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  1. As long as the ship has sufficient activities, and somewhat modern design, I am happy to sail on her!
  2. How ironic you "started early" trying to find the new codes!
  3. Oh! I thought this video would be showed at the muster drill.
  4. Yes, I would recommend purchasing the key. Snapchat, being a social media platform, will operate solely on the VOOM package, so I am 99.9% sure you do not need the Surf and Stream package. Will you purchase them CoCoCay Thrill Waterpark passes?
  5. On my cruise on Harmony of the Seas, they made us watch a short spy-themed video where they identified the key components of emergency evacuation. Nice way to not bore anyone.
  6. Following what RCI does. Smart.
  7. No, that is not entirely correct. Cucina and JiJi's are $15pp, Guy's Pig and Anchor and Bonsai Sushi is à la carte, and Bonsai Teppanyaki is $32pp.
  8. Yes. Brooklyn always has a negative stereotype, which I am glad you are acknowledging as false.
  9. Yes, private schools get out earlier.
  10. @idraconis Kids in NY get out of schools much later than kids in LI, by at least two weeks.
  11. Yes, you can eat at the steakhouse for one night, and you will also get two $15 vouchers to use at JiJi's, Cucina, Guy's Pig and Anchor Brewhouse or Bonsai Sushi. I meant to say (+$10), and was referring to the value of the if we combined the Steakhouse and hibachi itself. $38 + $32 = $70. Right now it is only available if you message JH on FB.
  12. Yeah, because the steakhouse and hibachi would automatically cover the $60 expense (+$10). Does anyone know if you can substitute the steakhouse for the hibachi and get the $5 back or applied to the $15 voucher?
  13. So are you saying Brooklyn as a whole is not a good borough?
  14. Delete the tab, close your browser, and restart your computer. Then, all should be fine and you can log in.
  15. Well, actually NJ's port is much nicer, as it is used by Royal Caribbean.
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