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  1. I don't think it's difficult to make it pay. We are sailing off on our first cruise today (12 nights) and after much deliberation, are opting for the Ultimate drinks package. We have 2 young lads (9 & 11), and was always intending on getting them the soft drinks package. As this is included in the Ultimate, we would only need to spend £32 per day to make it pay. With 1/2 costa coffees each in the morning, a beer and wine for lunch, and then again at dinner, plus a few cocktails and speciality gins during the day (6 sea days)...on top of that a few bottles of water per day, and that's the minimum, on sea days I'm sure I (and probably the missus) will drink quite a few more. I think it's a no brainer. Gonna activate it on day 2 as a lot of the day is wasted due to muster/exploring etc. Plus I like the idea of not getting a hefty bill at the end...I know £880 will be it.
  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. I reckon we'll give it a go 🙂
  3. Have looked at the science museum and looks good. Have you been there before? Is it all in Spanish?
  4. That's all great advice. Can anyone also shed some light on whether the litre each of spirits we bring has to be sealed? My wife has just opened a bottle of Gin and I want to avoid buying another already 😉
  5. Sorry, forgot to ask. We have 3 formal Black tie nights. Am I able to wear a darkish grey suit and a blue suit? I do have a black suit, but bought the grey and blue suits for the cruise as a change from my normal black.
  6. Hi all, We are a family of 4 (two boys aged 9 and 11). We're set to sail in 7 days for our first cruise on to the canary islands on the Ventura P Deck (12 nights). I have a couple of Q's and if anyone has any good advice. We've only booked two excursions with P&O, Tenerife-Siam park and Lanzarote-Playa Blanca on your own. We are also docking at Maderia, La Palma and La Coruna. Any advice here? I've read that you are allowed to bring 1 litre of Alcohol on P&O cruises per adult (is this true for the Ventura). Does this mean I can bring a bottle of Vodka and my wife a bottle of Gin...If so, where should we pack it? Also, what's the best option for onboard WiFi, have looked and seems a bit confusing. I just want to be able to text a few photo's via whats app and maybe Facebook and check emails. I've also read on review of Ventura that from May 2019, auto gratuities were made inclusive of the cruise fare...does this mean I don't have to opt in or out like I've read about? Lastly, it's our 14th wedding anniversary on the 2nd day of sailing...who should I approach to see If I can get a freebie surprise for my wife arranged (I.E.Champagne/flowers) Iglu or P&O? and what's the likely hood? Will they just laugh and say no? Looking forward to benefiting from all your experience 😉
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