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  1. We sailed for the first time on princess this summer. At no point did I know if another passenger was elite or on their first cruise. We got fantastic service everywhere.
  2. They did that to me. Like I want a cruise ship in Kansas.
  3. They already have a flight that night, so your solution is not possible.
  4. I don't think everyone necessarily thinks that thru. Or maybe they are just less aware of others.
  5. I’d have to think that Princess is looking hard at the laundry service for elites. So many of them. And if very many are sending it in every day, that has to be a massive burden on the staff.
  6. Does it taste watered down?
  7. It sounds like that would be easily straightened out. Either you are allowed to bring a bottle on board and they are wrong, or it’s not allowed and you were wrong.
  8. Based on what you indicated as your drinking habits, the PBP wouldn't be a wise investment. Get the water package you mentioned, and pay for the others outright.
  9. It seems that you were having difficulty distinguishing between budget as a noun and budget the adjective. That’s OK
  10. That’s just nonsense. We’re not talking about your budget, we are talking about the word budget The fact that you might stay in even fancier hotels does not make the Ritz Carlton a budget hotel
  11. You'll likely have to check their website. Or here. Expect the free drink package to be offered again in June, 2020. It will be applicable to voyages the following year.
  12. That probably makes you happy, and that's what counts. But the $15 a bottle corkage fee on top of you purchasing the product keeps it from qualifying as "budget".
  13. The strawberries were great. Avoid canapes at all costs.
  14. I'd have a hard time believing that anyone would pay the price for a suite because of breakfast.
  15. bemis12


    Notaries are only authorized to notarize documents within their state. What state is your cruise ship going to be in?
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