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  1. Edge reposition cruises are also open, as are transatlantic. I held a cabin on the Edge Rome - Dubai leg. It would be a 40th anniversary trip . Might be worth the $200 risk of cancelling for a once in a lifetime trip. mac_tlc
  2. I think your second item is a great point. I don’t think there are a whole Bunch of people who want to cruise now and are turned away due to self imposed capacity limits. If the Fall and winter “situation” goes well, which we all hope it does, demand will slowly come back. Still a lot of bookings in the winter/spring that are covered under CWC, so cancellations are relatively painless. Just because Royal wants to fill ships by the end of the year doesn’t make it happen. mac_tlc
  3. Hope it stays that way for our 10/30 sailing. When we sailed in July, there were 1700. mac_tlc
  4. Looks like “Le Voyage”, the high end restaurant is forward of Grand Bistro, the unrevealed area is aft of it, where the casino bar is on the Edge. It’s not very big. mac_tlc
  5. Those shows do not change often. In its latest drydock in 2019, Oasis introduced a new Aqua show. IMHO, it is the best of all Oasis class ships. The ice show has been around for a while, but we are still mesmerized by the sand art guy!! mac_tlc
  6. Absolutely true! We booked 2 for 2022! Great show! mac_tlc
  7. If you talk to her again, tell her Mike and Terri (the ones with only 2 cats) said hello!!!
  8. Almost all of the CVS's around me in CT do both tests. They open reservations 13 days prior. We cruise on the Edge on 10/30, and fly down to MCO on 10/28. On 10/15, I will make a reservation for an antigen test at a nearby CVS for the morning of the 28th -- our flight is at 1:25pm from BDL, about 40 miles from home. The next day, I will make another appointment for a CVS near our house in Orlando for Friday 10/29 as a back up. There seems to be availability as soon as the dates open up. If all goes well the morning of the 28th, I'll cancel the appointments for the 29th. Not sure what Plan C is yet. mac_tlc
  9. We had some great conversations with them a couple weeks ago. Ask Nadia how her 12 cats are doing! She really misses them. mac_tlc
  10. But then I have to check every drawer a dozen times, then check 9 or 10 times that I didn’t pack the clothes for debarkation 😂😂. I don’t want to be “that guy”. mac_tlc
  11. We cancelled yesterday. Probably we’re going to cancel anyway but when they modified the itinerary, we had the opportunity to get a refund and have no A2S cancellation charges. Needed to do it by 10/14. mac_tlc
  12. We will be on Edge in three weeks. Say hello to Houssain and Joao in the Retreat Lounge, they are awesome!! Last time, we had our first Sky Suite. A great trip! Have also done the auto train to Florida a number of times and have been pleasantly surprised by the dining car. I’ll be following along … mac_tlc
  13. Nah, this is a cruise ship LEGO. It is official, the world’s largest cruise ship replica made with LEGO blocks is Hong Kong's Dream Cruises vessel “World Dream”. The world’s largest cruise ship replica was constructed in two months using more than 2.5 million LEGO blocks, with the help of LEGO certified professional, Andy Hung and some 1,000 volunteers. The dimensions are quite impressive, It weighs over 2,800 kilograms (6,173 pounds) and measures 8.44 meters (27.7 feet) long, 1.33 meters (4.36 feet) wide and 1.53 meters (five feet) tall and has more than a thousand small Lego dolls as passengers. I believe the AIDAPrima will have a LEGO store onboard. mac_tlc
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