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  1. Thank you all so much. I feel much more confident about taking her . I think she wll love all the things going on around her. She will be 23 months so she should be potty trained by then, fingers crossed. The Allure says that they have a kids club for as young as 6 months Is there an amount of time that they can be there? Is 2 hours about right?
  2. First let me say that I always thought people were crazy to cruise with toddlers. They wont remember the trip anyway, they get cranky ( so do I ) We are cruising next Nov on the Allure My 70th birthday. husbands 60th. Middle daughters 50th Now you are probably wondering who that toddler belongs to She would be mine. She is our grandaughter that we are in the process of adopting I am concerned about leaving her for more than a week. Finding someone who she will be comfortable with and who can deal with a toddler That job usually falls to the grandparents but that is us. So, please, the good the bad and the ugly of cruising with a toddler I dont lay about the pool tanning so that is not an issue And we can both nap so that would be fine Any advice would be so appreciated
  3. We are going to have 3 cabins next to each other Is it possible to have the dividers open or is that against Royal Caribbean policy?
  4. Thank you! I would rather know what to expect and not be dissapointed when they can't do it
  5. We have 3 cabins next to each other. We would like to have our balcony dividers open. I read a review that the room steward wouldn't open the dividers. Is that common?
  6. Thank you all sooo much This really helps
  7. Thank you so much. that helps a lot. I did see the category with larger balconies but in a review, if I read it right, she was on deck 9 in a cabin with larger balcony and made a comment that the balcony below her was twice as big.
  8. We are heading in this week to book our first cruise on Norwegian I am pouring over deck plans and cabin reviews. I already know that not all decks are created equally. Is there a deck or ship location that has bigger balconies? Thanks
  9. We are researching cruises to the Caribbean next Nov. or Dec. for our 25th anniversary and 60/70 Birthdays. We will have some grandchildren with us. So far an 8 and 11 year old but could be more if more of the family gets on board, literally so we are looking for a ship with some fun water features. The only port that I would rather avoid leaving from is Galveston. no offence to my Texas family. Itinerary, we have done most of the ports so thats not a big deal . So, is there a recommendation for your favorite ship and why? Norwegian is all new to me but I keep reading reviews that say "i wish that I had stuck with Norwegian " Thank you so much!
  10. I have never cruised Norwegian but looking at it for nov 2020 Is there a main dining room that is part of the cruise fare?
  11. A few years ago we were in playa del Carmen a few months after a hurricane had hit cozumel . things were still washing up on the shore on playa months later . big things, small things, random things. what I'm saying is it really takes time and you can move it but something else is gonna be right behind it on that Beach. It's just going to take time and patience personally if I thought it smelled that bag and was squishy I would just stay on the ship and enjoy the day And be grateful that I have a home to go home to
  12. Although disgusting and stinky, In the big picture, I haven't just experienced the most traumatic experience of my life. I havent just lost everything, perhaps loved ones. Certainly my home and certainly my entire town are gone. I am not wondering if I will be able to provide food or water to my frightened family. Yes, its stinky but lets try and have some compassion and patience
  13. Depending on what time we board the ship if our cabin is ready we will head up and jump up-and-down a few million times in excitement. check out our balcony and then disinfect everything and unpack if our bags are there . get down to laser tag and sign up check out the ship get ready for our Muster drill and sail away and of course somewhere in there we've gotta get something delicious. to drink
  14. Maybe the thinking behind the strollers getting priority is because children sitting in a line and not moving, they tend to melt down and scream and no body wants to wait with a screaming child
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