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  1. I initially thought that myself but on 2nd thought, given how small Empress is, she can do a lot of unique itineraries so if possible, I think it would be worth keeping her around post COVID. Majesty is actually the ship that is kinda superfluous in the fleet at this point, I'm not really sure what purpose she serves any more. As for her being in NJ, she's an add on to the NJ ships, it's not like she's replaced one of the mega ships. And let's not try and pretend that NJ isn't lucky with the ships deployed there - Oasis, Freedom and Anthem all porting there at some point in 2021.
  2. Abe Hughes still on Virtual of the Seas however will be signing off after the upcoming sailing. Now probably is the time to finish the Virtual cruises and get life back to normal (leave the party when you're still enjoying it and keep the memories) but I will forever be grateful to him for making lockdown bearable for me, I'm sure those here who have followed some/all of the Virtual cruises have felt the same. 🙂
  3. I think Navigator will stick around in Miami and Allure will take her place in FLL, albeit probably on 7 nighters.
  4. Well, Indy is scheduled to do the 3/4 nighters starting late 2021 so could kinda fill the void.
  5. That seems so wrong that they are automatically transferring bookings to Liberty which doesn't offer anywhere near what Allure can. The fact that they are shifting people to a lesser ship (IMO) and not offering a refund is disgusting and in all honesty, doesn't fill me with much confidence booking future sailings. The whole drama over Indy being pulled from Southampton last year was bad enough, this is even worse.
  6. That's a no thanks from me! Why would you pay thousands of dollars for a vacation that you can't fully enjoy because of something uncomfortable over your face? It's madness to me why anyone would. To be perfectly honest, I'm much more worried about touching things than breathing anything - if they require masks, then gloves should surely also be mandatory? I can see why it may be mandatory to start with (mostly for PR reasons as the company could be slaughtered if there is an outbreak early on) and fair enough, I'll just wait until this is over. I've had 11 years of great cruises, I can easily sit out for a year or two, it will just make the next one even more special.
  7. To keep all of the CD fans occupied during this off-season, here is the podcast that Mike Szwajkowski and Mitch Merucci are doing: https://www.youtube.com/user/CruiseDirectorMitch/videos Clo O'Connor was a guest in one of the episodes. Former RCCL & Celebrity CD Richard Spacey (who was known in the day as the best CD) was in the most recent episode with some stories to tell.
  8. I think that they replaced Harwich with Amsterdam for the long cruises. Ultimately I think home-porting near the centre of Amsterdam is probably a bigger attraction for the average tourist than a port which is 80 miles out of London.
  9. If that's the case (and it sounds plausible as to why she is currently consigned to short Caribbean cruises), I'm surprised that they didn't swap Indy and one of her sisters to cover the Southampton sailings (e.g. Freedom or Liberty in Southampton and Indy in either Galveston or San Juan). The fact that the whole season and all of those cruises were withdrawn is what felt calculated to me, it just felt like they were grabbing an opportunity to maximise sailings to CocoCay.
  10. Not doing it either. I really dislike the idea of wearing a mask. Whilst I can see the argument for wearing them on a crowded train for example, I really don't think that I would want to cruise wearing one all of the time. It wouldn't feel like a vacation at all. Had 11 years of great cruises so I guess that a year or two off will do no harm.
  11. Thank you, doing great. 🙂 Glad that you had a good time in Asia.
  12. He will be transferring to Jewel from Serenade so I'm guessing only 2 months for him.
  13. I guess that she is joining in May after drydock for the UK season.
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