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  1. I do a lot of mock bookings but I won't put any money into it. When i found out they were selling off all the boats that brought me to a screeching halt.
  2. i will say I have been mock booking and the cruises I am interested in will only allow me to pick a 2 person interior room and that's it. I am not sure if they are really sold out or it's a website error.
  3. Nice!! I was thinking about booking a Nov/Dec cruise but also wonder about ports and if cruisers will be allowed off the boat, let alone go on excursions. that's a deal breaker for me. I cruise to see the world, not just go cruise.
  4. that's so awesome because I just found the Fire and Ice sailing and omg i'm in love.
  5. okay, nice! My only concern with the more expensive cruise lines is the level of formal dress expected. I've worked from home for over 17 years and would feel uncomfortable dressing up every day, let alone wearing an evening gown to dinner. That's something I will also take into consideration when booking my next cruise.
  6. Thanks, i'm perusing the website now 🙂
  7. I would pay more to sail with less people...or better yet NO KIDS
  8. I would prefer half cap! Cruise ships are so crowded
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