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  1. Very frustrating as I heard it as AND has a underlying condition however the .gov page states OR one of the following -Diabeties and asthma are both included in the list. My partner is fit and healthy but just happens to also be diabetic (insulin dependent), I’m sure lots of lots of healthy asthmatics too. Surely we are not all expected to cancel now? Although the only silver lining is at least I should be able to claim for a refund via travel insurance
  2. I thought it was too good to be true!! I can now see one class and time but it just won’t add to basket!
  3. Jaydee6969 - that would be great thank you. AndyMichelle - Ah fantastic, it’s going to come around quickly now!! I also can’t book any restaurants for 23rd & 24th April so there’s obviously a glitch somewhere on there!
  4. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems booking the cookery club via the new personaliser? I am able to book restaurants and excursions but the ‘add to basket’ option for the cookery club doesn’t work!! P&O have said IT are aware of the issue but I was wondering if it’s just me or everyone else too? I’m on B010 if that helps....90 days to go :-) Many thanks
  5. Thank you again all. I have done some further investigations and it was only an additional £6 to cancel our old policy and take out a new one to include cruise cover. As mentioned though there is a £99 excess for a £100 pay out for both missed port and cabin confinement. However, they did explain that if you miss multiple ports or spend multiple days confined to your cabin you only pay the excess once. I also feel safer regarding medical and cancellation cover having specifically listed cruise cover. Thank you again, this has been really useful. 100 days to go :-)
  6. Initially I couldn’t log in at all, I would just get the spinning whee of dooms. However P&O resolved this quickly. Has anyone else had trouble booking the cookery club online? It just shows on my cruise personaliser as “booking not required”. I phoned P&O yesterday and was told IT are aware of problems and if booking doesn’t show before the cruise then everyone will just have to book once on board - not ideal really! I’m using an apple device so wondered if that was the problem?
  7. Thank you all, that has given me lots to think about. I think I will check with my insurer whether there is an excess for missed ports and cabin confinement and decide from there. thank you again!
  8. Hello, I have checked with my travel insurance company today and I have standard cruise coverage (medical, cancellation etc) but do not have additional cruise coverage (missed port, cabin confinement etc.) Can anyone advise if the latter is essential? For example should we miss a day in Bruge what are we likely to be reimbursed? My insurance company have informed me I cannot simply upgrade the level of cover. I would need to cancel my annual policy and take out a new policy. If it is relevant we are a family of 3 and will be spending 7 days in Western Europe. Many thanks, this forum is extremely helpful for first timers!
  9. Thank you for the advice. I have looked on the Facebook group and taken John’s advice regarding the cabin numbers. Thank you again!
  10. Hi John Apologies we are currently booked in cabin C230 not 320. sorry if that caused confusion and thank for your reply
  11. Hello all I have booked a surprise 40th cruise for my partners birthday, this will be our first time on a cruise! Currently I have booked a unobstructed balcony cabin however, I have seen that I would be £100 cash and £90obc better off if I cancelled and rebooked a superior cabin (I have accounted for losing my original deposit). My only concern is that the superior cabin is below the lido deck. Bearing in mind we will have a 1 year with us, how noisy is this likely to be and would be it worth changing to the larger room? For those interested it would be cancelling cabin C320 and booking A410/425. Many thanks in advance
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