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  1. Honesty and personal integrity usually take a back seat to "free stuff".
  2. Why is it OK with you to pay those others items ahead of time but not the spa appointment?
  3. You care entirely too much about how many people are viewing your travelogue.
  4. Darn new fangled stuff.
  5. Somebody posted the same thing when it was 72. Then 65. Then 58. Then 49. Someone will eventually be right. Perhaps even you.
  6. Please make sure that somebody videos your tantrum.
  7. No reasonable person would’ve interpreted it that way
  8. Apple maintains tight controls over many things. Some of them are to your benefit, and some of them are to force you to buy a new phone. I doubt whether his android phone is cut off from apps
  9. Why would anyone care what anyone else does to achieve a higher level? It’s not like they’re out anything.
  10. Good. It’s obnoxious of those people to steal connections without paying for them.
  11. Not sure why. All the people that cared quit sailing princess six or eight times by now
  12. If you worked on the ship, would you prefer a US calling card or cash?
  13. Whose website do you believe you posted that to?
  14. I'm STILL wearing mine from June. Do you mean that the Captain won't call me when it's time to take it off like you said?
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