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  1. I hope that they have learned from Diamond Princess.. Do not Qarantine a whole ship... But its not easy..
  2. im worried about that it could be a new Princess Diamond..
  3. in 2 days, 66 reported cases (most of them today) and 2 dead. Im going on MSC Grandiosa from Barcelona 27.02 and the boat will stop in Genoa, Cicitavecchia and Palarmo.. Im a bit worried... Anyone else? Some on MSC Grandiosa Forum Facebook group said that he have been in contact with MSC and they are considering to Cancel or change the ports? (dont know if its true)
  4. I have seen 1+ passanger reporting on twitter about 24 hours ago, that she the same day tested positiv and where taken of.. This was after the last update on 218-220 cases... So i doubt it..
  5. hmmm this is strange... First they tested negativ, but after a few days (no new test), they are told that they are positive? And they have no symptoms.... Can the tests be trusted? Should all be tested? https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/atlanta-couple-tests-positive-coronavirus-cruise-ship-japan-son-says/X6GB22QLKNCVDHFTZ7PPGZ2XDM/?fbclid=IwAR0S-Tc9UxKDe8je5i4Wmlv6hkJQaCH_C4Mv2WC2NWDMya0ndXNQ7pbv2L8
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