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  1. I'm cruising on the Merg this Feb in the YC. I was originally in a Fantisca balcony. I changed because I was worried about the service, food & the crowds. I thought the wine selection would be more extensive in the YC MDR Disappointed.
  2. I was surprised that the DSC would be $12.50/a day per person for my YC cabin and for my regular balcony.
  3. I decided to go from fantisca to YC on my Feb Caribbean sailing This should give me some breathing room if the main ship is crowded with children.
  4. I upgraded to Yacht club a few minutes ago. Yacht club CSR said this premium plus in YC. Premium everywhere else with the caveat that may places will honor plus 🤣.
  5. I just got off the phone with MSC yacht club CSR Butler is included in DSC.
  6. I was going to purchase the unlimited wifi package for my Caribbean cruise in Feb but now I'm not sure. The upload speeds sound terrible. Is the download speed any better?
  7. 😱 Oh no I completely forget about that holiday. Our cruise leaves on the 16th. That's probably why the airfare was high.
  8. If I leave the Yacht club area do I have to pay for drinks at other restaurants? I can't figure out if the drink package only applies to the yacht club.
  9. Why Feb & April for 12 days or longer cruises? Lol I'm nervous because I'm booked on my 1st MSC cruise on the Merg in Feb leaving out of Miami.
  10. Good info to know we were thinking of booking before the cruise.
  11. Hi all Hubs and I are cruising on the Meraviglia in Feb. It's our 1st MSC cruise. I'm a vegan. From what I gather MSC only does the vegetarian diet. I'm hopeful that I will be able to modify entrees to fit my diet. Does their ships carry any dairy free milk? I love a cappuccino with steamed free milk. I have dairy-free milk with my protein powder every morning. Any info is appreciated.
  12. My hubs uses a CPAP and we didn't know the cruise lines would provide the distilled water. On our 1st 2 cruises he would bring the gallon jug with us. We got spoiled when X provided it for us. We are going on the Meraviglia next Feb and will bring the supplies. I would rather just pay and have the water waiting for me.
  13. I Ieave my shirts (doesn't need hangers) & shorts in there cubes on the cruise I pull out the cube I need. Cubes keep all my items organized in my suitcase. Easy to pack & unpack on the ship. My DH doesn't like them.
  14. Last day X sale I picked up T-shirts for $4 & a cute summer purse for $4.99.
  15. I take out travel insurance on all my cruises but I'm not sure how the plan would work. Because of the recent situations I'm going to call and ask about what if situations. If I'm stranded in Barcelona can I purchase a new ticket to home. Or do I first have to get to Rome but what if I miss that flight? If my cruise is extended to 8 days because of propulsion issues how much will my policy pay for new tickets? Or will it pay because it was my choice to go on the cruise.
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