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  1. +1 Dont have a FB or Instagram account and don’t intend on ever having one. mac_tlc
  2. In our case, we have had four cruises cancelled where I ended up with an FCC. On three, I made the final payment, one I did not. I will turn around and apply them to four future cruises that I already had booked before Covid appeared so they were already booked at a price I felt comfortable with. In those cases, the 25% is a great deal——- so long as the companies “stay afloat”. mac_tlc
  3. I love these deployment threads. Like a big puzzle with a lot of missing pieces. @MADflyer , thanks for all of your research, really appreciate it! mac_tlc
  4. Update:: Received new passport yesterday. Wife’s should be here 8/18. Our applications were sent in at the same time. mac_tlc
  5. The only "hoop" I have experienced is time. And, if the FCC holds its value, there is a 25% return on your money. I have a couple and will wait till closer to years end to decide whether to convert them to $$ or not. If you have a non-refundable deposit, making final payment and waiting for them to cancel is the only way to get your money back -- unless you were lucky enough to have them cancel before final payment which has only happened a few times. . mac_tlc
  6. I've lifted & shifted, and moved and cancelled and had cancelled 5 2020 cruises and one 2021 cruise. At this point, I have nothing until May 2021. If by some miraculous event cruising is palatable earlier in 2021, I'll try to hope on one last minute. mac_tlc
  7. I have had the same issue. My wife and my FCC’s seem to be on completely different schedules. I am still waiting for two for her for a Sept Oasis cruise and a January Celebrity cruise. mac_tlc
  8. David Naster on Brilliance TA in 2018 was great, along with the other comedians. They teamed with cruise Director Mike S. for the funniest Liars Club I have ever seen. mac_tlc
  9. Mailed our renewal application on 5/25, check cashed 6/1. Received email saying application was approved on Thursday, 8/6. Passport should arrive by 8/12. mac_tlc
  10. Imagine how many trivia players assumed they were cheating and were calling them all sorts of wonderful names under their breath...... mac_tlc
  11. My final for Allure TA is due Monday 8/3. Guess I’ll wait a couple days and see what happens. Mac_tlc
  12. It was a Travel Agent Friend & Family rate which was not eligible for L&S. Once the handwriting was on the wall, I quickly booked the October 2020 cruise so I could L&S it to September 2021. mac_tlc
  13. We had one on Allure 2018 for about $3800. Had one on Oasis September 13, 2020 for $3450. Too bad it got cancelled and it was ineligible for L&S. Oasis for October 2020 at $3904, which I did L&S to September 2021. mac_tlc
  14. Put me down for two refunds waiting, one is 52 days the other 35. Also waiting for revised FCC at 55 days. My sister in law is waiting for an FCC on a cruise she cancelled, she is just under 60 days. I can’t believe the 100 number. mac_tlc
  15. I think this says it all. As I read through the posts, everyone is "frugal" on certain things where they do not see the value, but others "splurge" on that category but are "frugal" on others. It's all about perceived value, not necessarily the actual dollar cost. Cabin, meals, drinks, excursions, photos, games, casino, shopping, art, --- that's one reason I like cruising --- so many options for everyone, and none of them is wrong!!! I guess frugal is in the eye of the buyer.😉 mac_tlc
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