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  1. You will have bag that meets you at the lodge, yes. That should hold most of your items. But only one per person. Yet ANOTHER bag will join you at the ship. It will not be with you during the cruisetour. THIS bag should have only bare essentials and be easy to carry everywhere. It won't have a change of clothes and similar. medications, other toiletries, maybe a pair of socks for if yours get wet, camera. Very little.
  2. Your husband is a wise man.
  3. Customer service generally does a good job. You should use that one.
  4. They are not showing up in my search. Where are you seeing them?
  5. Club Class is a dining mechanism, not a loyalty level. There are no special boarding times for Club Class. That said, there's no enforcement at all of particular times that people can board.
  6. People spend entirely too much time looking for something to be offended by.
  7. I guess that depends on whether his employer thanks his behavior warrants termination
  8. This might also be titled "Beware Booking Independent Excursions"
  9. I will never understand why people get concerned about things other people receive. In no way does that affect them and their cruise,, not the amenities they will receive.
  10. It’s two 7 day cruises for almost everyone on board.
  11. Your booking two cruises does not reduce the number of formal nights for everyone else on board.
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