tried that route when I needed another room for a group of friends. @crzndeb @Joe817 I honestly don't keep track when I play so I can't give you a number. Typically I play blackjack and usually bet between $25 to $50 a hand depending on how the shoe is running :-D! I can assure you I haven't ever lost anywhere close to 5K! Maybe on a horrible trip a thousand or two but never have I lost more than that. Typically on these sailings I walk away break even or more money than I came on with.
  3. Has anyone checked their VIFP offers for some insane deals on cruises later this year? I found a 14 day cruise on Carnival Glory out of New Orleans departing November 28th with stops in Montego Bay, Aruba, Bonaire, Cartagena, Limon and Cozumel for $100 PP with a $200 OBC and free drinks while playing in the casino. Holy smokes what an offer! Anybody else have something similar and itineraries they are eyeing?
  4. Definitely not the news we all wanted to hear! I spoke with my PVP and confirmed that you don't get another $600 OBC if you had a previous cruise canceled and re-booked with that credit already applied. My PVP asked if I wanted to go ahead and lock down another cruise and I told him quite frankly I understand why this is being done but also tired of booking and looking forward to something just for it to be canceled. Playing it by ear and when I see Carnival actually moving forward with their sailing plans whenever that will be I will re-book.
  5. Very similar situation! My PVP called and saw I hadn't re-booked from my last cruise that got canceled back in March. I looked at sailings and saw one on Carnival Breeze to San Juan, Amber Cove, St. Thomas and Grand Turk. 4 ports I have never been! Rare I am on a cruise and not stopping at a port which I have previously been. I paid $210.00 for a solo premium ocean view that has a full size bath in it. I will have a $600.00 OBC due to my previous cruise that was canceled plus the offer I booked came with $100.00 OBC. $210.00 for a week with $700.00 OBC was a no brainer! Just like you if it gets moved it gets moved, if I get quarantined I get quarantined! Let me set sail!
  6. Very well said! People can live their life like hermits if they choose to do so. That's what makes this country great is FREEDOM and you get to make that choice. Personally however I agree with you 100%! When my number is up it's up and I can at least say I went out with no regrets and did everything I wanted to do while I had the chance to do it!
  7. I completely agree with this 100%! While I said I would go to the cage and get the cash from the OBC, I have the casino offers in my account because Carnival (and myself) know there is no way I wouldn't be betting that money plus additional money out of my own pocket on the tables 😂. People think it's great you get these casino cruise offers and while they are fantastic there is a reason you are getting them. Carnival is getting their money one way or the other for the stateroom 😂. I just prefer to play and receive significantly discounted or free cruises than to pay outright price for them. The reason being is if I see an offer for a free cruise I take it every time! Paying regular cruise fare I seem to come up with an excuse why not to do it but by playing and receiving offers I justify my losses to getting future travel discounted or free 😁. At least that's my logic 😂.
  8. Of course I understand nothing is sure. As far as what's the point of booking as the increase inventory becomes limited and you see offers disappear. Casino offers are based off available inventory so I jump on them immediately when I see them. I have seen a casino offer in my account and when I log on the next day it is gone. My plan B would be to use the OBC in the spa, excursions, specialty dining, internet package, drink package I mean to be honest there are countless other things I could spend it on. If they change the rules it is what it is! $1,100 OBC is a ton for a solo traveler and I would put it to good use one way or the other 😂.
  9. You make some valid points! While I understand for many it requires vacation time off work, significant amount of planning etc for me if it gets canceled it is as simple as re-booking for when it's scheduled to go out again! I was on Royal Caribbeans Majesty of the Seas back in March and when we returned to port I had an incredible email offer from Carnival to set sail the next day! I booked it and later that evening was when things were shut down. I paid next to nothing for the cruise fare as it was a last minute casino offer and figured if it got canceled Carnival would compensate somehow. That's exactly what happened as I received a future cruise credit and a $600.00 OBC for future sailing. Luckily this cruise I had the same casino offer in my account so I didn't have to come out of pocket at all the only difference is this casino offer was better as it comes with a $500.00 on board credit. I was able to stack the $600.00 OBC for the previous sailing cancellation and the $500.00 OBC for my casino offer which leaves me with $1,100 OBC. You are able to use OBC in the casino so my plan is simple. I am going to convert all that OBC to chips and might play a little in the casino but most of that will be given to the cage so I can be handed cash 😁.
  10. I don't know about the rest of you but I truly miss cruising! This virus has changed our way of life and those who have loved ones that have been diagnosed or know someone who has lost their life due to this pandemic, all of you are in my continued thoughts and prayers. With that being said I am not the least bit worried about setting sail again and have booked the first cruise out of Port Canaveral on June 27th on Carnival Breeze. If you are elderly or have preexisting conditions I can completely understand the cause for concern when it comes to cruising! However for everyone else who is overall healthy and no known preexisting medical conditions I hope you don't miss out on things in life moving forward because of fear. I told some family members earlier that I booked one of the first cruises out in June and they couldn't believe I could be so reckless. I was shocked and couldn't disagree more! I am an overall healthy 31 year old and I refuse to live my life now or in the future in fear. God as my witness I hope we get this virus under control and a vaccine becomes available. The lives that have been lost is a terrible tragedy but if in the future my life is taken because of this virus I contracted from a cruise ship, I know that I lived my best life to the absolute fullest and my life was taken doing something I have such a strong passion for and love which is cruising. I am counting down the days until the end of June and I can hopefully hear the sound of that horn from the ship blaring as we set sail! Stay safe my cruise family!
  11. In my opinion Carnival is offering the best deal of all the major cruise lines. I booked my cruise as a last minute casino offer and paid $140.00 for a balcony room on a 7 night Eastern Caribbean itinerary. Sure I most likely won't be able to get that same rate/offer but I do believe there will be deals to be had when ships begin sailing and that's exactly when I plan to book! A few friends don't think it's fair I was able to book a last minute deal like that and still get a full $600.00 OBC due to the cancellation. I completely disagree as seeings when everyone was cancelling I had my bags packed and a pocket full of cash ready to play in the casino on board! I think it's completely fair I am getting the future cruise credit and full $600.00 OBC.
  12. Not sure what Carnival sent or told you about having to sail within the next 11 months? Mine clearly says that if I choose the future cruise credit and $600.00 on board credit over refund that I just needed to book by 12/31/20 for sailing by 12/31/22.
  13. LMaxwell I get what you were trying to say on your original post! Love the "if I was running into an erupting volcano and my guide kept waving me closer at some point I'd probably run out of trust for that guide." That is to funny!
  14. Carnival had the time to put together an announcement and post to Twitter but didn't have the time to communicate via email, texts, automated call ANYTHING to their customers FIRST who were about to embark what was going on and just hoped they have their face buried in social media to come across that before receiving an official notification from them? Couldn't of updated their website homepage until getting an official announcement out? We can agree to disagree on this one..
  15. Couldn't agree with this more! Thank you ULCajunCruiser!
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