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  1. How long is customary to wait for cabin to be ready on Riviera?
  2. As a first time cruiser and natural researcher... i must say it's actually very hard to search for answers! I'm so sorry for asking what has to be typical newbie questions but I'm lost and fly tomorrow. Excited and nervous! Please remember when you were a newbie :) Thank you so much in advance for your help with a few questions! Carry On Luggage - when you get to the pier to get on the ship do you carry your carry on luggage with you or does it go into a pile to eventually be taken to your room for you? I want to keep it with me with medicines and husbands cpap and emergency clothing etc... is that how it's done? If we give up our passports when we board what happens if we miss the ship getting back late from an excursion... how would we get a flight to the next port without a passport? does anyone else stress about this? We sail Thursday and haven't booked any tours through the cruiseline. do *MOST* people book those or just get off the ship and find a cab to take to Marseille, Florence Pisa, Rome, Sorento, Sicily, Malta, Santorini, Rhodes? Still really nervous about getting fro airport to hotel in Barcelona... just grab a taxi right? If we get on the ship at 11am is the dining room open for lunch? What does a butler do for you? Do you use local atm for cash or bring plenty of usd with you? We usually vacation on beaches at AI resorts. And bring along yeti or bubba cups. does anyone do that on a cruise? i could go on but i feel i've already worn out my newbie question limit today. thank you so much. I promise to give back someday when i'm a seasoned cruiser!!!
  3. It was too late to have them book flights or hotels so I did those myself and only purchased the cruise fare from Oceania.
  4. Thank you Robin. If we have the premium drink package it wouldn't cost more would it? Do we order breakfast that he brings to our room each morning? Is it a room service menu or something else? We are thinking of winging it at each port. grabbing a taxi or train and heading to city centers to see the sites.
  5. We fly Tuesday and board Thursday for our first cruise! Excited and terribly nervous. We booked PH1 just 2 weeks ago. It was the last room left on the ship. Therefore our dinner reservations are for 9pm in each of the specialty restaurants. Would this be something I could ask our butler to help me with? To move the reservations to earlier in the evening? We didn't choose drink packages or tours yet. Is it difficult to do this on board? Lastly, Saturday of our trip is my husband's 60th birthday. Is there something special I can ask our butler to do? Suggestions? What kinds of things do you ask your butler to do for you? Thank you so much!
  6. Hello and thank you for this thread! Can you tell me what time the shows are each evening? How difficult is it to change dinner reservations? We booked late and only 9pm was available for each of the restaurants. That will be so late. What did you see on your tour in Marseilles?
  7. We don't have a TA. How would one contact O to request Diet Pepsi?
  8. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your input. We usually vacation at upper end AI resorts and I'd call our dress there kind of nicer cc casual. From what I've read I think a step or two above that is what I'm going for. Time to pack!
  9. I know there are probably both ends of extreme dress but could you tell me what the average couples wears around the ship and dinners? Sequins? Dress Slacks? I assume swimwear is only at the pool and otherwise covered up. Same with workout clothing only at the gym? Do men wear sportcoats most evenings?
  10. we also found this on trip advisor and booked H10!!. it looks fantastic. We are on a wait list for Ava in Athens. fingers crossed!
  11. I've searched and scanned and seem to be having trouble finding things. Frustrating for a usually resourceful chick! I hope my questions aren't too frustrating for you - I'm certain I can't be the only brand new cruiser trying to figure it all out. We fly into Barcelona the day before we sail. We arrive early in the morning and are looking for a hotel for the night. We were surprised that Oceania can't help with finding accommodations but we understand we are last minute bookers and that service is only offered when at least 60 days out. So I'm looking (and a little frantic.) My first question is this... once I find/book a hotel, do we just take a taxi from the airport and leave our luggage with the hotel until check-in while we check out the city? And then in the morning do we just take a taxi to the pier? And if so, which pier is it? Do drivers know which one to take us to for the Oceania Riviera? Same thing in Athens 10 days later... I'm looking for a hotel. Assume we get off the ship then taxi to the hotel (I will find one!) drop our luggage and see the city... Taxi to the airport in the morning for 6am flight!!? Is there a better transportation option to/from airport or hotel or pier? Hotel recommendations would be really appreciated too. Thanks so much. We are looking soooooooooooo forward to this getaway!!
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