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  1. I don't think it will work with the social plan. Never had luck with that on my wife's phone. I have done it with the premium plan and value plan a few times. It worked most of the time for wi-fi texting and calling, but there were times (a few hours here and there) that forever what reason, it would not.
  2. No. Each individual can get whatever plan (or no plan) they want. You can also get one plan and share it, but only one device can be logged in at any given time.
  3. I am believing that is their end game. They want to do away with the gifts all together, at least for platinums. It is pretty obvious that over the last year the budget for these gifts has been cut considerably. They went from gifts that probably cost a few dollars each (like the tumblers and blankets) to gifts that cost a dollar or less each (like the lanyards, luggage tags and apparently now, pictures). John has already said that changes are coming to the whole VIFP program this year. He has also mentioned that the "beards" are not happy with all the complaining about the gifts. I believe that is really their goal, to make the gifts as cheap as possible to get people complaining about them. Then they can say that they are doing away with the gifts because so many are complaining about them. It would be much easier for them to do that than it would when they actually gave better gifts. My guess is they either do away with the gifts all together or move to a diamond only gift that is nicer.
  4. I haven't cruised with younger ones, but is there not a Junior Lip Sync Battle? I may be wrong, but I thought I've heard that promoted before.
  5. John Heald said today that all ships will have Pepsi products by the middle of next week.
  6. You can't save a copy from the TV even if you can see it on that particular ship. However, you can save a pdf copy to your phone from the HUB app. It is so much easier than waiting in line for a kiosk.
  7. No. The suite gives you priority boarding, but not early room access.
  8. Yes, you can share, but can only be on one device at a time. However, I've used the premium numerous times, including a few months ago on the Magic, and have never had much success with streaming. Some streaming sites are not available at all.
  9. Our family is excited for the change to Pepsi products. We have carried on 12 packs numerous times, but won't have to do that anymore.
  10. Can anyone who has been on the Valor out of New Orleans lately tell me about what time Platinum Self-Assist debarkation is?
  11. So do they not have Dive In Movies on the Valor?
  12. I am one of those who is happy about this change. Our family prefers Pepsi products.
  13. Porters on embarkation: Typically $10 for 2-3 of us Taxi: Usually about $5 Porters at debarkation: Our last porter at FLL took us around the main security line. We were in our taxi at 8:10 a.m. If they do that, I will always tip them at least $20.
  14. We've eaten at Grill's a few times and enjoy it. https://www.grillsseafood.com/
  15. Absolutely agree with both points. On our last two cruises (Breeze in April and Magic in September) our rooms were not ready when we boarded. While we were waiting in the platinum area on the Breeze in April, we were told by the Carnival agent there that Carnival no longer guarantees that your room will be ready when you board. We dropped off our luggage and went to eat. They were ready when we returned.
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