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  1. I'm taking this post down. When you all start having problems with rccl then we will see what happens
  2. Not sure what a flounce is but ok. To be clear I am NOT losing perks. They are giving others the opportunity to pay for my perks. Thats is what I have issue with. This is NOT a pity party not looking for that. Just looking to raise awareness to other loyal customers to be on alert to this activity. Thats all. And you say if I have customer service issues speak about it. I have for over 5 years and have been in direct communications with Michael Bayley and his direct team to work on the issues and to no avail. Rather have been dismissed by corporate. Not sure how anyone can feel that after 20+ years of being a loyal RCCL customer and experiencing what I have experienced would not reach the conclusion I have reached.
  3. Thanks for your response. More concerned about their reduction in customer service. The Key program was the cherry on the icing. Doesnt feel good that after spending tons of money with them over 20+ years that they would sell my perks out. AND even being a diamond plus passenger I cant buy a key program to enjoy pinnacle benefits. They key program offers perks that I dont even get as a diamond plus customer. That doesnt seem right. Thanks again for response
  4. Im writing this to see if other loyal RCCL customers have experienced drop in customer service over the last few years. I cruise on average 4 times a years and have been exclusive to RCCL for 20+ years. Over last 5 years I have noticed serious drops in customer service. I have made every attempt to work with RCCL to help them improve and they have not done anything to make things better and have just dismissed my concerns. Now to make matters worse they are selling my diamond plus perks to new cruisers with this new "KEY" Program. I am do disgusted as to how RCCL handled this that I cancelled my most recent cruise and will never cruise with them again. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so please share here so that we can perhaps get RCCL to start listening. Dam shame that after 20+ years of being a loyal customer to RCCL have been dismissed by them. And my parting "spanking" from RCCL for cancelling was a $500 penalty. They are giving me $300 in FUTURE Cruise credits for cancelling. Not sure why I need future cruise credits since i will never sail with them again. Most disturbing and really intrigued to see if others are feeling the same or have experienced this drop in customer service. Kind Regards.
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