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  1. Doesn't the steward make sure all cabins have a new roll of TP everyday on the roll. I have only cruised on X & HAL and the roll was always replaced (maybe every other day) so we never ran out. Not great for the environment.
  2. I am talking about the island itself. Food and entertainment is not a factor for the island.
  3. Have you traveled to HAL private island I think it's called Half moon Cay. It looks beautiful. I want to cruise there. If you have how does Ocean Cay compare? Our 1st MSC is next Feb in the YC.
  4. My upgrade offer on Mera a 7 day cruise was $1,635 min pp for next Feb. We declined.
  5. I agree live music was lacking. I really liked Carlos, he was energetic & fun.
  6. I was on this sailing in a regular cabin. The assistant maitre'd in the MDR was helpful with getting my vegan meals sorted out each night.
  7. This is upsetting to hear especially since you paid to upgrade your drink package. We also will have the plus when we sail YC in Feb. My DH will not be Happy nor will I about this limited wine selection. I like to try different wines when I'm on vacation since I never drink at home.
  8. Thank you I appreciate the info. I saw some YT videos where YC pax were surprised with the set up of their balcony on MSC.
  9. I'm paying DSC $12.50 for my YC in Feb. I was surprised about the low amount considering the costs charged by the other lines. I'm ok with the new amount.
  10. Hello I'm booked in cabin 14003 on the Meraviglia. The selection of YC was limited. Any issues with this cabin? I'm especially concerned with the Balcony. Any information provided is much appreciated.
  11. I would have contacted security or the front desk. Not waste my time with the steward. I've read on the boards MSC security doesn't enforce the smoking policy that's my worry. I've already grown up but thanks.
  12. I am nervous that MSC doesn't seem to enforce their no smoking policy on the balcony according to reviews and CC posts.
  13. I've only gone on one X cruise, no loud music. Only one HAL cruise, I loved the food so did everyone in my party. Our cabin steward was fantastic. Dining staff was average to fantastic. DH & I have 2 more X cruises booked. I thought the food was average. The vegan desserts were fantastic. DH an omnivore thought the food was average to good depending on the meal. He said the desserts were usually not great. The service was average everywhere outside of our cabin. Cabin steward service was below average. He seemed overwhelmed. We have 2 MSC Cruises booked in the YC. We have never cruised MSC. The negatve reviews are off putting but I'm hopeful since many seem to enjoy the YC experience.
  14. In the MDR could I alter a entree to make it vegan? On X I choose a vegetarian entree the night before and the chef will make it vegan for me. HAL has a separate vegan menu.
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