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  1. I disagree with Danish Viking on this one. You do tip on the "free" walking tour - otherwise the guides would loose money on working the tours. I've read somewhere that people usually recommend tipping the guide around 75 DKK per person, maybe 100 DKK if you enjoyed the tour (or the equivalent in other currencies). I think that sounds fair considering the cost of living in Copenhagen.
  2. @LoraJ I'll add that having a car in Copenhagen is a hassle. The city is not designed for cars: There's a lot of one-way streets and pedestrians only zones in the city centre, and parking is limited and expensive in most of the city. I second everything Danish viking suggested. You can find info about the luggage storage facility at Copenhagen Central Station here: https://en.hovedbanen.dk/dsb-on-central-station/baggage-and-lost-property/. There's also the luggage transfer service www.airluggage.dk. I haven't used them myself, but from what I've read and heard about them, they are getting positive reviews.
  3. In addition to what Danish Viking said: For trains to Germany (jointly operated by the Danish DSB and German DB), book with www.bahn.com For trains to Southern Sweden and Gothenburg: Find timetables and ticket prices on www.journeyplanner.dk (choose "Find connections: To/From Skåne") or www.skanetrafiken.se - buy your ticket at the station SJ (Swedish train operator, express trains to Stockholm and Gothenburg): www.sj.se
  4. I personally think that tipping the waiter at a restaurant (maybe just by letting them keep the change) is a nice thing to do if you received good service. Waiters are paid a living wage, but their wages are usually not that high. That being said, there's nothing wrong with not tipping at all. Yes, you can. There's an overnight ferry to Oslo, operated by DFDS. There are direct trains from Copenhagen to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Hamburg (this does temporarily require a change, and possibly a replacement bus ride due to construction work) and many towns in southern Sweden. From Copenhagen, you can also take the train to most corners of Denmark - so there are many options!
  5. I think you are overestimating the size of the festival crowd. It's not necessary to make reservations for lunch, unless you travelling as a are a large group or maybe if you want to eat at a specific (and small and popular) restaurant.
  6. Hi, Yes, Andersen Hotel is located near Copenhagen Central Station (“København H”). Taking the train, with luggage, is easy. Most (though not all) trains from Copenhagen Airport have low floor wagons with step-free access. When you arrive at Copenhagen Central Station, use the Reventlowsgade exit. It’s the most direct route from the station to your hotel.
  7. Your ship will be the only cruise ship at Oceankaj on that day, so you won't have any problems getting a taxi. Uber is not operating in Denmark.
  8. Just a small correction. It's not the metro you can take from Copenhagen Central Station to Østerport, but the S-trains (there's a train every other minute during the daytime). When the metro opens sometime later in 2019, that will be an option too. It's a 20-30 minute walk from The Little Mermaid to Nyhavn along the harbour. You can take a tiny detour via Amaliehaven, Amalienborg and The Marble Church/Frederiks Church. The Kings Garden is also an option, as you mentioned. This is a popular place for locals to hang out when the weather is good. Harbour buses are an integrated part of the public transport system, so public transport tickets and passes are also valid on the harbour buses. The admission to Tivoli Gardens is DKK 130, around EUR 17. Think 1 EUR is approx. 7.5 DKK.
  9. Hi, I have no experience with disembarking in Copenhagen, so I won't say anything about that. But I have a lot of experience with getting around in Copenhagen: If you are lucky, it will take just over 15 minutes to drive. If you are (very) unlucky, it will take 30 minutes. Then add some time to pay and the time you need at the station. It's a good idea to buy something to eat and drink, as you can't buy this onboard the train (except for cold beverage vending machine - card only). If, for some imaginary reason, taking a taxi all the way to Copenhagen Central Station is not an option - you could take a taxi to Nordhavn or Østerport station and take an S-train to Copenhagen Central Station from there.
  10. The website has been updated and now has a section for the summer festival and a schedule: http://jazz.dk/en/copenhagen-jazz-festival-2019/concerts/
  11. The City Ring metro are facing further delays, so it may not be ready to open in July. This is new information, that was in the news a few days ago, so whether or not the opening will be in July is still uncertain. When you are at Nordre Toldbod, the closest station will be Marmorkirken (if the new metro line is open). If it's not open, there's no station near Nordre Toldbod, but the bus stop Esplanaden will be close. You can see the current public transport map of the city centre (including Nordre Toldbod) here: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/media/2131/bustogmetrocity.pdf (larger map: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/media/2128/bustogmetro_stkbh.pdf) If the new metro line is open when you are in Copenhagen, it will look something like this: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/media/3463/nyt-bynet-2019-indre-by-og-christianshavn.pdf (larger map: https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/media/3472/nyt-bynet-2019-koebenhavn-og-frederiksberg.pdf)
  12. A taxi will cost around DKK 300 - 400 depending on traffic, time of day and day of the week. Large taxis will cost around 50% more.
  13. Copenhagen Airport -> Crowne Plaza Regular taxi (max. 4 passengers): approx. DKK 150 Large taxi ("Storvogn"): approx. DKK 200 Add about 30% for trips made on evenings and weekends. Drive time is about 10 minutes. Train: DKK 24 for adults, DKK 12 for children under 16. Children under 12 are free when accompanied by a paying passenger. This route is included in the City Pass. The train ride takes 5 minutes or so, and the hotel is about 5 minutes on foot from Ørestad Station.
  14. I don't know when they will release the programme this year, but the last two years they've released most of the festival information in April (or somewhere around that time, as far as I remember). Can't promise you anything about noise levels at that hotel as the plans haven't been released yet, but they won't be playing at full volume at 2 AM. People live in that area too (including our current PM), so they will be respectful to locals and visitors alike and let people get some sleep.
  15. You're welcome! When you say walk at night, do you think about your safety? There's no need to worry about that in Copenhagen - unless you're a gang member or do something stupid, like running around on the motorway at night: that's very dangerous. Scandiagade 14, 2450 København SV: Not that it's a bad area, but there's not a lot to do for a tourist here. Frequent buses and S-trains from Sydhavn Station to the city centre. Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 København V: City centre within walking distance. Nice area by the water. The immediate surroundings aren't the most interesting, but it's close to the city centre, so it's not that big of a problem. Niels Brocks Gade 1, 1571 København V: Short walk to the City Hall Square and proximity to large parts of the city centre. Niels Brocks Gade 1 and Kalvebod Brygge 5 are located close to each other, so choosing one over the other doesn't make that much of a difference when talking about proximity to the city centre.
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