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  1. Aimcat, we're 45 and 43 (but I like to think we have a 30's mentality). There are basically not activities most of the day. The only activities were the like of play bingo, learn about our next port, secrets of diamonds (to try to sell you something) and learn about some fitness program (to try to sell you something again). But that would only be a minor problem only on sea days and it's a great moment to indulge yourself on the pool, jacuzzi, the great buffet at Lido, some movies in your room. When it speeds up is at 5 pm altough it depends of the like of music you prefer. There are 2 or 3 classic music plays of about 40 minutes each. The amazing and dynamic piano duo and the rock band alternates playing 3 shows each one of 45 minutes. And the BB King Blues Club has music to dance beginning I think at 9 pm. The shows at the theater are so so, with the exception of Humanity which was very good. The bars were animated until about 11:30 pm.
  2. We had rooms 4150, 4152 and 4154 on our december 29 cruise. Stateroom 4154 is exactly the same type and size as 4156 and I can tell it's great for kids. It's a quad stateroom, with that big queen size bed, the very useful sofa bed and an upper bed that my niece loved. And the balcony!! It's enormous. Your twins could run and play many games there.
  3. We've enjoyed the complementary ice creams at Lido in previous HAL cruises. Also, I remember it was serving ice cream most of the day. Do you if it's also in the Nieuw Statendam? If so, is it open most of the day?
  4. The "A" mystery resolved, thank you Crystalspin!
  5. catl331, you're amazing! thank you for taking your time for do this research, I'll do as you suggest, thank you so much!
  6. Thank you catl331 We're an extended family and have 3 cabins, and all 10 guests received the same message. Do you know how do we get to be seated in the same table?
  7. We just received our boarding passes for the Nieuw Statendam's december 30 departure and among its information it says: "Confirmed dining: Main, Table of A on request" I´m confused, we didn´t something specific. Do you know what does it mean?
  8. This was what I was looking for, thank you so much!
  9. Do you know which pier is for HAL cruises? I see there's Punta Langosta and International Pier (Puerta Maya seems to be only for Carnival).
  10. We'll navigate on Nieuw Statendam begining december 30 and because it has not had its inaugural trip, so far I've researched all the information about the Koningsdam asuming it's identical to Nieuw Statendam. Do you know if that's accurate? Are there in facts differences in the configuration of the ships, public spaces or cabins?
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