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  1. Who knows, who cares, if I could afford to go on the cruise, I don't think it will break me if the plan gets altered, changed or modified and Carnival comes out on the better end (as usual). I can always cancel in advance. If the cruise gets canceled, they will refund me.
  2. Last night I was able to lock down a FTTF for our Sept 26 2021 Horizon sailing. My PVP said there was only 33 left if anybody is interested.
  3. It didn't really mention pools / hot tubs. I didn't partake in the hot tubs but I did enjoy a couple of drinks in the pool during the day on a scheduled stop. Pools not crowed at all. I've read this virus has a shelf life of several minutes in water. The hotter the temps the longer the shelf life. We've got a Horizon trip booked for September 2021, that will probably be our only sailing next year.
  4. We got our official announcement today. We've had 3 cruises canceled recently but this is the earliest we've been notified. I think we will rebook something next year. Not sure how American Aiines will handle this one. They've moved this booking once already for us. We talked about a late spring rebook, try to let winter get past us. We currently still have a booking on the Horizon for September 2021.
  5. I recently talked to my PVP and I asked about capacity controls and he said more than likely ships will be sailing less than capacity but not necessarily for social distancing, it's because Carnival has sent most all of it's crew/staff home. Even though August/September is along way off Carnival doesn't seem to think they can have everyone back. The number of passengers will be in relation to the number of crew.
  6. SNJCruisers, the 3 couples we were sailing with on the on Sunshine all wanted a refund. When I talked to our PVP, we did take the FCC and got the OBC on our Horizon cruise. Thanks for the heads up !
  7. We rocking this same itinerary September 14, keeping our fingers crossed ! Can't wait for a Guy's Burger and a Flat Iron in the MDR !
  8. So far during this virus, we've rescheduled a April Conquest sailing to September which we now doubt will take place, taking the refund on our July Sunshine trip and booked a Horizon cruise for September 2021. We're all over the map on this right now.
  9. Yes we think itineraries should be upgraded. We also think/ hope the Mardi Gras winds up in Miami. It's just so much easier to get to than Canaveral or Everglades !
  10. We had to rebook our April 27 Conquest sailing to Sept 14. Now we're trying to figure what to do/waiting to see what happens with our July 11 Sunshine cruise.
  11. We sail on April 27th aboard the Conquest. As of right now we have no plans to cancel. We are monitoring all the news/info we can get daily and keeping our fingers crossed !
  12. Great review, love all the pics. Will be anxiously awaiting the rest of cruise recap. We will be sailing the Conquest at the end of April.
  13. Awesome review. We'll be on the Sunshine in July. Looks like you had a great cruise. Thanks for posting !
  14. No, it stays the same price throughout your cruise. I've never seen the price drop since I've been cruising. If you purchase Cheers before you board it's like $5.00 a day cheaper. The price recently increased a little on shorter cruises, 3-5 day trips.
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