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  1. Their Cruise was probably one of the Alaskan Cruises I bet.
  2. Most other people believe what they are saying/posting is true. I know with my post, it is just a possibility and does not prove anything.
  3. Cruise Director Schedules Based on the Cruise director scheduling, looks like Carnival is going to postpone all sailing until the end of May. I was looking at this today, and noticed a lot of missing months for ships. Take it as it is, and like the title states Reckless Speculations, but this is what I take from it.
  4. Just read this this morning, https://tcweeklynews.com/mega-one-triton-shipwreck-finally-removed-p10440-127.htm
  5. Although you may be assigned a PVP, you can still talk and have any other PVP help you as needed.
  6. What time does the transport normally run from hotel to cruise port from the Dorsey RD. BW?
  7. Good question Fred, I am glad you asked this. I was also thinking of booking the breeze, or another in this class of a ship for my next cruise. I am following tooo
  8. Thank You for this insight. I found a youtube video on him, and was impressed, but I can not find anything else on him. He is the Cruise Director for my cruise. When we booked, we were excited that we had Dr. E. then to find out they switched him to Breeze? then noticed it was Marty. Hopefully he is as good for us as he was for you. Either way we will still like our cruise.
  9. The next Cruise Director is Marty Andrews, looks like he was on the Legend for an Alaskan cruise, and that was his tryout for being a cruise director. I think he went by Marty Pitts then.
  10. So far it is the same itineraries. Hopefully they will bring Canada back to Baltimore for fall cruises. I would be happy with 2 ports instead of 3 if it would allow for different itineraries.
  11. I am just wondering if it is because of the Decor. The Pride is a Roman era with non sexual nudity, that may offend some (since people get their feelings hurt too easy now a days) and Baltimore only has one ship and mostly a Family cruise port, and Tampa, has multiple ships and families can choose the Paradise instead. But the Legend has a more conservative decor and with Baltimore being a family cruise port with one ship, to just move legend here. This is just my speculations and my own opinion.
  12. Half Moon Cay will be getting a dock. Carnival has already stated this. https://cruiseradio.net/major-change-coming-to-carnival-cruise-lines-half-moon-cay/
  13. So if we are in a shuttle service, we would technically be driving past the line of cars waiting to park at the terminal, and they would drive right up and drop us off?
  14. Does Baltimore have a shuttle lane for drop offs of passengers or Shuttle services??
  15. The video that drmom posted is from 2014. Is it still that bad, or it has been fixed since this video was originally taken?
  16. They are updating their site and the HUB App. I am not sure if the Hub App has any contribution to the site, Cruise Hive Article, but even this cruise hive site is running in a bit of choppy waters. As for the site I know they are updating something within the members area.
  17. Use this link and you can view the web cams too (make sure to book mark this Carnival official site)    http://ships.carnivalentertainment.com/#ship/carnival-pride/cameras
  18. For my May 3, 2020 sailings, ours was available at 405 days until sailing. It could depend on ship, and itinerary for when it will post. It still is available for our cruise, and hasn't sold out yet.
  19. McDonalds gets me every time too. I sit down and will sit there waiting and waiting for the server who never shows up. =P
  20. But remember you are limited to just the usage of the app. Examples Show Schedules Port Info Food Menus You can not use it to browse the web, and if you want to use the chat feature, as another has said, it is $5 per device, and only usable to chat with another person on the ship, not on land.
  21. Im my cruise manager, I see this in my excursion lists. Can someone explain to me what this is? I have tried to do a search, and nothing has come up. Thank you in advance.
  22. Guten Tag Malley, I grew up in Canton, and married the wife, and moved to Akron since that is where she is form, plus to be closer to work, as I work for Summit Racing. The 45 minute drive was getting old, and at the time, having a F-150, gas and mileage was not mixing too well. I see you are going on the pride basically a year before my cruise. Did you choose Pride for baltimore and it being driving distance? That's the reason we choose Pride, not sure if we will leave early sailing morning or just head in the day before and get a room.
  23. We are going May 3, 2020 That's why I said rough estimate. Thank you for your answer
  24. Hello All, The question I have and yes I know it may be dumb for some, but roughly how long would it take to walk a deck on the Carnival Pride. When we go on our cruise, one of the things I would like to do, so I can say I was at every spot of the ship allowable for a pedestrian, is walk each deck. Mainly I would be doing it for Sh#& and Giggles. I am not wanting the total time to walk the whole ship, as I do not want to do it all at one time. but space it out and enjoy my walks, maybe walk decks 1-2 one day, 3-4-5 the next, etc. so I am just looking for rough estimate of a typical floor with staterooms.
  25. Also good for when you are with your child/children, and they are off on their own while you are enjoying adult time. Then you have a good reason to have the Check ins with your kids at your room. Check in, get your liquid fix head back out. But I do agree with others, depending on the ship, with the lines and getting served, sometimes it's just as quick or quicker just going back to your room, from my observation.
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