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  1. They are also making another $1 billion stock offering. Definitely not the time to buy. Don't expect it to reach the $40-50 range for at least a decade if it even does so then. The debt has skyrocketed and the value of the company has gone down considerably, while at the same time spreading that value to more and more stockholders.
  2. Our last cruise out of PC we had a 12:30 flight and made it with plenty of time to spare. We are platinum and did checked luggage. We were sitting on our shuttle to the airport at 7:50. As somebody has already said, things may be different when cruising returns again. Don't know if they will still be in business then, but highly recommend Cortans Shuttle instead of using the Carnival shuttle. We have use them several times and really like their service.
  3. Must have just been a glitch. Right now I am seeing cruises to multiple places still on the website. While I have my doubts they will happen, they are still listed for now.
  4. "Some — including, on occasion, D’Aguilar himself — have expressed fears that private islands such as Great Stirrup Cay and Perfect Day CocoCay siphon off money that guests might otherwise spend in Nassau or Freeport. But D’Aguilar now says his government will not allow that to happen. “[We] recognize population centers are where the most economic impact is to be had,” he told the paper, “so if the cruise companies come to the Bahamas, they are going to be nudged by whatever means are necessary to visit” these hard-hit areas." We spend very little in Nassau. It has changed so much in recent years. We once enjoyed going to the straw market and such, but now, not so much. The last two times we were in Nassau, I stayed on the ship. My wife and daughter did a beach excursion the last time. If we get to go on our April cruise, we will probably stay on the ship again in Nassau.
  5. Just checked the information on the website about the most recent cancellations. The clause is included again. "Carnival will honor this offer for any guests who were previously booked on voyages departing October 31, 2020 or prior and canceled their booking on or after March 6, 2020." Again, that's no guarantee they will continue to do that with future cancellations, but they did again for this round.
  6. I am with those who say to cancel. If your wife has already said no, then there is no reason to tie up more money in hopes that they cancel. I was in a similar situation for our September cruise. I waited until the day before our final payment was due and then called and cancelled. I had the deposit transferred to a cruise we already had booked for next year. That was on a Friday. On that following Monday, Carnival cancelled all September cruises. I was surprised when I received an email from Carnival about the offers I could take, but then I noticed this little note: "Carnival will honor this offer for any guests who were previously booked on these voyages and cancelled their booking on or after March 6, 2020." Not sure this will continue to be the case, but it was for us. I didn't know this prior to cancelling, but I was not going to tie up another $1,400 in a cruise that my wife had no intention of taking.
  7. We had already cancelled our September cruise and we received an email from Carnival on the day they announced their official cancellations. Here is an excerpt from it: "This letter supersedes any previous offer received. Carnival will honor this offer for any guests who were previously booked on these voyages and cancelled their booking on or after March 6, 2020."
  8. I wouldn't think so, but don't know for sure. Some of PhillyFan's contacts may be able to shed some light on that.
  9. It's amazing how many people have the virus and never show any major symptoms, while others get extremely sick. One college student in our church was at church last Sunday. She was about to start work at a nursing home the following week, so she had the mandatory test the previous Friday. Last Monday her test came back positive. Over a week later, she still has not shown any symptoms, but she (and her family) are doing the required quarantine. Imagine that scenario on a much bigger scale with crew from all over the world.
  10. I have been thinking about some of the things in this article. While getting some cruisers (especially first time cruisers) to pay for a cruise in itself will take a lot of work, recruiting crew members may be even more difficult. They have already been out of work for months (most without any pay.) There are at a minimum two months (likely longer) before cruising will begin again. Will these crew members take up other lines of work for income? Yes, the pay offered with cruise ships may be better, but will they be willing to risk their own health? Will they be willing to come back to cramped quarters again? Will they be willing to do so with restrictions on visiting other countries? Obviously, only they can answer these questions, but it certainly may be another challenge for cruise lines. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/07/27/1-big-potential-roadblock-for-carnival-royal-carib.aspx
  11. I'm guessing they haven't thought much about this for this year. But, here is last year's schedule information. Looks like they were taken down right after Christmas. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-announces-2019-holiday-ship-decorating-schedule/
  12. Yes, I did that, but it is not showing up yet. Guess it will take a while to process.
  13. Question for previous cancelled cruisers. Our September cruise on the Breeze was cancelled. We filled out the form to have the $600 OBC applied to our cruise next year. Currently we are only showing the OBC that we already had from the original booking and not the extra $600. How long does it take for that to show up? Is there a different place to find that OBC from the original OBC? Thanks in advance for any help!
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