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  1. Currently on hold myself for $300 price drop on our Alaska cruise. The hold is worth it. Can put that money towards excursions.
  2. I would check with your carrier. I have Verizon, just reviewed my plan and saw that Canada and Mexico are included in my current plan without additional fees. I do still plan to turn on wifi calling and airplane mode to avoid any oopsies going over our data limit.
  3. From what I read they are right of the Yukon highway (someone correct me if I'm wrong). We plan to rent a car so we will just stop at some point during our day. I did email them for more information. But it looks like they are currently competing in the iditaord so I am sure they are very busy right now.
  4. We may be there for hours then if I let my kids decide when to stop. :-) LOL
  5. Agreed, this was very poorly handled. I would write a straight to the point email with all facts listed. When my daughter was sea sick on the first night of our cruise, they immediately cleaned everything up and medical called us before we even made it back to our room. Thankfully some Dramamine did the trick and she was fine the rest of the cruise.
  6. Has anyone visited the Tagish Sled Dog camp off the Yukon highway? It looks like its right off the main road and easily accessible. I went on their website and it says no reservations required. I'm just wondering of the ease of accessing and if there are long waits since there are no reservations needed. http://www.tagishlakekennel.com/tutshi-sled-dog-summer-tours/ Thanks!
  7. I was wondering if you could go in the water. We will make sure to bring sandals as well.
  8. We did this on the Navigator in March of 2019. I was able to sit and watch while my kids (09 and 11) participated and I did not have to pay.
  9. We have a rental car booked from the Avis right by the pier. Its $100 for the day. This was the cheapest option for our family of four. It looks like about a 15-20 minute walk from the pier to Avis. Be careful, there are two Avis locations, one by the airport and a seasonal one by the pier. This is the one by the pier. https://www.avis.com/en/locations/us/ak/juneau/j2d
  10. Did you rent through DIY Jeep Tours or just the local rental place i.e Avis? Thanks in advance!
  11. It's funny, i had that same thought when I asked CC, maybe we should just bite the bullet.... and when I asked my son (he's 10) about it he said he did NOT want to go in a helicopter. Not sure where the fear came from because we live in the land of roller coasters and those are his favorite thing. Anything thrill related, he loves. I decided as of right now, to rent a car in the morning and do Mendenhall glacier, explore as time allows, then at 3pm we have a dog sledding excursion, THEN if we have time allow head up on the tramway before we have to be back on the ship by 8:30. Hopefully, I made the right choices, I'm already wondering i did. Because there is just sooooooo much to chose from.
  12. Thank you so much. Great ideas and tips! :-)
  13. Perfect, thank you! You all are the best and super helpful. Thank you.
  14. Oh thank you! Feeling better and better and glad I picked that early flight home! I've heard it's a very nice and traveler friendly airport, but I always like to extra precaution if needed.
  15. Thank you both! I feel better now about my early flight. When I booked it I just focused on the arrival time to Florida and not all of the steps in the morning.
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