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  1. Yahoo picked up the same story, but it does seem based on a press release from the BSX. I'm sure you both checked NCLH's investor relations page, as I did, and didn't see a reference, unless I missed something, for the parent or any of the subs. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bermuda-stock-exchange-parent-company-123000124.html And here's BSX's release https://www.bsx.com/news_articles.php?ArticleID=1100799553 A little curious, to be sure. That said, RCL secured a "$700 million term loan facility from Morgan Stanley" yesterday. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/royal-caribbean-rcl-boosts-liquidity-with-new-%24700m-loan-2020-08-13 A big day for cruise lines to shore up financing to ride out even a longer no sail period?
  2. FWIW, although open as mentioned above, Disney World is cutting hours back due to less than expected demand. Disney Land remains closed. https://www.businessinsider.com/disney-world-cuts-park-hours-lower-attendance-coronavirus-florida-2020-8 Also, after talks with the Disney cast union, Disney is opening a COVID testing site just off property for cast, customers, and the general public. https://www.msn.com/en-us/finance/companies/disney-world-reaches-deal-with-actors-singers-over-coronavirus-testing/ar-BB17T8BF It's a tough call for everyone - testing isn't perfect, but if discounted and turns out positive? I guess we'll see soon how MSC's protocols work - and RCG is talking about preboarding tests as well. Bayley suggested Royal Caribbean Group and the panel hadn’t yet made a final decision on a testing requirement. “Certainly, testing seems to be very relevant, and discussions are underway,” he said during the conference call, which occurred in conjunction with the release of Royal Caribbean Group’s second-quarter earnings. https://thepointsguy.com/news/cruise-ship-covid-boarding-test/?navtid=More-1
  3. @SusieQft, you may have the winners there. You and others posting may have hit all the points Frank del Rio alluded to in the earnings call yesterday and that this story seems to confirm. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/cruise-ships-depart-us-ports-for-european-lay-up I guess people could play a guessing game about whether the ships currently dealing with repatriation efforts will join their sisters, or be kept more active in case the most hopeful predictions come true and a limited number of ships are able to sail in late 2020 or early 2021. Certainly a logistical exercise few would have anticipated anytime in 2019.
  4. @pcardad, a neighbor pointed me in Regent's direction last winter. He and his wife enjoy several lines - their last trip was on the Viking TA from Miami that had to turn around mid-ocean and head home, due to Covid. He said the same thing as you - so maybe I should be listening to two smart people!
  5. I believe one can look up and see where people are posting? Are you suggesting compensation by a cruise line? I did say I was particularly interested in Regent, after all. And I do read other forums, both when I was researching possible cruises back in February, and just to observe the differences, and similarities, between various boards And, I believe it's also possible to choose not to read any given poster's comments.
  6. Other than the NCLH ships that are actively involved in repatriation efforts at this time, the call today mentioned most of the ships will be in layup mode - this should help conserve some cash, right? "Our goal during the lay-up period is to reach a minimum level of manning on each of our ships, while complying with all regulations, minimizing our cash burn rate and maintaining our vessels to be ready to reenter service in class and under short notice. In terms of where we are today, all vessels not involved in repatriation efforts or undergoing dry docks or laid up in ports requiring extra crew are expected to be at minimum manning status in the next 30 to 45 days."
  7. Transcript of today's call https://seekingalpha.com/article/4365362-norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-ltd-nclh-ceo-frank-del-rio-on-q2-2020-results-earnings-call
  8. I felt badly for Mark Kempa, the CFO. I do admit I wish they had zoomed the call - I would have liked seeing expressions as well.
  9. I think the stock bounce came because investors feel comforted that NCLH states that it has money to survive for through at least part of 2021 under a no sail order, due to its borrowing/refinancing during the last quarter. Also, the use of FCCs sort of muddies the water, I think, in determining the true demand out there. I think the percentage rise of customers asking for refunds rather than FCCs may be significant - we'll see if that's a continuing trend next earnings report. I will say del Rio does what he's supposed to do - puts the best face forward in a difficult situation. I think even the analysts felt for the guy.
  10. Mr. Sommer addresses the size of the new ships ordered (vis a vis other ships in their fleet) and why the smaller size seemed right to NCL and NCLH at that time. You're right, not an immediate response to COVID. But interesting, to me, that even a year ago they were thinking 'smaller', and may be of great benefit in an after-COVID world.
  11. I missed the first 15 minutes of the call, but this seems a decent quick overview of what I did hear. I'm don't know that I'm as optimistic about a 2Q21 return of most of the fleet, though, but it'd be nice if their prediction holds. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/recent-cruise-coronavirus-cases-handled-well-chance-learn-del-rio I was glad that Mr. del Rio, at least in public, came down on the 'learning' bench regarding this week's affected cruise lines Coronavirus outbreaks on several other cruise lines that have resumed sailing give an 'opportunity to learn,' Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio said, adding that ports and the lines have handled these situations 'very, very well.' 'There's no way to spin the initial re-emergence of COVID aboard vessels,' Del Rio said Thursday, 'but it's an opportunity to learn from it. This virus teaches us something every day. While it's disappointing, I'm glad the ports, that the cruise companies that suffered these setbacks handled it very, very well. 'We haven't had a repeat of what happened earlier during the pandemic crisis.'
  12. Well, Stephanie Meyer just released Book 5 in the Twilight series? Disney made some waves by planning to release Mulan on Disney+, rather than in theater, for $30 (oh, wait, that's COVID related). More seriously, hard to think of a human activity not materially affected by the pandemic....although even pandemic fatigue, understandable as it is, is actually news.
  13. About ten minutes after the earnings call closed, I got my email 'invitation' to Return with Regent - I thought they said there was so much pent up demand? Ok, to be fair, shouldn't be hard, or expensive, to send electronic marketing to anyone who signed up for a earnings call. But, at this point in the COVID universe, not making any free loans for nonessential travel when who knows if even 2021 will actually see product delivered, or what that product will consist of. Some of these experiences to use credits on seem highly unlikely to me, absent a remarkable advance in COVID mitigation. Use your $1,000 Shipboard Credit to witness Alaska's glistening glaciers up-close on a helicopter adventure, rediscover your favorite European city with a private car and driver or pamper yourself on board with a deeply relaxing treatment from Serene Spa & Wellness™. Fulfill your travel dreams by planning your ideal escape with Regent Seven Seas Cruises, then book with the peace of mind Regent Reassurance* offers and indulge with your $1,000 Shipboard Credit on 2021 Alaska, Northern Europe and Mediterranean voyages. Book by August 31, 2020.
  14. Would you expect fares to go up quite a bit to cover both operating and corporate overhead costs, though? Where today's (or even posted 2021, etc.) fares would look like bargain basement? I just don't know if I see a cushion to be able to offer fares that don't truly cover all expenses.
  15. Supposedly NCL's new Ninja Turtle (excuse me, Leonardo) ships will be smaller, but not that small. Harry Sommer says you start losing economies of scale under 2,000. That said, I've been thinking that very possibly travel cruising may be returning to the pre-Love Boat days, as a true luxury affordable to only the wealthy. Where the ROI breaks, I don't really know. Also, who knows if any of the new order ships by any line get built, and who will finally take possession. https://thepointsguy.com/news/norwegian-cruise-line-ordering-smaller-ships/
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