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  1. Greetings from Canada Eh! I haven't read all of the posts, but I see we have neighbors on this cruise. We are from just outside of London, Ontario. Just booked this cruise today. First TA for us. So excited... We are going on the Legend this weekend; so trying to focus on that cruise for now....lol
  2. Agreed! I have booked Chip at StingraySailing many times. He is the best!
  3. I have a travel Iron, and put it inside my insulated 'Bubba' in my checked bag. I don't think the X-rays or scanners (or whatever) pick it up. Works every time.... https://www.bubbabrands.com/mugs/ My daughter took the same iron in her checked bag, and it was confiscated.
  4. After 20 CCL cruises, I have NEVER needed magnets, shoe organizers, fan, alarm clock, post it notes, boards...etc. Only useful item is a couple hangars (but you can get them from your room steward) and a small power bar or a wall socket thing to plug a few things (camera, phone) at once. Not a 'hack'...but a hammock for the balcony is nice, bungee cords to keep the door open, and insulated Bubbas to keep the beer I smuggle nice and cold when on deck. Oh, I guess smuggling beer is a hack......buy some Coke......
  5. Has anyone done this? I did about 5 years ago and it was fantastic. Just wondering if anyone has done this lately and has any feedback about this excursion. I see that it is available through ShoreExcursioner.
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