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  1. Oasis left drydock 3 weeks ago. Bobby did the first 3 weeks after drydock so Michele should be taking over on Sunday.
  2. I wouldn't put any faith in the Royal Caribbean UK twitter team. As said, they likely have no idea due to the deployment team having to work in secrecy. I also found their responses to disgruntled customers when Indy was pulled out in May to be extremely unprofessional and almost worded to wind-up people more, so it would not even remotely surprise me if they were making this up - I don't believe that ship deployment is really something that the Twitter teams deal with.
  3. No 2nd ship in the UK after all or any Freedom Class in Europe. That's a bit rubbish. Surprising that they have 2 Voyager Class ships on the Baltic run, that seems crazy to me given that they are warm weather ships.
  4. Just heard through from Royal - Michele Scarpato is replacing Bobby on Oasis.
  5. IMO, Explorer was put into Port Canaveral for that season as an additional ship to test whether or not there was enough demand at the port for an Oasis Class since FR to OA is a huge jump in capacity. I don't think it was ever going to be a long-term thing.
  6. Is Freedom doing any of the 9 night Bermuda and Caribbean itineraries? Seems weird that they would be scrapped in favour of 4/5 nighters - as if they don't have enough large ships doing short cruises.
  7. Joff returning to Ovation on Wednesday (12/4).
  8. Tornado Tanya is a CD. Probably another person named Tanya that is AM on Empress.
  9. Cory Rogers - he went to Navigator after finishing his stint on Grandeur and will be on Freedom next.
  10. The Cruise Director on Liberty has posted photos on Instagram of him using the FlowRider. I'm guessing that it's different rules on different ships.
  11. VERY good CD - had him on Harmony in July. Energetic, brings a good vibe to the ship and very funny at Love and Marriage.
  12. I'm pretty sure that they would have confirmed by now if there was a ship in San Juan. If there was going to be one, it would have made more sense to keep Freedom there and put Indy in Bayonne.
  13. I have a feeling that the CocoCay runs were a one-off as they wanted to promote CocoCay and maximise the number of people going there.
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