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  1. Wow very interesting. I may need to cancel and wait until onboard. I thought for sure it’d be cheaper pre purchased. Thanks for the responses.
  2. Sorry, I meant the price once you are onboard. What is the amount written on the room service menu? Trying to see if it is much more expensive to wait until onbiard
  3. Hi. Does anyône know the current/recent prices for room service alcohol - eg Jim beam 375ml. Bottles can be repurchased on the personaliser for $23.90. Wanting to know the cost if I decide to buy as I go. I can’t for the life of me find it online. I know it is out there because I saw the menu last week but wasn’t looking at alcohol then. CN no longer find the photos. I can only find menus in USD. Thanks for any help
  4. Thanks everyone, you have answered my question. Good to know we can probably do a cake for free and if not, glad the cake you can buy is a normal sized cake.
  5. Hi. We have never celebrated a birthday onboard a cruise before. This time we have 2 birthdays. I have read Princess will give a small cake - for 1 or 2 people, in the dining room. Unfortunately I can’t find any real info on the bought cakes. I want to get a cake to share with our group of 4. The cakes on the website don’t have a size or number of serves listed. The photo doesn’t give away the size at all because there is nothing else in the picture to provide a scale. Anyone who has bought a cake, how large is it? 4 serves? 10 serves? (number of slices assuming they are regular sized slices, not massive, not tiny). Also, do they fit in the fridge if necessary? Thanks
  6. Thanks to both of you for the information and suggestions. So much to think about! I am under the impression with princess that I must book one of their tours if I want to go from hellesylt to geiranger. Their wording is along the lines of only passengers on this tour will disembark.
  7. Hi, I would appreciate any advice/opinions. I'm really struggling to see the difference between the two tours. Which would you choose? Both include lunch. Both 8 hours. $10 differnce. Does either tour have something major you wouldn't want to miss that the other does not have? There is also another tour which I'll add at the bottom. Tha KS for any help Best of geirangerfjord This all-day tour takes you on a scenic drive through the natural wonders of the Geirangerfjord District. You'll pass the Hornindal Bridge and witness the shimmering, turquoise waters of the nine-mile Stryn Lake. You'll continue to Grodås where a snack of coffee and cakes awaits. Next on your itinerary is a complimentary three-course, Norwegian country lunch at a local hotel. After a delicious meal, you'll have free time to shop for souvenirs and gifts. Close to Hjelle, at the start of the new Strynefjell mountain road is Buldrefoss Waterfall. Here the waters thunder and roar as they dive to the valley below. The immense Tystig Glacier comes into sight. Its slopes are home to the summer ski school, 'Stryn Summerski.' Your tour continues to Mt. Dalsnibba for breathtaking views of the powerful Geirangerfjord, and Flydalsjuvet, a popular sightseeing point from which to view the Norwegian fjord landscape. Scenery of geirangerfjord Experience the natural wonders of the Geirangerfjord District on all-day adventure that offers outdoor enthusiasts and photographers one jaw-dropping photo opportunity after another. Your scenic drive starts off with two delightful photo stops. Behold the shimmering, turquoise waters of Stryn Lake and the roaring water of Buldrefoss Waterfall as it travels to the valley below. Then, you'll make your way to Stryn for a delicious three-course lunch. Refreshed, you'll continue uphill the first part of the Strynefell road with 19 hairpin bends with an ascent of 1 in 11 before driving on partly via tunnels on the new Strynefjell road and finally up up the steep, winding road to the summit of Mt. Dalsnibba. At 4,757-feet above sea level, the summit offers panoramic views of the village of Geiranger, the fjord with its steep cliff and waterfalls, glacial peaks and the wild Flydal River Valley. Just when you thought your camera couldn't hold any more photos, you'll stop at Flydalsjuvet, and Eagle Bend's Viewpoint, two popular spots for soaking up the Norwegian fjord landscape. Briksdal glacier hike and national park Spend a day exploring the natural wonders of the Geirangerfjord District. Your tour begins with a two-hour, scenic drive to Briksdal Glacier, a massive glacier that flows some 4,000 feet down a mountainside into the Briksdal Valley. En route, you'll pass the Hellesylt Waterfall and the sparkling Hornindalsvannet, Europe's deepest lake. You'll continue along the Nordfjord to Olden, and make your way to Jostedalsbreen National Park, home to Norway's largest glaciers. Here, you'll embark on a self-guided hike (approximately 90-minute roundtrip) to the face of Briksdal Glacier, returning via the same path. After a three-course, meal at a local inn in Briksdalen, you'll travel via Stryn lake to the National Park Centre for a 45 minute visit before you continue via numerous tunnels to Mt. Dalsnibba. At 4,757 feet above sea level, the summit of Mt. Dalsnibba offers panoramic views of Geirangerfjord, the fjord, and the wild Flydal River Valley. From the mountain overlook, you'll descend the serpentine road to Geiranger for your return drive to the pier.
  8. Hello. I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong area. This is my first post. I am going on a cruise around the world. There are 3 stops in Iceland. One I don’t need help with. Another is Akureyri and the other Reykjavík. I have never been to Iceland. I’m interested in the nature side of things, as well as the town/city side of things (I enjoy seeing how and where other people live - the culture, architecture, food etc). My thought is for one place I would spend majority of time in the town and in the other port do nature. I’m wondering for people who have done both, if you could tell me which you enjoyed more. Below is what I’m thinking as options. I’m open to any other ideas. Please note hiring a car is NOT an option for us - we are not confident driving in a foreign country and on the wrong side of the vehicle and road. So we would be doing a tour (local preferably but perhaps ship). We are in akureyri 10am-8pm and Reykjavik 7am-6pm - July Option 1 Akureyri Godafoss, laufas, Xmas house, Kaffe ku farm, city tour (4.5 hours), rest of time spent in town Reykjavik golden circle tour - National Park, geyser, waterfall (7.5 hours) - probably no time for town Option 2 Akureyri godafoss, myvatn baths (5 hours), rest of time in town Reykjavik golden circle Option 3 Akureyri godafoss, Lake Myvatn, (possibly baths as well), skutustadir, dimmuborgir, namaskard (6-8 hours depending on tour), no time for town or at best small bus tour at the end Reykjavik town
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