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  1. So close....but nope. We were supposed to leave on April 4. I just got the email that we will not be going. Option is 100% refund or 100% FCC + $600 OBC. I already have a cruise booked for NYE 21-22. If I take the OBC, can I apply the FCC to my already booked cruise?
  2. Due to the insanely low fares at the moment, I find myself taking the kids on vacation in 3 weeks. We've been to grand cayman and have done the stingrays. I know the beaches are all beautiful but I'm looking for a place/resort that offers a bit more activity. The kids are 9 and 12. Their favorite beach is Mambo Beach in Curacao. It has a calm protected area, rocks to jump on, shopping, easily accessible food, a playground, and wifi can easily be found. When we go, we rent a few chairs and an umbrella and then the kids go off and play. It's a bonus with the aqua park is up. Is there a location similar to that in GC? The kids need more than just sitting on the beach and reading a book. No one is interested in doing any sightseeing.
  3. I happened to book yesterday for an April 4 cruise on the Vista. I haven’t seen a letter yet. I wonder if you had to have booked earlier.
  4. The kids spring break is in 2 weeks. We weren't planning on going anywhere. But I'm getting antsy. I check prices for the first time in a few months and they are ridiculously low for spring break travel. I've got a reservation on hold at the moment. I just need to either commit or not.
  5. I can't decide if I want to book a B2B or not. If I'm on the ship and decide I'd like to stay another week, assuming there is space, can Next Cruise book me on the following cruise? I realize that I would probably have to change cabins.
  6. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. I'm going to go through the shore excursions and see what might interest the kids. I also like the idea of Alyeska Resort. That maybe more what the kids are looking for than a cruise.
  7. We have been on numerous Caribbean cruises. We love the relaxation and easy pace. My oldest will be 14 in the summer and is asking to go on an Alaskan Cruise. When I ask her what she wants to do there, she says ski. Okay, so she needs some weather lessons 🙂. I talked to her about whale watching, seeing the glaciers, and the wildlife. It was met with blank stares and a parting comment to pick a good ship so she would have something to do on those days. She did like the idea of kayaking one day. We'd be flying in from the east coast. As we all know, this is not an inexpensive vacation. If all the kids are going to do is keep their noses in their devices and enjoy the amenities of the ship, is it worth it to go? If you've taken a sullen teen to Alaska did they eventually come around? Or would you have been better off doing something else? For the record, my kids hate sightseeing. They enjoy being fully engaged and active. Listening to a park ranger talk will cause their devices to find their way to their hands; as will sitting in a railway car watching the scenery go by. So should I plan a cruise to Alaska or wait until they will appreciate it more.
  8. Just got off Explorer. Drink of the day was $8 before tip.
  9. I purchased a classic beverage package for $47.20 vs the $59 I've been seeing. I also got a discount on an excursion that was in my cart.
  10. Just got off the phone with X. The Kids Package ($15) = Classic Non Alcoholic Package ($18). They are charging $3 less for kids.
  11. My kids are very rarely with me on the ship. I want them to be able to enjoy a soda if they want one without having to come find me. BTW--I called Celebrity to ask what the Kids Package entailed. The rep said she had no information and to call back during the week when they would be able to find out more information.
  12. The kids package is available on my Reflection sailing for Dec 2020. It’s $15. The classic non alcoholic is $18 and the soda package is $9. I don’t know what you get for $6 more in the kids package over the soda package.
  13. I looked at this itinerary. I also looked at a similar one on X that is 12 nights. The X was less expensive to begin with. Then they recently ran the kids sale free promo and it was a no brainer to book X over RCI. Just some food for thought. My kids will be 10 and 13 when we go. Like you, the ports will be new for us but there seems to be a lot of fun and interesting things for the kids to do.
  14. My kids are 12 and 9. I would pick the Western itinerary. Coco cay and Labadee are both the private islands. That's an easy day at the beach and you can augment with the waterpark and zip lines etc. Antigua is a beautiful beach. In Nassau, you can easily find a beautiful beach. For Falmouth, I think the excursions take some time to reach, but I could be wrong. I'm sure someone here knows more than me about that. In any case, I would stay on the ship in Falmouth if the excursions were more then an hour travel time. That would give the kids a day to play with less people on board.
  15. We were on the Horizon and spent a port day on the ship. It was fantastic. My kids had the sky ride and roles course to themselves.
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