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  1. My husband and 19 year old son want to take a Western Caribbean cruise that will include a port where we can visit the Mayan ruins. My husband and I have already been to Cozumel and didn't the tour there. Which port has the best excursions? We would like to be able to actually walk up the steps of some of the ruins if possible?
  2. You guys have really give me so many good ideas. We did book a southern Caribbean cruise for Sept of this year, but we are also looking to take 2 cruises in 2020. One we definitely want to stay in the Caribbean since we will be taking our teenage sons on their first cruise. The second cruise we are looking at places outside of our comfort zone. Has anyone done an Alaskan cruise? We were also looking at the Mexican Riviera. I'm not sure why, but I have zero interest in Hawaii. Eventually we want to hit Europe, but I think that will be a couple of years at this point.
  3. Since my husband I took our first cruise in Sept we can't wait to get on another ship. We are planning to take our next cruise in Sept 2019, and we have a cruise picked out, but we aren't sure if we should keep looking? What is everyone's favorite port and/or cruise itinerary? We are looking at an 8 day cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale on the Carnival Magic going to Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, and Curacao. I'd like to know what you guys think of the Southern Caribbean or if there are better places we should be looking at? We are open to just about anywhere. Our cruise this past Sept was on the Horizon to Ocho Rios, Grand Caymen, and Cozumel so we would like to not repeat those again especially Ocho Rios. Any ideas for other ports? We want to stick w/ 7-9 days.
  4. Once we started looking for our second cruise I began wondering if we picked the wrong ship for our first cruise? Nothing seems to compare to the Horizon. I really want to be on a ship w the Havana area, but I think there are only 2 ships? The Sky Bike was shut down on our cruise so I'd like to be able to that, but again only 2 ships have that feature. I think I'm also in the minority as far as liking the elevator system. It took some time to get used to, but after the first day it was great.
  5. I never saw the Mongolian wok place? I would have tried it for sure had I known it was there.
  6. I didn't care much for the MDR. I wish we'd ate more specialty dining. We only did the steakhouse the last night. We are going on the Magic in Sept next year and I already told my husband we are doing the sushi place this time.
  7. We just got back from our first cruise, and one of the first things I did before we left home was check into cell service. I called my cell phone company to let them know I was traveling and they told me in great detail what I would be charged for on the ship as well as in each port. It was a simple 10 min conversation, but I also don't understand why anyone would think it wouldn't cost extra to use a cell phone on a ship in the middle of the ocean?
  8. I love this idea! We definitely regretted not taking a stack of $1 bills like others suggested.
  9. With it being our first cruise I had nothing to compare it to, but we did end up falling in love w/ cruising! We are now planning our next cruise for Sept to the Southern Caribbean on the Carnival Magic. We were going to try Royal Caribbean, but decided against it because we would have to fly into Puerto Rico. Plus we were so overwhelmed on the Horizon we want to go w/ something we are familiar with. I really don't have many negatives. Most of my issues were with food. I wish the salad place on the serenity deck had been open on port days, and it would have been nice if at least one pool or hot tub could be open past midnight. I also think the picture prices were ridiculous. I paid $76 for 4 digital photos and 2 prints. Aside from the bartenders always looking bored to death I loved Alchemy bar. It's the only place that has made a martini the way they did for me, and there were 2 other drinks that were absolutely amazing! We never felt bored or ran out of things to do. We enjoyed being on the ship more than the ports at times. What did you think of the Horizon compared to other ships? Have you been on the Magic and if so how do they compare? I know its older and a little bit smaller, but it appears to have the same features for the most part. As for the Cheer's package I'm going back and forth about doing it again. I enjoyed being able to order whatever I wanted w/ out worrying about the cost in the end, but I did feel the need to drink on days I didn't really feel like it. I also hate the 5 min rule. It is ridiculous especially when I wanted to float some extra rum on top of my Pina Coladas. It was also nice being able to order as many non alcoholic drinks as we wanted. I love sparkling water and coconut water so I had several each day as well as San Pellegrino with dinner. At least we have a little bit of time to decide for sure on the next one.
  10. My husband and I just got back from our first cruise on the Horizon and tipping left us fairly confused. Even though we pay 15% on top when we buy the package we felt very uncomfortable not tipping when we would our receipts w/ $0 on them. We ended up adding $1-$5 on each drink and that added up on top of already spending $719 for just the drink package. I have to ask how everyone else handles this situation? Do you add more or leave it blank? Another thing that bugged me about the drink package was the bartenders always seemed so unhappy like they absolutely hate their jobs. It was quite annoying at times. Did anyone else notice this on their cruises? Its like they knew people pre-paid their tips so why bother?
  11. I just got back from the Horizon on Oct 6. Yes there are self serve laundry facilities. I did not use the washer or dryer, but there were always people in there that were. I only went in a couple of times to iron our clothes for formal nights. The iron was actually free. It was on a timer, but someone broke the steam button off so it didn't work as well as I would have liked. Someone left a spray bottle for everyone to use which helped a little bit.
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