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  1. Sure. For some reason it would not let me send you a message, so it is attached here. Cruise Port Times.pdf
  2. I haven't seen the times listed in a brochure, but may have missed it. The ports are the same.
  3. I got a list of port times from the cruise line. If you would like, I can send it to you.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the note. I will have to look at those tours. We will probably go to Athens a couple of days early as well, but might do it on our own. I'll have to see. In any case, look forward to meeting you on board!
  5. Wow, thank you so much for the great information, arpclock. Just a bit over a year now before our cruise and we're starting to actually think about it a lot. I am sure your tidbits will come in handy and as the cruise approaches, I may well have more specific questions. I assume, at some point, Star Clippers will notify us about port excursions? Where are you going on your next cruise. Thanks again, Ben Somberg
  6. Thank you, so much, Wendy, for the wonderful comments. We are so excited, though it still seems like such a long way off. I am sure we will have a great time. If you happen to remember what shore excursions you took, I'd love to know. Hope you have a fantastic time on your Italy cruise!!! Ben
  7. Could be worse...581 days for us! 🙂 Enjoy your cruise.
  8. Just booked our cabin! It's still more than a year and a half out, but more time for anticipation, right? Actually we wanted to go this fall (as it is our 30th anniversary), but by the time we got around to it all the cruises were sold out. So I started looking for ones for 2020 and as soon as I saw them posted I called, but even they were almost full. Anyway, this will be our first time on Star Clippers and we're excited. Would love to hear from any fellow passengers who might be out there. Advice from prior passengers also very welcomed!
  9. Thanks, so much, Dave. I did not realize that the charging port could be used in that fashion. I will definitely give this a try. Happy travels!
  10. This seems like a good solution, but sorry I do not understand how it works. What kind of card reader would be compatible with the Amazon Fire and how does that card reader connect to the Fire? The only ports my Fire has are the one for the micro-SD card and the one used for charging. Thanks!
  11. Testing... Common buckeye by Ben Somberg, on Flickr
  12. We are considering doing this cruise (or similar) next fall and was wondering if there are any hiking opportunities at any of the ports. Thank so much.
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