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  1. laurelguy

    New Port

    Great info all! I guess it's hurry up and wait. We have a hotel in Puerto Morelos the night before our 12/28 embarkation. Would be silly to change now I guess since things are still up in the air...Que sera I guess. Good luck!
  2. laurelguy

    New Port

    Thanks for this,. We depart Dec. 28 on same cruise. Last week our Amex TA contacted them and was told they're still using Puerto Morelos. Very confusing. And of course it affects our hotel the night before. Ugh. Any info is appreciated!
  3. Wow! We we were just at a SD party in LA for past cruisers and all the talk was about Innovation. We were ready to book 2021 to Antarctica! Big flashy mailings, catalogues, etc. Sort of disappointed as it looked to be a FANTASTIC ship....
  4. For folks going on Le Champlain in the Yucatan Mexico anytime soon (we're booked Dec. 28)...our travel agent reached out to Ponant and they said it was only that first cruise that was denied port in Puerto Morelos..apparently all subsequent cruises (they say) will go as posted. Let's hope! ⛵
  5. laurelguy

    Le Ponant

    What a great cruise around Corsica! We've just returned from one of the last on this beautiful ship before the retrofit. Our first time with Ponant and we were the only American couple. And how many cruise ships do you know of where the captain (Jean David) takes a swim with the passengers?! Pic attached. We are hooked...and this is after many Windstar and Sea Dream cruises.
  6. Wendai....hi again. This question just popped up. Is there laundry onboard? We love not having to take a ton of stuff. Thanks again!
  7. Hey there! We're booked on this Dec. 28 and very excited! Yes an interesting itinerary. A great area of the Yucatan I think. Port looks to be pretty close to Cancun. Half-hour drive. We'll get there the night before. If anyone's done this cruise let's hear about it!
  8. Thank you Wendai! We are SO looking forward to it....
  9. Looking forward to reviews...and our two upcoming cruises on Le Ponant. August in Corsica! and next December in Mexico. Happy sailing all!
  10. Really appreciate the posts, observations, and research. This ship looks awesome!
  11. Booking next December (already?)... and I truly have no idea which cabins are best. Can anyone comment on privilege or prestige suites? Thanks!
  12. Hey CC....thanks much for the info...I was there years ago and loved it! Only 60 people on this ship...enjoy yours too!
  13. We're pretty excited to have booked a week sailing around Corsica on the smaller Le Ponant this coming August. It's our first time with this line coming from Wind Star and Sea Dream. Anyone done it or have details on their smaller sailing ship...thanks!
  14. Hey ctbjr....We're doing our 2nd New Years on SD....are you on the Dec. 27th cruise? We cancelled last year as schedules were up in the air. Excited to be going back!
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