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  1. We are researching cruises to the Caribbean next Nov. or Dec. for our 25th anniversary and 60/70 Birthdays. We will have some grandchildren with us. So far an 8 and 11 year old but could be more if more of the family gets on board, literally so we are looking for a ship with some fun water features. The only port that I would rather avoid leaving from is Galveston. no offence to my Texas family. Itinerary, we have done most of the ports so thats not a big deal . So, is there a recommendation for your favorite ship and why? Norwegian is all new to me but I keep reading reviews that say "i wish that I had stuck with Norwegian " Thank you so much!
  2. I have never cruised Norwegian but looking at it for nov 2020 Is there a main dining room that is part of the cruise fare?
  3. A few years ago we were in playa del Carmen a few months after a hurricane had hit cozumel . things were still washing up on the shore on playa months later . big things, small things, random things. what I'm saying is it really takes time and you can move it but something else is gonna be right behind it on that Beach. It's just going to take time and patience personally if I thought it smelled that bag and was squishy I would just stay on the ship and enjoy the day And be grateful that I have a home to go home to
  4. Although disgusting and stinky, In the big picture, I haven't just experienced the most traumatic experience of my life. I havent just lost everything, perhaps loved ones. Certainly my home and certainly my entire town are gone. I am not wondering if I will be able to provide food or water to my frightened family. Yes, its stinky but lets try and have some compassion and patience
  5. Depending on what time we board the ship if our cabin is ready we will head up and jump up-and-down a few million times in excitement. check out our balcony and then disinfect everything and unpack if our bags are there . get down to laser tag and sign up check out the ship get ready for our Muster drill and sail away and of course somewhere in there we've gotta get something delicious. to drink
  6. Maybe the thinking behind the strollers getting priority is because children sitting in a line and not moving, they tend to melt down and scream and no body wants to wait with a screaming child
  7. On one of our flights we had an hour to catch our next flight seemed like plenty of time except that we sat on the tarmac for 20 minutes and then when we got off the plane we were unloaded at gate 12 and our flight was at gate 56 now I know that you're going to a much smaller airport and at the gates will be closer but any think it happen if you're sitting on that tarmac waiting to get unloaded that seems like it's really gonna be stressful I would just rebook
  8. I've always wanted to do one of the klove Cruises. One of my girlfriends went last year and she described it as many bands in many different locations on the ship some people playing simultaneously so you had to pick the ones that you wanted to see some played more than 1 day of course and so hopefully you could get to see every different group She said the fun thing was seeing them at dinner and at the pool and walking through the ship.
  9. We have booked both ways and we've use different agents for most of the trips I like having a travel agent for the fact that we usually have a big group. that way everybody is taken care of everybody's on the same flight everybody's at dinner at the same time to me it just seems like it's easier to hand it over to somebody . and no there's never been a charge. It seems like in earlier days of cruising there were many more perks like breakfast on the balcony on board credits surprise berries when you arrived in your cabinet to seems like those things are kind of gone by the wayside.
  10. Ashland do you happen to live in Ashland Oregon?
  11. Thanks Ashland, I will check it out That helps a lot.
  12. Thanks for the replies I figured as much that that child would need a car seat while in Florida I doubt that they would purchase an airline seat since the baby will not be 2 yet so probably on the lap I didn't know they were smaller cars seats that you could buy. They may just feel safer having that car seat on all the excursions anyway I know I would.
  13. I know that this has been asked a million times and maybe this isn't the best place to post this but here goes. My grandson and his family will be flying from Oregon to Florida with a 14 month old for a 7 day cruise. What do they need to do about a carseat? Do they need to haul theirs with them ? Thank you, Kris
  14. The grandkids are 11 and 9 and yes, their will definitely be limits. I just read the post on the $800 arcade bill. Holly moly, I would have to stay behind and do dishes for a month just to cover that expense
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