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  1. I had a B2B2B booked on the Indy for Jan 2021 and all three legs got cancelled. Didn’t get any email on time and deposit was refunded but no OBC, etc. I booked Celebrity Apex instead. mac_tlc
  2. If I read this correctly, I can get an S2 on Edge for the price of an S3? If so, that can be a big savings. One sailing I am looking at the difference is $700 pp. mac_tlc
  3. On Equinox now and we were at St. Thomas yesterday. We did change our clocks forward one hour on night 1. St. Thomas is on Atlantic Standard time. So, for us, ship time = local time. Arrived at 8am left at 5pm. We will change clocks back one hour either tonight or tomorrow night. mac_tlc
  4. I’m reading it, and I guess posting, from my iPad on the Equinox😜. Getting ready for dinner soon ! mac_tlc
  5. We are on Equinox now in our first Sky Suite and are really enjoying Luminae. Service has been very good, and the relaxed and quieter atmosphere is wonderful. Can’t compare to the old menus, but imho, the dessert choices could use some improving. mac_tlc
  6. There is more than that.... Free room service, free surf & stream internet, no need to reserve seats for any show other than the comedy show. and the room is twice the size of a regular balcony cabin. We place a lot of value on the cabin itself. Best bathroom — much better than even the Star Class Aquatheatre suites. mac_tlc
  7. I don't disagree with your conclusion, but the post above had the price in 2004 @ $12/day: 12 X 1.3616 = $16.34 The $25 price is 108.333% higher than in 2004. mac_tlc
  8. This is the second time recently that I have read that someone sees a price that the reps can’t. I’ll reiterate what I have found in the last month or so: I used to get to the air reservation options through the travel agent site, there was a tab for Choice Air. Lately, it says “Flight Finder”. No big deal, looks like a slightly friendlier first page. I checked fights Newark-Barcelona, business class, come up with $3 -$5k pp. not attractive. I then go directly to choiceair.com, and I see many airlines and options at $1300pp, with or without a reservation number. I bet the reps are coming in through something similar to the Flight Finder interface. I have no idea why they are different, but I don’t think they should be. Don’t know how long this discrepancy will exist, but I have read where folks were able to get the flights shown at choiceair.com, but not by calling. mac_tlc
  9. Sounds like a wonderful journey! When I retired last year we did 5 cruises over 8 months, and splurged with an AQ suite, a TA, a CLS, and two new ships (Symphony and Edge). Doing them back to back gives you a great opportunity to compare while the experiences are still fresh in your mind. We really enjoyed the Edge also! Thank you for taking the time to review and compare! Happy retirement—— nothing like it!! mac_toc
  10. Happy New Year... I just received it too!! mac_tlc
  11. Great post. Many of those changes which have been made on all “amplified” ships are not of interest to us. Common thread is more $$ venues, less common space, more stratification of the cruise experience. But sales are up so it works for RCCL. mac_tlc
  12. We get an email a day from Celebrity, it seems. Royal still has resident rates. We did book a resident rate on our March Anthem cruise. It was in addition to the C&A discount and current promotion. mac_tlc
  13. Absolutely love Central Park at night. Andy, great pictures. Thanks! mac_tlc
  14. Following along. Looking forward to your review! mac_tlc
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